Friday, July 21, 2017


 My brother  loves doing puzzles. My uncle buys my brother a lot of puzzles. And my brother is really good at doing them. When he does them, he really focuses on just the puzzles. I am happy that he is happy doing them.

It started with a simple puzzle. It had 24 pieces, and the pieces were big. Next was a puzzle with a picture of Dory and Nemo. After that, my Uncle has bought him more and more puzzles. My mom also buys my brother puzzles. He likes them, since the puzzles always make a picture of some characters from tv that he knows.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

My Brother Starting School

On July 5, my younger brother, who is three years old started school! The school he is going to is right next to my school, so it is very convenient for my mom. He starts at eight in the morning, and is supposed to come home at five. But, since it was his first day, we picked him up at 1. 

When we left him in the morning, he cried, but it was only because he wanted to PLAY. We left, and soon he calmed down. When we came to pick him up, it was nap time. I had to wake him up. It turns out that he had a great time at school. He got to play with bubbles, and he LOVES bubbles.

I hope he will always want to go to school!

Camp Whittle

Camp Whittle was so fun! The only thing that sucked was the drive.  The drive was so long it was four and a half hours long. On the bus there was a television and bathroom. We left on June 24th.

On Monday we did archery. I was the best in my cabin. I hit four bulls eyes. We also did Zumba. At Zumba we did a game where we stood in a circle and clapped in the direction that our partner was in and the person that never clapped or was not paying attention would dance.

On Tuesday we did rock climbing. Rock climbing was scary because the wall was about twenty feet tall. I felt a little better when I heard my fellow campers cheering me on. All I heard was "Go Aiden Go!". I made it to the top. I was so happy.

On Wednesday we did polar bear swim, circus, and songfest. Polar bear swim is when we wake up at five in the morning and go in the pool. it was so cold out side. We were seven thousand feet above sea level! At polar bear swim we had to get in a warm pool but the only problem was the air was cold. After polar bear swim we got hot chocolate. At circus we did pogo sticks. My high score was six hundred thirty-four jumps. At songfest we had to preform a song in front of the whole camp which was three hundred kids.

On Thursday we had zip lining. Zip lining was so scary because I almost fell. Here is what happened. So I asked the man if I was clear to zip. He said "Yes.". I was so close to the floor but the man pulled up the ladder just in time. That was the scariest thing that I have ever done.

Friday was the last day of camp. On Friday we had to go to the lake on a speed boat but the speed boat shut down in the middle of the lake so we had to paddle the boat back to shore, then we had to rest for an hour and the we went back to the lake to just jump in the water.

Camp whittle was so fun. I want to go back next year. It was the best.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

More Walking In The summer

Now that it is summer, my family is going on more walks. Sometimes we go walking at the park, but we mostly go walk in the neighborhood. But it seems that this summer, I am starting to notice a lot of my neighbor's beautiful gardens. Most of the gardens that I have seen have been succulent gardens. That makes sense, since it is very sunny, and succulents need a lot of sun and not a lot of water. I have seen Aeoniums and a whole lot more. I don't know all of their names, but I will try to find their names.

These are my favorite Aeoniums, Crassulas, and Echeverias.

My 1st Time To Hurricane Harbor

On June 27th, I, Mariana, went to Six Flags Magic Mountain Hurricane Harbor for the first time.

On Sunday morning, my dad and my brother were looking at all kinds of water parks and when they finished my brother was happy.  I asked him “Where are we going?” and he said “I can’t tell you, but all I can say is that we're going on Tuesday.” I waited until Tuesday and I asked my dad “Where are we going?” and he responded “To a Waterpark”. I didn’t know which water park we were going before we left.  On the way we went and picked up my god brothers.

When We got there I saw a sign that said Six Flags Magic Mountain Hurricane Harbor. I was so excited because I never been to Six Flags before. We parked the car and as we walked to the entrance of Six Flags Magic Mountain Hurricane Harbor I got more and more excited.
unnamed (3).jpg
The Entrance of Six Flags

When we got to the entrance, we had to drink water because it was hot and put sunscreen on. The first water ride I went on was the River Cruise and then the Black Hole.

unnamed (6).jpg
The Black Hole

I went on all kinds of water rides, but my favorite part was when I went to go play Volleyball in a plain pool.

When We left, we didn’t go straight home, we went to go eat at Chili's near Six Flags. I ate a Cheeseburger with organic fries. It was so good. They had little tablets in the tables so kids can play. My dad always gave it a tryt. I had a blast, at Six Flags. I hope I can go again soon.

So Classtopians I have a question for you.
Have you been to Six Flags Magic Mountain  Hurricane Harbor?

Hurricane harbor Sign

My Favorite Plants

I really like plants. But I have some favorites that are really cool.

My favorite one is a Geranium. The one we have at school has a pink flower. I remember when it was just in one little tiny spot, but now, it mostly covers one whole side of the garden! I also have a Geranium at my house, but it is smaller than the one at school. I like geraniums because they have beautiful leaves. The leaves are green, but if you look carefully, you can see a little bit of Purple! I think that is a cool trick!

Another plant I like is the Scadoxus. When my teacher brought it to school, I was shocked she even brought it! I really love its flower. I love the bright orange color. The most interesting thing to me is what my teacher is trying to do. She is trying to get a white flower from the Scadoxus. The closest she has gotten was a really light orange. She has given all of us Scadoxus seeds, and I wonder what color my flower will be. If it is white, then I will give it to my teacher..

Succulents can be cool, too. I like how the leaves are kind of thick. When it flowers, the part of the succulent that was curved in will curve out, so it is obvious when it is flowering. The Aeoniums are neat. They are green, or a purple-black color.  I also like that sometimes the leaves can turn a darker shade of purple and black.

I also like Tradescantia. The leaves curl up when it gets too much sun. I wish I could do that, too! It is a darkish purple. I think my mom will like it, since her favorite color is purple.

This is an Aeonium.
These are Tradscantia
These are my Scadoxus seeds.