Thursday, February 15, 2018

Bye Bye Bungalows

Today, we watched the bungalows at our school being moved away. The bungalows used to be the magnet classrooms. . But then, the classes moved to the Magnet Building. The bungalows weren't being used, and cost 6,000 per month . This was just wasting money, so the principal decided to just take them away. Anyway, today we watched a long truck move one bungalow. The bungalow was cut in half, then loaded onto the truck. They took away 2 halves. Soon, the rest of the other bungalows will be removed, too.

There will soon be an empty space where the bungalows used to be. I think that the space should be used to make a reading area. I love to read, so I would like a reading area outside. I think that there should be grass, (or fake grass) in the empty space. On top of the grass there should be some bean bag chairs, or at least some comfortable chairs. This would be great, because then kids will be able to read while getting some fresh air.

Since the reading area would not take up that much space, I think that there should be another volleyball net. Volleyball is my favorite play area, and I think that a lot of kids enjoy playing volley ball too. If we have two volleyball nets, then two classes could have volleyball as a play area, instead of just one class.

This is what I think should happen to the space where the bungalows used to be. I wonder what the principal will decide to do.

This is the truck that took the bungalows.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Echeverias Are Growing

We are starting to see more growth inside our  small terrariums. They were planted in the beginning of 5th grade. They all look similar but some are different.

Can you spot the different Echeverias?
Pod 1
Aloes and Echeveria
Pod 3
Pod 4

The tall plants in the second picture is either Aloe kedongensis or nyeriensis.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

How To Make Slime

One of the new trends is called slime. Slime is a stretchy goo that is satisfying  to play with. I am obsessed with slime. So then Daniela's mom  took us to Target to buy supplies. We got glitter glue since we had all the other ingredients. But if you use white glue that is fine. When we returned to the house we made the slime.  Now I am going to teach you how to make slime!


  • Glue
  • baking soda 
  • contact solution
  • food coloring
  • Bowl



step 1: Take your glue and put it in your bowl 

Step: 2 
If you are using white glue you can put in some food coloring.

Step 3: add baking soda

Step 4: add contact solution, when you do add it slowly until you get the consistency you want.
 You will know it is ready when it stops sticking to the bowl

Step 5: grab the slime and knead it until it is non- sticky

It should look like this:

All you need to do next is play and make tricks with it.

The most important part of this is that you leave it at home. The principal at my school will take it away from kids who bring it to school.

Enjoy it at home!

My Favorite Memory

Today is Classtopia's anniversary. Classtopia has existed for one year. I have made a lot of great memories. My favorite memory is Native American Day. I really liked this day because it was so much fun. My favorite part was the weaving station. I really enjoyed weaving strands of dried grass. I also liked pounding the Yucca leaves with pieces of wood. I think that day was a really great one.

Wow....... Already

Oh……  all the memories we have shared. And now today is the day were we look back at them. Many are special to me and maybe to you. I have prospered like a flower in the garden. And all the experiences that I have felt make me special.

The one that makes me special and that makes me happy is the day when I found out that I was nominated the head of “Book Department”. This experience taught me many things. Like how to run a group of people, to be more independent, to be able to assign a group of people to a job and how to work with a team as well as engage with them.

My other favorite day was Native American day. I liked this day because I was able to take part in all the amazing activities, take pictures capture them and remember them. But my most favorite part was the day we got the Chromebooks. I liked this day the best because it was “5 de Mayo” and without these Chromebooks Classtopia would not be the same.

So once more this day will be remember not just from me but from you too. I will remember this day as a holiday and I know this nation will grow more than ever.

Classtopia’s Favorite Entry

A year ago today we published our first blog. One of my favorite blogs was a one that Mariana wrote about Hurricane Harbor at Six Flags. This is one of my favorite blogs because it talks about her experience at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor and about all the fun she had. Also because she tells us what she did after. Then she asks the class if we’ve ever been there. And to answer your question Mariana, yes I have been there before. 

A New Garden Area

About a week ago Horticulture Club worked on a new garden. It took a lot of work create it.
By Monday we were all finished with most of it. It looks fantastic and people are commenting on it!

Here is a picture of the garden.