Friday, September 22, 2017

Fruit Fraction.

Today during math time we did a fraction problem. The problem had to do with jujube and wax jambu fruits. We had 22 wax jambus but our teacher decided that she would take away 9 for her friends. Now we have 13 apples. After this we had to make the 13 fruits feed 29 Classtopians. We were each in 5 tables  groups with six students, one of the tables only has 5 people. After a few minutes of thinking, Classtopians came to the conclusion that the tables with 6 students got 3 apples and cut them in half to share with the 6 people. The table with 5 students had got two and one half the apples. That way each person got an equal amount.

The wax jambu has an unusual taste.  They were not sweet nor sour but a combination of both. It just tasted like water. Honestly I think these fruits should be called water fruits. This name is the best name for this fruit because of it's taste. The jujube were like mini apples. Very sweet and crispy.

This is a picture of the apples. The bitter apples are the apples on the left.

The Big, Pregnant Praying Mantis

On Wednesday, as we were about to be dismissed, our teacher got a call from her friend Georgia. She said that she was cleaning out her garage and she found a big creature in a jar. She said that she wanted to donate it to our class. It could possibly be a praying mantis, but she had never seen one that large.
We were excited because Classtopia's insect is the praying mantis.

So, this morning before our teacher came, she stopped off  at Georgia's house to get the praying mantis.

When we first looked at her we noticed that she was very big.  Everyone took turns looking at her. Then we decided that she must be pregnant and placed her in the Epiphyte garden. We chose this site for her because has the most plants and places to shelter, eat, and lay eggs. She would have a safe place for her young to develop.

We will have to wait a while to see all the young insects, if everything goes well.

Written by Jessica and Laila

 Praying Mantis coming out the jar.
Freedom at last. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Lunchtime Reading

After lunch today my BFFs and I spent a few minutes reading. The rest of the bunch were completing their homework or were working in the garden. Our Teacher was sitting in the bench trying to rest her back. She and Aiden are in pain because they lifted a huge bag of soil over the rail to spread in the garden during recess.

Terrarium Update

About 2 weeks ago all Classtopians had planted different  seed in pots. The pots were made out of  water bottle that had the top cut off. Then we had cut holes close to the bottom of the pots so that the water in the pots will drain out if there is too much water in them. The holes are not at the very bottom because we want to make sure that as the plants continue to grow that have a supply of water to help keep the moisture in. Then we used the tops of the bottles to put back on the bottles to make little terrariums.

When we first started we thought that it would take a very long time to see germination. Some people said two months and other said one month. It turns out that we were all wrong. We started to check last week and did not see anything. I did see something in one of my pots.

This Tuesday  morning Sept. 19th,  we took out the table containers with the terrariums  and to our surprise we all had something growing. Most people have germination in two of their three pots. Jessica is a great grower because she has germination in all three of her pots. We wrote in our science journals what we noticed. We are planning to do a google spread sheet to track our plant growth.

We are happy to see that most of every body's seedlings are becoming little tiny plants. I really think that our predictions were not very accurate. We will soon have plants to share and grow.

This is a picture of Jessica's Rhypsalis.

These are Jessica's Echeveria buds.

This is a picture of Jessica's Columnea Elmer Lorenz.

Saying Good-Bye!!!

On September 13th, Pepe went away!!!! The person that Pepe went with was the cousin of my neighbor. I miss him so much and so has my brother because we have tried everything to make him stay, but it wasn't enough. "How was it not enough", my brother and I asked my mom. She said that it wasn't enough because she had to sweep, vacuum, mop, and she had to take him to the restroom everyday and the only thing we did is clean up his business. She had to vacuum everyday because Pepe and Chloe shed when they scratch themselves and their hair flew all around the house, and it gets in my dad's nose and he sneezes everyday, and night.

When we got home from school that day, he was gone. My brother and I started to cry so badly that when my mom talked to us, we ignored her.

I hope Pepe will miss us and he will never forget his mom or us.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Coins From Jeanne

This is a thank you to our new friend Jeanne. She has been a friend of our teacher for a very long time and she has decided to help us, The Garden Department, by giving us a beautiful metal jar with coins.  Our teacher said that jeanne is a collector of plants and has a beautiful succulent garden.  We have already inherited plants from Jeanne. She gave us a Epidendrum, some bromeliads, and some of the succulents that we have in our garden. It would be nice to have her come visit our garden.

Classtopians are thanking her for this donation because we can use it to buy some plants for the garden. The jar is full of coins! Quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies are all inside of this little jar. In total, there is $33.13 inside of this jar! And, all of this money is for the garden department! This year we will buy plants, and this donation will surely help!

The pretty jar.

Inside the jar.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Dance Class

September 5, 2017 was the first day of dance class for me and my good  friend Camila. Our coach, Ms. Andrea is a fun teacher. We are going to perform for Hispanic Heritage in two months. We are dancing 5 different songs in Spanish and we are learning so many cool dance moves.

Everybody in dance first has to stretch before dancing because you might get hurt or pull a muscle and you will not be able to perform or move at all. After we have finished stretching our coach gives us a break for a few minutes to catch a breath and get some water before we start dancing . After the break ,we start dancing and have fun.