Wednesday, November 22, 2017

A Cruel Car Crash

On Friday, there was a car crash by the school. Adrian and I were at my grandmas house. I was in the living room, and Adrian was in the backyard. I heard a big noise outside, so then I went to check. I saw a lady in her car, and a huge truck. The lady's car bumper was smashed. We figured out that the lady hit the truck. The firefighters and police men came. Eventually it was all over. There were no people hurt in the accident. It was all weird because it was right in front of my grandma's house.

The crash

Thursday, November 16, 2017

The BAD Car Accident

On October 19th, my mom got into a really BAD car accident. When the car collided with her car when she was almost across the stop sign. My mom said that her car spun in a circle. The airbags deployed.  My mom was going to go pick up my sister from young story tellers. At this point I was at home. As I was doing my homework, I heard a loud noise. She was all the way down the street and I heard it from my house. I didn't suspect anything because I hear that sound a lot in my neighborhood. She called the police and the fire department and they came to check on her. She was OK but her shoulder was hurting. She had to go to the emergency room the next morning. She wanted to make sure that nothing was fractured.

This accident caused many conflicts. The first thing is that no one can sit in the front because the seat belt is locked. Another reason is that when we turn a corner or go over a hump the tire rubs against a metal piece. It makes a loud noise and it scares me. It also affects my family because the door doesn't open, nor does the window roll down.  Now when I go to school we have to park instead of pulling up to valet and getting out.

In reality, we will get a new car. I am so excited because our new car is really cool. My mom and dad went to Pasadena. They looked at a car and test drove it. They fell in love with it. When they went my mom had to sit in the back because the seat belt is locked in the front. Now I won't have to hear a scratchy noise when we pull in our drive way or turn the corner. I now know that it is safer for me to sit in the back because I know that airbag can really injure me. When we get our new car I will always sit in the back unless I have to sit in the front.
This is where the car was hit. As you can see there is a piece hanging out.
On November 11th every single classtopia had an amazing day. And if you're asking why, then here is your answer. That day was called "Native American Day". This is because we have been reading a lot about Native Americans, so our teacher decided it would be best if we could experience how Native Americans lived back then. And that is exactly what we did.

We had many activities planned so we needed all the help we could get from every single Classtopia. Some Classtopians brought tents. The reason they brought tents because it was going to be used as a shelter. It was supposed to look like our campsite. Other Classtopians even brought in face paint but we never got to use it. Some  brought in dye but not any dye. We used fruits, coffee, and tea to dye our shirts. We did this because back then they didn't have food coloring or paint. They used natural resources to color things.

Then we talked about things that the Native Americans used to do. Then we just got on with our day.

We had many activities planned.
Like dying our shirts, planting corn, setting up tents, making string, weaving, hunting games, and eating.

The things we used to dye our shirts were pomegranates, coffee, onion skin and tea bags. We then got a tub, some pots and a gallon. Then we put the pomegranate in the tub and started getting the color out of the seeds.  We filled up all the other containers. When that was done we got the shirts and put them in. We hung them to dry on the fence.

Then we planted corn. Well only some of us did and I was lucky enough to be able to. We first turned the soil over and removed the weeds. Then added more fresh soil. Next we planted the corn seeds. Lastly, we watered.

Another activity was to put up the tents. The tents were only brought in by some Classtopians. Kylie, Christopher, and Jesse. It took them a long time to set them up but they did. They all turned out pretty well.

The next activity was to make string. Only 4 people could do this at one time though but we all took turns. The first four people were Lalia, Jessica, Isael, and Leslie. They did this by pounding on some Yucca leaves. They got a stump and a piece of wood. The goal was to pounds on the Yucca leaf and get all the green stuff off. Then you would twine them together to make the string. We worked all day but no one was able to complete the work. We will have to try this again

Then we ate seeds and nuts, turkey, cranberry, corn bread with honey and some greens. Some Classtopians ate in their tents. Then we realized it was time to go home so we started to clean up. I believe it was the an amazing day.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Native American Day

On Thursday we had Native American Day. We spent the whole day outside, from the time we started school to the time school was over. We were Native Americans for the whole day.

To start the day our teacher showed us some things the she brought from home. These artifacts could have been used by the Native Americans. She also brought a big woven rug and two smaller ones that we could sit on to be more comfortable than sitting on concrete. We all did not fit on those rugs, but luckily some other people brought things to sit on. After looking at all the amazing things our teacher brought she sent some people to go collect some yucca leaves over in one of our gardens. We were going to use the leaves to make rope/string. First we had to collect them soak them in water then hit them with smooth wooden blocks. When we were done we had to soak them again and make sure that the small strings would not get tangled.

