Thursday, October 11, 2018

My Band Raises Oaxaquenias

I've already told you that I joined a band in late June. But what I didn't tell you was that I have stayed in the band, and am still going. Some exciting things have happened, so read on to find out more.

As you know, people can hire us and we go play at a party for a determined amount of time. So far, I've gone out to play my clarinet 4 times. 2 of them were for free, but the other two were paid. I am supposed to get paid twice a year, or something like that. Of course, I'm not going to get like $1000 or something, because there are about 17 kids in the band, and the money has to be divided between all of us. So I'll probably get $20 for every 3 hours. I guess this is really cool, since now I will be able to buy something here and there, or just save it all. But the best part is, playing the clarinet is not THAT hard, so I don't have to put much work into earning $20. (Not that I don't try to play good.)

So now you know what I will most likely be doing on the weekends.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Middle School and A Sprained Knee

Middle School and A Sprained Knee

Most recently I started Middle School. For most people this can be a nerve-racking experience. 

                  For me I racked a few nerves. Okay, it was nerve racking, but let me tell you why. At first, I felt ready with all the practice my elementary school teacher gave me, and the things to do in  middle school. When I got there I found an old friend that was in 7th grade and I knew him from a magnet class at my school back in 3rd grade.

                  So I find my class (Ahem Ahem my advanced accelerated classes) and wait for the bell to ring so I could go to my class. nothing really happens for these past 5 weeks until the 3rd week. I was in my regular schedule until after lunch recess. I was doing pull ups on a pull up bar when someone who I am going to call James, said he could help me with my pull ups and I replied "No I'm fine I don't need help with anything".

                  When I got back on the pull up bar he pulled my leg and I had my knee bent when I had my knee fall on the floor so I assumed I had broken my leg or something, because my tissues were exposed.

                 Anyway I couldn't get up so they called the school nurse for a wheelchair. They helped me get up on the wheelchair. They called my parents and told them what happened. My dad took me to an urgent care hospital. While he filled out a form. He told me a few jokes and my dad was questioned about my medical problems. When we were done with all of the questions. I was taken into a room where they would take X-Rays.

                  They talked to my dad about how I actually didn't break or fracture my knee I sprained it. I can't do P.E for another week or so. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2018


OH MY GOSH! I haven't written a blog for 2 MONTHS. But don't think it was because I'm lazy. It was because my parents cut the cable and Internet. They said it was because we weren't even going to use it during the summer. (I complained, but they didn't listen.) So today, on August 29, we finally got cable and Internet again. The first thing I did was start writing a blog, because I actually missed writing.

Anyway, I'm going to tell you about my summer, starting from the month of June.

As I said in my last blog, I went to Disneyland! This was actually my second time there, but I went when I was 3 years old, so that doesn't really count. It was really fun, but if you want to know more go read "Disneyland". The trip to Disneyland I didn't get to write about was the one to Disney California Adventure. We went on a lot of rides, but my favorite one was the Guardians of the Galaxy Mission:Breakout. So you first go inside this room, an you see a video. Everyone on the team  has been captured, but Rocket escaped, and he is trying to break them out. Rocket tells you his plan to help his friends.  Then you walk out of the room , and go inside this elevator looking thing. You sit down, and put on a seat belt. I sat on the very side, and that it was pretty cool, because instead of all metal, the sides were had little holes in them, and you could see outside. But it was dark, and couldn't see much. So elevator backs up, and through the front, you can see the shadow of Rocket. He says something like "Rocket's going to rock you!" Then he rips a plug, and  red lights turn on, along with a beeping sound. Everything turns dark, and suddenly the elevator goes down. It was so scary because I wasn't expecting it, and also because I could feel the wind in my face. The it stops, and you see a screen that shows broken plugs and sparking hallways. It goes up, then down, then up again. This does not sound exiting, but it really is. Seriously, I was about to CRY! It goes so fast, making you stomach feeling REALLY WEIRD.  Then another screen shows up, and you see the other characters wrapped in a monster's tentacles, and they're mad at Rocket. But it's scarier this time, because the elevator bounces a little bit up and down, and you don't know when it will go back down. The next  screen shows them free of the monster, but then aircrafts start attacking them. This time, when you go up, the lights turn on, and you see the wall. There's this part of the wall that opens up, and you see how high up you really are. You're so high you can see the tops of everything! There's a flash, and you go back down. The last screen shows the Rocket with the rest of the team, and it looks like they defeated everyone. After this, you keep going up and down. Finally, the elevator stops, the door opens and you get out. This was my favorite ride because it was the scariest.

The second fun thing that happened in June was eating Dove chocolate at the Santa Monica Pier. I went to the beach with my cousin, Amy. We picked her up at 9:00 in the morning, then got at the beach at around 10:15. We went to the Santa Monica Pier. Brenda and Amy went by themselves on rides, since we only came because they had planned this trip. While they were gone, my little sister and I went on a ride. We sat down on a dragon, and it went up and down. When it went down, it felt like you were going to fall. After we got off, we waited for Amy and Brenda at some tables. We then went to the stores. I got 3 shirts at a store called Cotton: On. After this, we went to eat at Johnny Rockets, a place that sells hamburgers. As we were heading to the car, we passed a stand by Dove chocolate. You could get a free bouquet of flowers, and if you donated $5, then you got a small bag of chocolate. So that was how we ended up eating Dove chocolate at the Santa Monica Pier.

