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Friday, February 17, 2017

Critic's Corner

I am Jessica and this is Critic’s Corner. I am going to be reviewing books  that I enjoy.

So today, I am going to be talking about Sam Campbell’s books.

Sam Campbell studied animals.  Lots of Animals.  He interacted with the animals and wrote many books about his adventures.

Sam Campbell wrote a total of 12 books. In our class we have only 8 of his books that our friend, The, donated to us. He read these books when he was a kid and now we get to read them. I just love these books. My friend, Allison, also enjoys reading his books. She owns 4 and so do I. Our moms will buy us the rest of the books so that we can share them.

These are the books that I have read so far.  The first book I read was Sweet Sue’s Adventure. This book is about a skunk named Sue who Sam followed and became friends with. It is a fascinating book to read. I learned all about skunks especially that they use their mouths to carry their babies from one place to another.
My favorite book of the ones I have read is On Wings of Cheer. This book is about Sam being in the forest and searching for animals who live there. He then shares with us what each animal does.

The third book is Beloved Rascals.This is about animals that have different lives and he compares them to each other. The fourth book was Moose Country. This book is about  Sam Campbell and Hi-Bub having an adventure with all the animals. The final book that I have read is How’s Inky, about Sam Campbell and his friend Rover, the dog.

I would recommend these books because they are interesting to read. I have learned a lot of new things about animals and about nature. I am looking forward to reading the other books.

Reading Sam Campbell books has encouraged me to go out and explore nature and find out about animals. It has changed my interest in reading. Now I am starting to read more and challenging myself to read more books.

Hope you give them a try!

Below is our collection of Sam Campbell's books.20170217_103614(0).jpg20170217_103655.jpg  Pictures by Jesse

A New Garden Area

Classtopians have captured a new place to start a beautiful garden. The new garden that we are trying to fix up is behind the auditorium.

We saw that everyday a lot of students and staff members would walk by and see an ugly concrete box with soil and some old Yucca plants.

Our class acted quickly, and started to clean up. The trees had a ton of dead leaves on them. We started plucking off the dead leaves. The leaves that we pulled off were thrown on the ground, so some students had to sweep.

There was a big Eucalyptus tree growing in the garden planter and the roots were already breaking the concrete.  If we allowed it to stay there, the entire thing would have collapsed. Our teacher asked “Mr. Big Man”, one of the coordinators, who helps us to heavy lifting and difficult garden jobs to take out the tree. He brought an axe and chopped down the Eucalyptus tree. We hope by removing the tree we can save the box and be able to create our new garden area.

I am proud of this new garden space. We were told this morning that we have been given some money to buy plants to add to the area. We also got an anonymous donation to get our tools to begin work.
This new garden will welcome visitors and students to the auditorium.
Below is a picture of the area before we will put the new plants.



We are so happy to welcome our new class pet, Bubbles. Bubbles is a female crowntail Betta splendens.  Bubbles is a beautiful blue-green fish and her tail looks like the top of a crown. She is the perfect type of fish for our classroom. She does not take up a lot of space. She does not eat that much.  We love Bubbles and we are pretty sure that she loves us too. She is a very special fish to us classtopians because she will teach us how to be responsible.                                             
Picture  and article by Aiden

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Photography Department

Smile, is the most common word we hear when taking pictures. We are the Photography Department (PD) and I, Jesse, am the head. We are a team of 4. The other members are Aiden, Niven, and Christopher.

We enjoy making people smile. But most of all, we enjoy taking pictures of all the beautiful events in our Nation.
Classtopia had a need for this department, because we were and are doing lots of wonderful things. And some of them need pictures to remind us of the good times and to keep as memories.

This Dept was created February 10, 2017. We had the idea a long time ago from our friend, The. We were too busy to "spend" on the idea. We waited until it was very necessary. When we finally got around to creating it, it was the biggest spending decision made by Classtopians. I was one of three candidates and I was elected with 428p. This was the most we have ever "spent" in making a choice.

Many of the photos we take will be about our daily lives. We will share some of the pictures on this blog.

Our main job is to take pictures for other Departments as well as our own memory album. Our teacher said the Photo Dept will "chronicle our events through pictures".

So Classtopians, get your smiles on!


Tools of the Department. Donated by our friend, The. Picture by Jesse

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Eating Right

A Message From the Food Department

This is Ashley, Head of the Food Department.

I have been taking nutrition classes with my mom and brother since January of this year. My mom wanted us to learn how to make better food choices.

Sugary cereals= bad health
Before going to the classes, I loved to eat sugary cereals. Now, I eat cereals with not a lot of sugar. What I used to do was put three cups of cereal in the bowl. In class they say that I should only have one cup.

Portion size=palm of hand
Another thing I learned is that I should eat the amount of food that can fit in the palm of my hand.
This doesn't seem like it is a lot of food, but it is enough. So for every meal, a palm of food can fill me up.

Sugary drinks=trip to the dentist
The drinks that I should not drink are sodas, Arizona green tea, Gatorade, and juice. I need to replace it with water.

Fruits and vegetables are great for snack.

These are some of the things I have learned in my nutrition class. I hope that you have learned something too.

Written by Ashley

Friday, February 10, 2017

Food Department

We are the yummy food department...We are all about the food. We feed our citizens during special events during the year.
The members of the food department are Ashley, Mariana, Kaleb, Yazmine, Camila, Sergio, and Jalaysia. Our department was created in November 17, 2016.

We are in charge of the food and when there is going to be party we are responsible for providing the food. We order the food or we send our teacher out to buy the food for us. She has to give us the receipts so that we can keep track of our money.

Money for our department comes from Classtopians. Each person makes a donation so that we can purchase the items we need. We have to figure out what we want to eat and exactly how much it going to cost.  Once we get the amount needed, we get our food. Our department can also get money when there is an auction of books or quotes/ideas.

Our biggest project was our holiday meal. We ordered the pizza from a local pizza place. It was delivered, and we had to give the delivery man a tip. We had already added his tip to the cost of the pizza. We had three different kinds of pizzas. Most people had cheese and/or pepperoni, but some people, including the teacher, wanted veggie. We also ate some delicious cookies. The choices for drinks were apple, lemonade, and fruit punch.

All Classtopians had a great time.

We work hard when there is a party and the rest of the time we work in other departments.
Blog written by Ashley and Kaleb

Communication Department

Welcome to  Classtopia’s Communication Department (CD). Our department is  about sharing  all  Classtopia’s journeys. We are a very important part of our Nation. This department was created on November 14, 2016.

The names of the people in the CD are Katherine, Alyssa, Jesse, Laila, Aiden and Allison. Katherine is the head of the CD. Our jobs are to think of blogs or news to post on what is happening in our nation.

To be a part of the CD requires the ability to be creative. You also need to have access to a computer at home, or come to school early, or stay in at recess, or stay after school to use the computers there.  Good writing skills to create a blog is what you must have.

We meet in google classroom to discuss what we will write about in the upcoming blog. How we are going to do it, Who and when things are going to happen. But the most important thing is that we share what is happening in our nation. We love our job in the communication department. We love to serve our fellow Classtopians.

Thank you for reading our blog. We will see you soon with other exciting news.
Blog written by Katherine, Alyssa, and Aiden