Sunday, July 2, 2017

My Favorite Plants

I really like plants. But I have some favorites that are really cool.

My favorite one is a Geranium. The one we have at school has a pink flower. I remember when it was just in one little tiny spot, but now, it mostly covers one whole side of the garden! I also have a Geranium at my house, but it is smaller than the one at school. I like geraniums because they have beautiful leaves. The leaves are green, but if you look carefully, you can see a little bit of Purple! I think that is a cool trick!

Another plant I like is the Scadoxus. When my teacher brought it to school, I was shocked she even brought it! I really love its flower. I love the bright orange color. The most interesting thing to me is what my teacher is trying to do. She is trying to get a white flower from the Scadoxus. The closest she has gotten was a really light orange. She has given all of us Scadoxus seeds, and I wonder what color my flower will be. If it is white, then I will give it to my teacher..

Succulents can be cool, too. I like how the leaves are kind of thick. When it flowers, the part of the succulent that was curved in will curve out, so it is obvious when it is flowering. The Aeoniums are neat. They are green, or a purple-black color.  I also like that sometimes the leaves can turn a darker shade of purple and black.

I also like Tradescantia. The leaves curl up when it gets too much sun. I wish I could do that, too! It is a darkish purple. I think my mom will like it, since her favorite color is purple.

This is an Aeonium.
These are Tradscantia
These are my Scadoxus seeds.

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