On June 28, I started taking music classes. Not with Harmony Project, but with a teacher that came here to play at a concert, all the way from Mexico. Classes in the morning were from 10-12. These classes were mostly about music theory and scales. In the classes from 5-8, we played traditional Mexican songs. This was 5 hours everyday, 5 times a week. After about 2 weeks, I joined the band, called raises Oaxaquena. People could hire us to play at parties, or other events. I actually enjoyed playing the clarinet with them, and stayed there for the rest of the summer.

So this is pretty much what happened in June. I definitely had a lot of fun.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

A Trip To Orange County Fair

It has been an awesome summer and I didn't think it get better until today. My family woke up and started to pack a whole bunch of things in one backpack. I asked where are we going and they said it was a surprise. I got so exited. The whole way we were driving I was thinking were could they possibly be taking me. Then I saw a big sign that said welcome to the Orange County fair. I was so glad we came here because we came here  last summer and it was a blast.

once we bought are tickets we went inside and saw that there was petting zoo. There were sheep, llama and much more animals. We had so much fun there. Then the actual fun came. We were going to go on the rides. My dad was so nice that he bought my sister and I passes for  unlimited rides. So we started to go on rides and then we got hungry so we ate a corn dog and at the  Orange County Fair all the food is triple it's size.We couldn't finish the corn dog.

Then we went to go see shows. My dad and I have a favorite show. It is the pig race show. We get watch pigs race and it's so funny because they always make you laugh. Then I went  went to see the circus with my dad. We had so much fun.

After a while we all shared a ice cream,. And noticed that we had to go home because it was getting dark. And that was my day at the Orange County fair. I really hope we get to go to the fair next summer.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

My New Bird Rocky

Today is Fathers Day and we got a big surprise from my Grandpa. A long time ago when I was a baby I had a bird named Quigue. He would always talk and wouldn't let us sleep. But then one morning my dad went to give him food he wasn't there. We put out posters but couldn't find him. Until today we don't know where he is. Today my sisters and I got a big surprise. My grandpa said he was going to get something for Father's day but then he came back with a parrot. I was so excited. So we ended up calling him Rocky. It was a good name since he was gray like a rock. We are so excited to have him and hope will have him for a long time.

Friday, June 15, 2018


On June 11, my parents woke me up at 5:30. "Hurry up and get ready, we're going somewhere.", they said. So, I got ready, and everyone else got in the car. We got on the freeway, but I fell asleep. I woke up at a parking lot. "Where are we?" I asked."We're at Disneyland!!" exclaimed my dad.

We got out of the car and went to the place where they check your bags. After that, we got on a tram that took us to the entrance to Disneyland. We bought two-day tickets, and entered at Disneyland. (We chose that over Disney California Adventure.) When we entered, the first ride we went to was Pinnochio's daring adventure. You sit on a cart, and it moves through the "house". As it moves, you see Pinnochio's story.

We went to many more rides like this, like Snow White's Scary Adventure, Peter Pan's Flight, and many more. Then we went to Dumbo's Ride. You ride on and elephant in the air.

Then, we went to Mickey's Toontown. While my little brother went to Mickey's house, my dad took me and my sisters to a little roller coaster ride.

After that, we went to Storybook Land. We rode on a canal, and on the sides were miniature houses of some Disney Characters. While we rode along, the person driving the canal told us the stories.

We ate pizza at pizza Planet for lunch.

We then went to Critter Land, and went on The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. After this, we went to Splash Mountain. We waited in line for an hour, but it was worth it. We sat down on this log (it had seats, of course). It was in the water, so it was kind of like a boat. Then, it went up on a little ramp. It went down on a little ramp, and I got wet. Then, it went up some more, and finally came down. According to a sign, it was  50 ft drop. I felt like I was going to fall out of the log.I screamed all the way down, and screamed more because when we got to the bottom, I was totally soaked. By then the ride ended, and we got off. The sad part is, I had to spend the rest of the time wet, and was already 8:30.

We went to the Haunted Mansion. When we entered, we went inside an elevator. There were picture on the wall at the top, and it was creepy, because ans we went down, the pictures extended. A voice said,"Are we going down, or is just your imagination?" Then the lights went out, and some people screamed. The voice said,"Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to scare you immatures!" The lights came back on, and we walked down a hallway. There where these seats waiting for us there. We rode on these seats through the house. The creepiest thing was the handles on the doors were rattling. We just passed through a graveyard, and that was it. At the end, the voice, "There you are, I've been waiting for you. Beware of hitchhikers!" Then we saw hitchhiker ghosts. Our chair thing passed by a mirror, and then there was a hithchiker ghost in the seat with us. This made me glad I was in the seat with my mom and sister, because there was no more room for the ghost. HA! We then reached the end, and we got out of the seat. The voice said, "Now the ghosts will follow you home. HAHAHA!" That was the end.

When we came out, my brother was crying. But he stopped crying, because there was a show going on at the Rivers Of America. There was a boat, and it was telling a story with picture formed from light. There were also a lot of fireworks.

This trip to Disneyland was awesome!

The Flying Elephants

This was one of my favorite rides, The Teacups!

This is the 50 ft drop. You can't see the rest of the slope, though. 

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Class Letter

Dear, Class

It has been a real pleasure being your class.
You’ve taught me so much, I have had great experiences.
I’m gonna miss this class but I’ll never give up learn from my mistakes and go on. And I’ll miss this class. All the adventures. I love all you and I’ll miss you and the Magnet. As a 5th grader in Ms. J.  class I love . I would like to thank Ms. J. for being a great teacher very encouraging, I would like to thank my class they lead me through the year.
Also I want to thank All of the staff members, Ms. B. the principal, Ms. C., the Magnet coordinator, Ms.Pat, and our retiring Ms.Jackie.