Friday, April 20, 2018

Ladybug and Cat Noir's Powers

The earrings of the Ladybug and the Ring of  the Cat are the most powerful Miraculous. Ladybug's earrings grant the power of creation, and the ring of the cat, grants the power of destruction.

Ladybug has a yo-yo, and it is indestructible. She uses this as a shield, a form of transportation, rope, as a cutter, a phone, and for her secret superpower. To use it as a shield, she spins it really fast, so if you were to throw a pebble or a heavy object, it would just bounce off. For transportation, she throws her yo-yo, and it wraps around something, like a lamppost. Then, she pulls a little, and then she just goes through the air, while holding onto the yo-yo. For the phone, the top part of it opens up, and now it is a phone. (She has Cat Noir's Number)

Cat Noir has a metal stick, which is also indestructible. He uses it as a shield, transportation, and as a phone. He also spins his stick really fast to make it a shield. For transportation he extends it, and uses it as a type of lever. For transportation, he can also extend his stick between two buildings, and walk on it. He extends it by clicking the green paw. To make it a phone, he just clicks on the green paw, and a little screen come out.

Both superheroes have secret superpowers. Ladybug has a lucky charm. She throws her yo-yo in the air, says "lucky charm", and an object comes out. This object helps defeat the akumatized person. It could be anything, like a spoon or a chain. Then, when she finally gets the akuma out of the object, she catches it in her yo-yo, and it comes out as a regular butterfly. She throws the object that came out of her yo-yo(lucky charm), and says "Miraculous ladybug!" Then every thing that was destroyed by the villain will be turned back to normal. (The akumatized person will turn back to normal once the butterfly is captured.) It is a good thing that Ladybug can fix the city's damage, because a lot of damage is sometimes done.

Cat Noir has Cataclysm, the ultimate power of destruction. All he has to do is say Cataclysm, and the hand with the ring will have the power. Whatever he touches will be destroyed.

The only bad thing about using their super-powers is that they only have 5 minutes before they untransform. (They have to keep their identities a secret.) They can't transform again quickly, because their Kwamis need to eat and reload on energy.

New Start

It is so sad to close out the fifth grade year at this elementary school. I will be leaving this
great school. But I will not forget the great days I had here. I will be departing for my
friends. And I will sadly be departing from my teachers. This is not easy for me.
Closing out this year will be sad but fun. It will open a new chapter in my life.

Leaving the school will be like leaving home. I can only return on days that I am free. It would
be like I am not where I’m supposed to be because I will be new going to middle school it
might uncomfortable there but I will be comfortable with some of my friends there. It won’t
be easy leaving the school that I have been with since I was 5 to go to a whole new one.

I will be leaving my friends. They brighten up my day and make the way more fun. I will only
have a few that will be going to the same school. I will not forget my friends that have been
with me since pre-school. I will surely make new friends but none of them would be like the
ones that I have had in elementary school and preschool. And feel like getting rid of some
of the family member that I have been with since the start. It is very sad for me but I am
also very happy.

I will also be leaving The teachers that I knew about before I even got to the elementary
school. Such as the teachers that my siblings had and several other teachers that either
retired or left. These teachers will all have a place in my heart. I will never forget them
because they were very special to me. Even the ones that did not teach me. I expect
all of them and will remember all of them.

Leaving my school will not be easy. Leaving everyone I know. Leaving everyone I knew
since I was only five. I will never forget my elementary school. Closing out the year will
be so sad but so great at the same time. I will be closing out one chapter of my life
opening another. I can’t wait but at the same time I can. I love elementary school and
will never forget it EVER.

Going to the Next Level

I am nearing the end of 5th grade. I am very happy to culminate the fifth grade, but I am also sad.

I am sad that I will be leaving my friends and my teacher. I will miss them. Especially the friends that have been here since day 1 of 4/5th grade. I have learned so much over these 2 years. My teacher has pushed me to be better. She is the best teacher I’ve ever had.

But I am a little bit scared going off to middle school. But I am still excited to going to middle school too. I hope I will do good in science, math, and other classes. I am thinking that middle school will be amazing. I will savor every last moment of 5th grade.

The Next Step

In 7 weeks I will no longer be a 5th grader. I will be a 6th grader.  Being in six grade means I will be in middle school.  It also means change. Change to me is very terrifying because everything is brand new. But I know that I will be able to push through it and do my best.

I will also miss my friends and my teacher.  I am so grateful for all the things they did for me. Especially my teacher, she pushed me so hard sometimes I thought my head was going to explode. But even though I felt that way, I know it helped me a lot.

I already have my mind set on what I want to do with my life and how I'm gonna do it. And I know that If I put my mind to it my dream will be accomplished.

A New Chapter (Or A Few Sentences) In My Life

5th grade is almost over. Therefore elementary school is done. So now is time for middle school. I am very scared and nervous.

This is a very important part of my life. This is because now I know I'm growing up. And some things won't stay the same but...... I will really miss my school. I already have an idea where I'm going and I've been there before so I'm not as nervous as I should be.
All I can be sure of is that I'm going to be okay.
So... YAY.

I LOVE MY SCHOOL!!!!!!! Especially my teacher and my friends.

My New Stuff Animal

        On April 15th, 2018, it was my cousin's baby shower. We went to her husband's grandpa's house because the party was going to be there. When we got there, there was stuff animals of TV shows on the tables. I saw my favorite stuff animal. Pua, the pig from the movie Moana. Pua is a name in Hawaiian, which means Flower. The reason I like Pua is because it is cute, adorable, fluffy, and funny. When I watched the movie Moana, at that moment, I started to love Pua.

       In the middle of the party, my cousin gave all of us a necklace with a baby sucker on it. She told us, "The game is going to be fun because if you have a necklace on, you can not bend/cross your arms or legs, but if you do, if somebody sees you, then the person has to take your necklace and then your out. The person with more necklaces, wins a stuff animal in the table." When she said that, I knew I was going to win. After an hour or two, the game was over. Obviously, I won because I wanted the stuff animal. When she called me up, She said, "So Mariana, which stuff animal do you want?" I told her Pua and my little baby cousin started to cry because she wanted it. I was happy I won it because if I didn't, I would be mad. To this day, I have Pua and I love it more than anything in the whole wide world, even my dog. 

So Classtopians, do you love a stuff animal more than anything in the whole wide world? If so, which stuff animal? And if it is from a show/movie, what show/movie?

Entering The Middles

Wow I'm so proud of myself, I have nearly accomplished my journey through elementary school Elementary School has been great since the day I walked in when I was very young.

 The teachers have guided me through all of my grades until now and they have told me to follow my dreams and they always told not only me the other students that if we want to be successful in life we have to pay attention in class.

Students have also been nice to me and been a great help. Right now I would name all the people that have been nice to me, make me laugh, and they been there for me whenever I need help.

Now that I'm almost culminating I am going to end the beginning and enter the Middle. I am very excited for this to happen to me not only because of the fact that I'm going to be in a higher grade than I am but I will not be flunking. YAY!