Saturday, January 5, 2019

My Best Last Week Of Winter Break

On December 30th, 2018, It was my Birthday!! My parents didn't know what to do for my birthday, but since it isn't only MY birthday, it is also my Brother's. Then they have to do something we both like. It took them about 3 days to come up with something. Then my mom told me and my brother where we re going. My Brother and I thought we were going to Big Bear, since my mom said we would go these days, But no. My mom and dad told us we are going to...  Las Vegas, Nevada. My brother and I were so happy. I told my dad if he is still going to work on Monday. Since he works all the days, except Sunday and Tuesday, but he said he still has to work. I felt bad for him because we are leaving Sunday Morning at 3:00 a.m. and he had to work Saturday and he comes back from work at Midnight. That means he only has 2 hours of sleep. He has 2 hours, not 3 hours of sleep because we have to get ready and pack some other things. It took us 4 hours to get to Las Vegas. I almost forgot to mention, sadly we didn't take Chloe on this trip. Chloe goes every where with us. She also goes to Las Vega with us. We left her with these little boys my mom takes care of on Monday and Wednesday, but we trust those kids.

Anyways, when we got there, we went to the Las Vegas Sign. There is a sign in Las Vegas where you can take a picture for memory. Then we went to drink cow milk. There is a barn we go to every time we go there. It is where you get Choco milk power and put it in your cup. Next, these men bring in a cow and they milk the cow. It is so warm and tasty. Some people can put alcohol and choc milk powder in their milk. After we left, we went to my cousin's uncle house. We went there for a short amount of time and then we went to this buffet called Feast Buffet. this buffet is inside a Hotel called Sunset Station Hotel & Casino.  When we got inside the buffet, there was different types of foods. For Example,  Asian,  Mexican, and Texas food. The food was so good. My brother has been asking for the IPhone XS and my parents said they will try and get it. Then they bought it 2 or 1 day before his birthday. Then we gave him a box full of goodies and on the bottom, there was his phone. When he saw it, he didn't say a word. I was so happy. 

After we left the buffet, we went to.... Circus Circus!!!! I was  so happy. I went to the rides with my cousin and some rides with my bro. The first ride I got on was Sling Shot. It is like the ride in Santa Monica called Pacific Plunge. The next ride I got on was Inverter. The ride is so fun because you get in the seat and then you go backwards and then you stay upside down for 5 seconds. It felt weird for me because since I finished eating. The ride that I hold on SO tight was El Loco. El loco is a ride with twists, turns and drops and we ascended 90 feet before the drop. 

It was fun at Circus Circus, but then we went to this place in Las Vegas called Winter Wonderland. It was o colorful. It had inflatable balloons of all the states. Then, there was this Ball pit, full of white balls and it is just like a pool with water, but a ball pit full of balls. My sister, Belen, wanted my brother, Adan, to get in, but he didn't want to. So then, She hung from his neck, and then..... 😒😔 My sister threw his Air pod In the ball pit. He got so mad. We started looking for it and he gave up and walked away. Then, a random guy had and idea and we did it and we found it. When my brother found out, he was happy. 

After we left, we stayed at the Circus Circus hotel. It was a fun night and I hope I can enjoy it another time.  

Thursday, November 29, 2018

My Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Thanksgiving was last week. Although mine wasn't the most exciting, it was good enough for me.

Usually, we go to our cousin's house. This time, we got together with some of my parent's friends. On Wednesday, my mom made turkey and some other foods, which we ate by ourselves. But on Thursday,that's when we went out. With my parent's friend's, we ate carne asada, chicken, rice, and beans.  Technically, we just ate and talked. It would have been okay except for the fact that I stepped in dog poop. I was outside with my older sister, Brenda, and she wanted to pay soccer. As we were walking, we both stepped all over dog poop. Once we got home it was night so I just left my shoes outside and washed them the next day.

On Black Friday, only my mom and older sister went shopping. They bought clothes too, but the main thing was that my mom bought a stove. Our old stove was a gas one, and it was old. Now we have a new electric stove. Having a new stove made me want to find any excuse for using it.

All in all, this break wasn't so bad.
My new stove

Tuesday, November 27, 2018


   Oh My Goodness!!!

