Friday, June 9, 2017

Favorite Memories of 2016-2017

Classtopians have had many great memories. For all Classtopians the day the So Cal Honda visited was the best day of Elementary school. Here are our other favorite memories of the 2016-2017 school year:

Natalia- The first day we used the chrome books.
Diana- The day we got the chrome books.
Elizabeth- The first day of school when I got to meet my friends and my amazing teacher.
Daniela- The first open house.
Jesse- The field trip to the mission.
Alyssa- The day of halloween when we did a plant experiment.
Leslie- The day we started the blog.
Adrain- The day we went to the Aquarium of the Pacific.
Jalaysia- When we went to the Santa Monica Pier.
Yazmine- Starting all of the gardens.
Daisy- When we first created the gardens.
Kylie- The day we went inside the church at the San Juan Capistrano.
Brianna- Field trip to Santa Monica Pier.
Sergio- Christmas party.
Laila- The day we started Classtopia.
Isael- The day I was chosen to be the head of the pet department.
Kaleb- Field trip to Debs Audubon Center.
Mariana- The day we started Classtopia.
Lindsay- Field trip to San Juan Capistrano.
Camila- Creating entries.
Luisangel- Christmas party.
Nathaniel- Being student of the month.
Katherine- Going to the garden at the San Juan Capistrano Mission.
Christopher- When I am on my best behavior.
Niven- When we had a party after student of the Month.
Aiden- The first day of school when  we chose straws and that was the amount of things we had to say about ourselves.
Teacher- The first time that we used coasianism to choose which book to read. This was the beginning of all the memories that led up to Classtopia becoming a nation of productive 4th graders.




Cheez-Its In The Lost And Found

For the end of  year party my job was to bring two boxes of Cheez-It. When I got out of my mom's car my friend, Sary, that we bring to school took the Cheez-It out and put them next to me. I was talking to my friend and did not realize that they were next to me.

When I walked in the school I saw Sary, and asked if she took them out of the car. She said she left them in front of the school where I was standing. I went to check but they were not there. So, to solve the problem I texted my mom to tell her that I lost the cheez-It. She told me that she will drop some fruits off later.

When she arrived at school. My teacher asked if she brought the Cheez-It and my mom told her that I had lost them. The whole class started to laugh.

Then my teacher told me to check the office to see if someone had turned it in. I had to go to the office and say "Do you have my Cheez It?". I felt so embarrassed because  I had lost my Cheez-It. Ms. H. was holding a Target bag  and asked, "How many boxes". I said two. She handed me the boxes.

I walked back to class with the two boxes. When I opened the door everyone turned to see if I had them. I hid the bags and shook my head. Then I held up the bags and every laughed, including my mom and Sam, my teacher's old student who came to visit her for the day. It was a funny end of the year joke.


Lost and Found Cheez-It.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

First Trip To Mexico

How is your summer going to turn out?

I am going to Mexico with my brother. I have never visited Mexico before.

I already have my passport.

I am going to the city called Oaxaca. Oaxaca is a great place for a child my age. I will be milking the cows, picking the right corn, making tortillas,  cooking mole, and more. This country is important to me because my grandpa and my grandma live there. They said, "Porque no vienes a Mexico?"

This summer we will be there.

Bye Fourth Grade and Hello Vacation Adventures

This is the final week of our fourth grade adventures. Once it is finished I will have the best vacation.  I will go to the beach more often because of how hot it’s going to be. Also, I will probably get more summer clothes like shorts, because I don't have enough summer clothes, I mostly have pants.But I know I will go on a vacation over the hot summer. I will also read a lot of books. But I know I will be sharing my adventures with everyone on the blog. So there will be a new adventure for all Classtopians when we come back to the fifth grade.

Mexico For Fun Times

Every summer I go to Mexico. I hope to see lots of changes that happen because I go to Mexico every summer vacation with my sister.  Things in Mexico are always changing, like the houses, the cows, and a bunch of other things. I also plan to swim in the river and also try to learn more Spanish.

 I also will work with my grandpa and my four uncles. Living in Mexico is fun. Just the only thing that is bad is that there is no concrete paths in Mexico just rock paths.  I would love to live there. I really recommend Mexico to everybody to visit.

Bye school, Hello vacation

              During my wonderful summer I am going to take swimming classes because I do not know how to swim. I tried to learn how to swim in Guatemala, but the teacher said " Te tienes que quedarte aquĆ­ dos meses enteros para que puedas aprender a nadar y terminar las clases" 
(You have to stay here for two whole months so you can learn how to swim and finish your classes). But I could not stay because we had to leave April 11. The place was called Rio Dulce ( sweet river ).

Another thing that I am going to be doing of course is taking care of my cute baby brother, because my mom's knee and arm hurts a lot because my brother is a little heavy. And last but not least, I have to read. I am going to try to read at least five books, and I have already decided which ones, and they are Island of the blue dolphin, My side of the mountain, I survived, and I am going to try to get A long Walk to Water.

I might eat watermelon and some strawberries because we are going to San Francisco, and when we come back we will pass by this town called Bakersfield, and there is a farm there that sells strawberries.

Summer Fun

My plan for summer is going to be great, just like the other summer vacations of my life. I want to do many things this summer so I can make it better than the others though.

This year I'm really looking forward to going swimming with my family members. I have never been to an actual swimming pool before. I have just been swimming at water parks. So that's why I want to go swimming because I will go in a swimming pool for the first time.

Another thing I plan to do is to have sleepovers at my family members' houses, and especially with my dad. I always like to spend the night at my dad's because he lets me make slime and make a mess. The only part that I don't like is that I have to clean my baby brother's bottles that have expired milk in them. They stink so much! But it is worth it because I get paid twice. I get it twice because he counts my allowance and for cleaning the bottles. I make a total of $10, and if I save it for 10 weeks I will have $100. But I don't save my money. I spend it right away. Which is fine because I'm still a kid. I say this because mostly all kids want everything straight away.

During the summer I will be reading some books and a one of them will be called Maybe A Fox and I may read more if I can. I heard that it is a good book and that it was a book that uses imagination to go through the book so I might take my time to read it.