Some Classtopians brought tents to set up so we all helped set them up. Jesse brought two small tents, Christopher brought a very large tent, and Kylie brought one medium sized tent. It took a while for us to set up the two tents since most of us had never built tents. Kylie's did not take long because she knew how to set it up. However Christopher's took at least an hour, since it was so big.

Some of us girls were interested in weaving so that's what we did. Our teacher showed some of us how to do it ad soon enough most of us got it. Some of us made small baskets or basket handles. I was able to make a bracelet but it was hard to adjust.

Some of us brought some dye to dye our clothes in. We brought in white shirts to dye. We had pomegranate, coffee, green tea, and some onion skin as our dyes.We had those four choices for our clothes. My favorite one was coffee. I liked it because it made my shirt smell like coffee. It smelled very good.

                                                We all had fun as Native Americans on Thursday.
Setting up one of Jesse's tents
Setting up Kylie's tent
Setting up the hardest tent of all.

These are the Yucca leaves to we used to make the rope/string.



A Trip To A Farm

On November 11, I went to a farm with my family. We were invited by our uncle, because one of his friends was going to kill a cow. We came because we wanted to buy FRESH MEAT.

I woke up at 6:30, and got ready. By 7:30, everyone in my family was ready. We all got in the car, and waited for my dad to finish checking the car to make sure everything was fine. By 8:00, we were on the road.

By 9:50, we were off the freeway, and were very close to our destination.  We had to drive slowly, because the pavement had ended, so we had to drive on dirt. By 10:00 we were out of our car, and entering this gate.

We walked down a path made out of stepping stones. The first thing I saw was this HUGE piece of meat hanging off of a hook! There was also a table with a lot of meat on it. My uncles had this mini chainsaw looking thing, and were cutting pieces of meat that they wanted to buy.

While my mom was getting our meat, my uncle and dad came with us kids to see the animals. My uncle had been to this farm before, which was important. There were THREE GUARD DOGS, and they were the same type that police people use. The dogs only smelled us, then went away. If my uncle had not been there, I would have been even more worried about the dogs biting us or something.

Anyways, as soon as we walked in, I saw a chicken pen. There was one grown-up chicken, and a bunch of other baby chicks. One white chick had yellow around his mouth, and was shivering. I felt bad, because he was sick. One chick escaped, so my dad grabbed it. We had to be careful,  because the guard dogs would eat it. I touched it's head, which was very fluffy.

After that, we went to see the cows. There were two cows. One was a brown cow, and the other was black-and -white. The brown cow was WAY bigger than the other one. I tossed some hay at it, but it just landed on the floor.

In a big pen, there were about 10 goats, and 2 sheep. When we got close to them, they started trotting away. The sheep were all white, but its hair was a little dirty.

Then, we went to see the pigs. There were 4 pigs, and they were big. There were also a lot of flies near their pen!

Next to the pig's pen, there were 2 TURKEYS! Their feathers looked like peacock feathers because they were spread out like that.

Then, we went back to were the other adults were. They had cooked some meat, so we ate tacos. They were really delicious!

After eating, I went to play with the smaller white dogs. There were two of them. I played with the younger one. I threw a stuffed bear in the air, and he went to go catch it. After a while, I went inside, because I heard that there was a puppy! I saw the puppy, and he was so ADORABLE! He was tiny, and was sitting on some blankets. I fed him some of his food, and when he chewed, he made a crunch sound. I let him lick my hand, too.

After that, it was time to go. I was sad to go, but I know I will come back another time.

The older dog. 

The big chunk of meat.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Tin Foil Art Work

This is the Tin Foil art project.

This is group #1. 
This group #2.
This is group #3.
This is group #4.
This is group #5.

Book Department Goes To The Book Fair

Since the garden department was spending money on plants we decided that we would spend on books. The library is having a book fair. So we took advantage of that. We counted and then, went to check out the books. We saw the librarian and asked what would be some good books to buy. She gave us some recommendations. We bought 5 books that seemed most interesting.

We are going to buy a book called Wonder from Jessie when he is finished reading it. He going to sell it to us for $5.00. Jessie does not know how to make money. He originally bought the book for $16.99.

Here is our list: Auggie & Me, Wish, Ninth Ward, A Night Divided, and Dirt. We got five different books. We have five groups in the class, and are going to give one book to each group to start with. We hope that our classmates will like these books and enjoy reading them as well.

These are all the books we bought.

This is the receipt.

This is when we were paying for the books.