Thursday, April 27, 2017

Saving For The Future

Saving For the Future

This is Classtopia’s I.R.S. department teaching you about saving money. Saving is important because the more money you saved now will result in having more money in the future. Think about it, you have 10 bucks when you are 10 years old and you keep putting one dollar in you piggy bank each day until you are 20 years old that is $3650. That is a lot of money just because you saved your money for 10 years. You can save money from Christmas, your birthday, and from your allowance.

Another reason saving is important is because it is not just getting money and going out to spend it is about holding on to your money until you think you have enough. One way you can save your money is by opening a bank account and depositing your money in. You can also save all of your money inside of a piggy bank.  
Think about how you spend your money.

Really save your money. Remember the more money you save the more money you will have, and the more you spend the more you will lose money.

So, Classtopians, get your pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollars and start putting them away. A little today is a lot tomorrow.

This is Laila starting to save her money in a bag.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Epiphyte Season

We are happy to show off our Tillandsia aeranthos that we put on the tree back in October. It is now flowering.  We have five of them in bloom. We noticed that one of the plants have a lighter color than the others.

Tillandsia Aeranthos   pic by Jalaysia

This little Bromeliad quesnelia started to open up this morning. It is a great time to be an Epiphyte in the garden after all the rain, watering, and care that we have been giving our plants.
Bromeliad Quesnelia      Pic by Jalaysia

Morning Surprise

When we got to our garden this MORNING, this was our SURPRISE. 

This was the beautiful flower that we just got to put in our Epiphyte Garden. It was finally opened. It was given to us by our friend, The. It is called an Epiphyllum. When we first look at it is seems to be only hot pink but, a closer look shows many other colors. The colors of  petals are vibrant pink and striped with orange. The stamens and Stigma are white. The Style and Filaments are pink. The Anthers are yellow which makes it interesting to look at. 

We plan to propagate, grow from cutting, the plant so that we can have a lot of it. Maybe each of us can get a piece.

Today we get to enjoy looking at the flower because it does not last for a long time.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

SBAC IS Coming to Classtopia

Classtopians are getting ready for the SBAC. This is a big test to show all that we have learned during the school year. It is very important for us to do well. I guess it will make our school look good if we do a good job. All over the school signs and posters are pasted on the walls.

The most important thing is that we come to school every day that week. The test will begin for us on May 1st. We will take Mathematics and English Language Arts.

Eating breakfast and getting plenty of rest are also important to doing well. Another thing we can do is to stay calm and not panic when questions are difficult. We have been Practicing the Three Reads that we will use to completely understand what to do. The first read is to read once to understand the story. The second read is to understand the math/story. The third read is to make a plan. I think that if we use these strategies then all of us can exceed the standards.

To get ready our school had a Pep Rally for the SBAC. It was great. One of the 5th graders, Amayrami, sang the National Anthem. She has a great voice. Everyone was shocked. There were also students who rapped and the dance troupe performed.

The best part of the Rally was when the principal announced the students who exceeded the exam last year. Classtopians that were called were, Aiden Adrian, Alyssa, Diana, Daniela, Natalia (me), Sergio, and last but not least Brianna. I put her last because she had two perfect scores on the exam last year. She is the best role model in Classtopia.

Good Luck Classtopians. Remember to do your very best!

Possum At Christopher's House

Possum at Christopher’s house

It was 6:30 Thursday evening. I was with my brother playing, when I noticed that my dog was barking at the gate. I went to go check to see what it was. And the next thing i noticed was that there was a possum.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Homework Help

                 Do you need help with math homework?

Christopher, a Classtopian, had a problem with the math homework last night. One of his friends told him about the app Photomath. He went to the site to get help. He got help he needed to figure out the problem. It helped Christopher, so we should give it a try.

 As I am writing this blog, Aiden is trying it to see how well photomath works. The first step is to download the app. and open it. Next, scan the problem and it will give you the answer. It will also give you the step by step instruction to show you how to understand the problem.
Adrian, Elizabeth, Daniella, and Isael also tried the app on different Android phones to see if it works. They were all successful. Whatever your devices are the app will work. There is now help and explanation for you.
No more excuses for not doing math homework!
Photomath might not help you with every math problem you have, but it will help with computation ones. That means no word problems. Sorry.

Message from the Communication Dept.
I'm Natalia and today there was a recommendation to change the head of the department. I was nominated and chosen as the new head. I will do my best to make sure that I and the rest of the team communicate about the events that are happening in Classtopia.


Friday, April 7, 2017

Nutrition Fair

Today, April 7, 2017 was the annual nutrition fair at our school. Every year the whole school participates in this fun activity. The purpose of the fair is to learn about healthy habits. Volunteers from the local hospital came to help. There was a farmer for the kinder-3grade classes. Students got to pick the different stations that they were interested in.  Some stations were Rethink Your Drink, Hula-hoop, Jump rope, soccer, dance, painting, dodge ball, crossfit, apple toss, art, watermelon eating contest, yogurt station, obstacle course, playground challenge, cedars healthy habits Parachute.

Of course there wasn’t enough time to do all the activities so we pick the ones that were open and available. Our whole class and teacher participated together to try the different activities and to eat healthy snacks. At this event we got to learn about eating healthy and also learn about exercising. We got to play all kinds of fun games too. Our teacher also joined in the fun.

All Classtopians said that dodge ball was their favorite because it was hilarious. It was dodge ball in a new way. Our teacher also LOVED playing the game Not only did she play the game with us but she also made up her own rules. She could cross the line and go get people out. Sometimes she just called a person to walk up to the line by pretending to tell them something. When they got there she would get them out. So many people fell for her trick and got out. We know she was cheating but it got people out faster and more people got to play.  It was great! Everyone was laughing.  

Our least favorite was the yogurt. We did not like it at all. Then the Principal explained to us that it was a sugar free yogurt and that was the difference. We have to learn how to eat healthy food with less sugar.

After all the fun we had to go back to class.
Waiting in line for the watermelon contest. pic by Jalaysia

Rethink Your Drink Station pic by Daniela
Apple toss pic by Jalaysia

Hula hooping pic by Jalaysia