Thursday, October 19, 2017

Squishy Balls For Sale.

On October, 18, 2017 My mom bought me 3 squishies. If you don't know what they are it is a medium sized ball and it is full of slime. It also has a net around it. Which is why it is called a squishy because when you squish it some little  round small balls stick out. It is so satisfying. There are two kinds of squishies.  Some that you squish but it doesn't have slime in it. It has foam. Then the other one is the one with slime. Then there is another it is like the one with the slime in it but the slime inside of it is a diffrent color then the outside.  I got it cheap because it was 1 dollar. Since it was cheap my mom said why don't you sell it. I said okay. I decided to sell it for 1 dollar and 50 cents. I decided that if I sold it for 2 dollars no one would buy. So I thought why not 1 dollar fifty. I would still get a 50 cents profit. I started to sell today. The people who bought  was Daniela. But many Classtopians thought they were cool but they didn't have money so they asked me to save it for them. I think tommorow a lot of people will buy.

color changing sqishy with bubbles sticking out.

regular squishy 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Air Show Blast

On Saturday, October 15, 2017 I went to the air show. We were in Apple Valley, so we decided, why not go have some fun? The air show is where people fly planes in the sky. The planes usually go in a straight line, then they cross in different ways. They cross each other. I thought they were going to crash, but they are highly trained to use the planes, and do tricks with them. It was so cool seeing them right in front of my eyes. There was a plane that stayed on the ground, so people could see it up close.  I was sitting down watching the planes for about an hour. At the end we left. I loved going there and watching the planes.  Hope I can go again.

The air show
The planes

The plane

My First Day At Horticulture Club

Today was my first day at garden club. After school, I stayed in my classroom, and we waited for other people to come. About 15 Classtopians came to the club. My little sister came, too. There were a few kids from another class that joined us. Once everyone was here, we started. First, we introduced ourselves to everyone, especially the new people we did not know. We said our names, and the reason we were here. After that, we got our journals. We were going to take notes in these.

We visited all of our gardens. We talked about what we needed to do. On Saturday, some volunteers cleaned up an area, or they mostly cleared up an area. There were a little bit of weeds left, but we would take care of those later. We started thinking about what we would put in that area. Maybe we would mount Orchids on the trees.

Then, we watered a garden. We wet the leaves (fronds) of a GIGANTIC fern. It was not extremely big, but it was the most biggest fern I have ever seen! This is a gift from our friend "The".

While  we were in a garden, my mom came to pick me up. I left at about 3:45, so there was still time left, but that was fine. I wonder what will happen next week at the club.
This is my journal

On Saturday, a day of NO SCHOOL, I spend that perfect day playing with my cute dog, Coco. Coco can be a funny name but don't make fun of it because my big brother makes fun of her. It makes me feel bad because Coco has feelings too.

This is Coco, my dog.

I have been trying to train her to do tricks.We were outside  playing together and I gave her a treat and told her to sit but she was running and wagging her tail. I told her to sit but she did a cool trick and I gave her the treat. She is an amazing dog and can be lazy sometimes. Coco is the only dog I can play with and she has a BEAUTIFULLY colored fur and CUTE eyes. Coco and I play games but she is afraid of loud noises. My dog helps me get the rope to make a swing of our own. I will never want to let her go even when I get old. Coco is the greatest  dog I could have.                                                                                                  

Google Accounts Set Up

Today, October17, the Help Department helped a third grade class. What we did was that we needed to help kids set up their gmail account for them to use the G-suite and e-mail. Other kids from the class already did their google accounts with help from our help department last week. 

Each Classtopian in the department helped 2 kids. We are happy to help them because the next time they might help another class when we are gone off to Middle School.  

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Boring Lunch

Lunch is getting a bit boring. Every single week, we get the same menu! On October 10, 2017, we got nachos with beans and cheese. The nachos chips are so dangerous. If you break them, the edges are so sharp that you can cut the inside of your mouth. You could make your self bleed. I know this information because once I had a chipped lip and I ate the nacho and it burned. The bean and cheese are chunky. It has a lot of tomato sauce. The nachos are salty, if you have a chipped lip, it is going to burn! Nachos, beans, cheese, and chocolate milk do not go together. It just taste so weird!

Number One Book

I have read a LOT of books in my life. I have read HUNDREDS of books, so I have a long list of favorite books. In third grade, my favorite author was Mildred D. Taylor. But, now, in fifth grade, Pam Munoz Ryan is my favorite author. In class, we have read Esperanza Rising, Becoming Naomi Leon, and Echo.

Echo was the most recent book we have read by Pam Munoz Ryan. And, of of all the books I have read, Echo is my favorite. Making Echo my number one favorite book is a big deal, because I have a LOT of favorite books.

Echo is very different from the rest of the books that she has written. When I was reading Echo, I cried, because some parts of the story were very strong. I could relate to how the characters were feeling. Echo hooks you. If you start reading it, it is almost impossible to stop reading it. Echo has something special about it.

I really recommend you read Echo, because I give it FIVE stars.  I am sure that as you start reading, you will want to keep on going.

I was actually surprised how good Echo was, but now I know how good Pam Munoz Ryan writes. I will watch out for any new books that she writes.