I am so getting out of that class because all we are going to in December is PERFORM.....Sorry I didn't tell you why I m so exhausted and yelling! You may read my Wreck Of The Miranda blog, but I am doing a Winter Concert. We are singing 3 songs. I can't memorize 3 songs in 1 week. The concert is in on December 6th, 2018. I am so exhausted of the other one and yet there is another one!! uhhhhh!!
                                       B.T.W I am in chorus class

Wish me Luck because I need it very much!!

Monday, November 26, 2018

I Finally Did It Classtopians!

Yessss!!! I finally did it! I cannot believe it! You may be wondering why I am so HAPPY. I am so happy because I finally got my grade of Chorus from a C to a B and now to an A. I am so happy. My family got so happy that they bought me a new sweater of Tommy Hilfiger and  a New Sweater. I love it when I get good grades because I am in a good mode and I get new stuff.

So Classtopians, What grades do you have in school?

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The Wreck Of The Miranda

On November 15th, 2018, I will be performing in front of all the middle schoolers in my school. I feel so nervous, but when the day gets closer, I feel more nervous. Every Tuesdays and Fridays, My Chorus class and I  went to the auditorium to practice parts of the scenes. 

What do you do Mariana? I am a Greek chorus, flat mover, and hospital staff. I have three jobs and that is why I am SO nervous. The company that is helping us with the performance is LA OPERA. My Chorus class has to make them thank you cards. I forgot to mention that my performance is an OPERA performance. The show is called The Wreck Of The Miranda. The show is by Nathan W. and Matthew L. The performance is basically about 2 students in a magnet school, Angela and Eva. A fish trawler crashes and they lie that the ship came safely and that chemicals didn't spilled in the oceans, but chemicals did spill in the ocean. People get sick and Angela suspects something. She tries to convince her classmates that something isn't right. With the help of her teacher and her classmates, she will figure this out. 

I can't wait for the day. We had to vote of what to wear. The choices were to wear school uniform or wear all black. We chose all black because we thought it would be comfortable. (We wanted black because we didn't want to wear uniform.... shhMy Chorus teacher wanted us to wear uniform because since the scenes are usually in a classroom, she said it would make us look "better". So the choice was black. The performance will be during 5th period and it will be 49 minutes. I am so nervous!!!

Wish Me Luck!

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Science Project

In October 8th, 2018, in my science class, we started a Cell Project. We have to build whatever we want, but we have to put cells inside it. Some people are doing a fair, library (I am doing that), Tilted Tower from Fortnite, and more. I am doing a library with my friend Jacqueline, and Tristan. Before we started to build, we had to draw an analogy. When we were done.... I almost forgot. You may be wondering, what analogy did you draw? I drew a sketch of what our Library project would look like. We voted on which one was better and we chose mine. We are being graded for this project. We are hoping we can get an A. We also have to do a digital presentation for it. We planned on rapping it, but we don't know how to rap. It will be turned in Friday October 26th. It was supposed to be turned in on October 19th, but since we got behind schedule, we moved the due date to Friday. We hope we get a good grade.

In my math class, we are also doing a project. The project is about Hidden Figures. We had to find a women scientist that changed the world. I chose Marie-Curie. I have always wanted to study bout her. She was a french Physicist that found 2 idioms. My drawing is perfect to me, but I don't know ho it would look like to others. I am making a movie poster. It looks like.. A title of what she did, a drawing of her, and our name in the bottom. I hope I get an A on that.

So Classtopians, Are you doing a project in school/home. Or a project related to school, if so, what is it about?
My Hidden Figures Project

My groups's Project

Friday, October 19, 2018

My Favorite Class

What is my favorite class??

I'd never thought about that until now!! My favorite class is usually History. My favorite class is History because I get to learn about Ancient history. What I have learned is about Hominids, Hunters, gatherers, Farmers, Sumerians, and City-States. 

You must be thinking.. What are Hominids? Hominids are prehistoric humans. There were 5 groups of Hominids. The 1st group was Australopithecus Afarensis or known as Southern Ape. Lucy was part of Southern Ape, but she was Biped.  The 2nd group was Homo Habilis. The 3rd group was Homo Erectus. The 4th group was Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis. The last group was Homo Sapiens Sapiens. 

Sumerians are earliest historical region of southern Mesopotamia. A City-States is a city that with its surrounding territory, it forms an independent state.

I really learned a lot in History class. I hope I can learn about more ancient things.

So Classtopians, What is your favorite class in middle school??