Friday, June 9, 2017

Favorite Memories of 2016-2017

Classtopians have had many great memories. For all Classtopians the day the So Cal Honda visited was the best day of Elementary school. Here are our other favorite memories of the 2016-2017 school year:

Natalia- The first day we used the chrome books.
Diana- The day we got the chrome books.
Elizabeth- The first day of school when I got to meet my friends and my amazing teacher.
Daniela- The first open house.
Jesse- The field trip to the mission.
Alyssa- The day of halloween when we did a plant experiment.
Leslie- The day we started the blog.
Adrain- The day we went to the Aquarium of the Pacific.
Jalaysia- When we went to the Santa Monica Pier.
Yazmine- Starting all of the gardens.
Daisy- When we first created the gardens.
Kylie- The day we went inside the church at the San Juan Capistrano.
Brianna- Field trip to Santa Monica Pier.
Sergio- Christmas party.
Laila- The day we started Classtopia.
Isael- The day I was chosen to be the head of the pet department.
Kaleb- Field trip to Debs Audubon Center.
Mariana- The day we started Classtopia.
Lindsay- Field trip to San Juan Capistrano.
Camila- Creating entries.
Luisangel- Christmas party.
Nathaniel- Being student of the month.
Katherine- Going to the garden at the San Juan Capistrano Mission.
Christopher- When I am on my best behavior.
Niven- When we had a party after student of the Month.
Aiden- The first day of school when  we chose straws and that was the amount of things we had to say about ourselves.
Teacher- The first time that we used coasianism to choose which book to read. This was the beginning of all the memories that led up to Classtopia becoming a nation of productive 4th graders.




Cheez-Its In The Lost And Found

For the end of  year party my job was to bring two boxes of Cheez-It. When I got out of my mom's car my friend, Sary, that we bring to school took the Cheez-It out and put them next to me. I was talking to my friend and did not realize that they were next to me.

When I walked in the school I saw Sary, and asked if she took them out of the car. She said she left them in front of the school where I was standing. I went to check but they were not there. So, to solve the problem I texted my mom to tell her that I lost the cheez-It. She told me that she will drop some fruits off later.

When she arrived at school. My teacher asked if she brought the Cheez-It and my mom told her that I had lost them. The whole class started to laugh.

Then my teacher told me to check the office to see if someone had turned it in. I had to go to the office and say "Do you have my Cheez It?". I felt so embarrassed because  I had lost my Cheez-It. Ms. H. was holding a Target bag  and asked, "How many boxes". I said two. She handed me the boxes.

I walked back to class with the two boxes. When I opened the door everyone turned to see if I had them. I hid the bags and shook my head. Then I held up the bags and every laughed, including my mom and Sam, my teacher's old student who came to visit her for the day. It was a funny end of the year joke.


Lost and Found Cheez-It.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

First Trip To Mexico

How is your summer going to turn out?

I am going to Mexico with my brother. I have never visited Mexico before.

I already have my passport.

I am going to the city called Oaxaca. Oaxaca is a great place for a child my age. I will be milking the cows, picking the right corn, making tortillas,  cooking mole, and more. This country is important to me because my grandpa and my grandma live there. They said, "Porque no vienes a Mexico?"

This summer we will be there.

Bye Fourth Grade and Hello Vacation Adventures

This is the final week of our fourth grade adventures. Once it is finished I will have the best vacation.  I will go to the beach more often because of how hot it’s going to be. Also, I will probably get more summer clothes like shorts, because I don't have enough summer clothes, I mostly have pants.But I know I will go on a vacation over the hot summer. I will also read a lot of books. But I know I will be sharing my adventures with everyone on the blog. So there will be a new adventure for all Classtopians when we come back to the fifth grade.

Mexico For Fun Times

Every summer I go to Mexico. I hope to see lots of changes that happen because I go to Mexico every summer vacation with my sister.  Things in Mexico are always changing, like the houses, the cows, and a bunch of other things. I also plan to swim in the river and also try to learn more Spanish.

 I also will work with my grandpa and my four uncles. Living in Mexico is fun. Just the only thing that is bad is that there is no concrete paths in Mexico just rock paths.  I would love to live there. I really recommend Mexico to everybody to visit.

Bye school, Hello vacation

              During my wonderful summer I am going to take swimming classes because I do not know how to swim. I tried to learn how to swim in Guatemala, but the teacher said " Te tienes que quedarte aquĆ­ dos meses enteros para que puedas aprender a nadar y terminar las clases" 
(You have to stay here for two whole months so you can learn how to swim and finish your classes). But I could not stay because we had to leave April 11. The place was called Rio Dulce ( sweet river ).

Another thing that I am going to be doing of course is taking care of my cute baby brother, because my mom's knee and arm hurts a lot because my brother is a little heavy. And last but not least, I have to read. I am going to try to read at least five books, and I have already decided which ones, and they are Island of the blue dolphin, My side of the mountain, I survived, and I am going to try to get A long Walk to Water.

I might eat watermelon and some strawberries because we are going to San Francisco, and when we come back we will pass by this town called Bakersfield, and there is a farm there that sells strawberries.

Summer Fun

My plan for summer is going to be great, just like the other summer vacations of my life. I want to do many things this summer so I can make it better than the others though.

This year I'm really looking forward to going swimming with my family members. I have never been to an actual swimming pool before. I have just been swimming at water parks. So that's why I want to go swimming because I will go in a swimming pool for the first time.

Another thing I plan to do is to have sleepovers at my family members' houses, and especially with my dad. I always like to spend the night at my dad's because he lets me make slime and make a mess. The only part that I don't like is that I have to clean my baby brother's bottles that have expired milk in them. They stink so much! But it is worth it because I get paid twice. I get it twice because he counts my allowance and for cleaning the bottles. I make a total of $10, and if I save it for 10 weeks I will have $100. But I don't save my money. I spend it right away. Which is fine because I'm still a kid. I say this because mostly all kids want everything straight away.

During the summer I will be reading some books and a one of them will be called Maybe A Fox and I may read more if I can. I heard that it is a good book and that it was a book that uses imagination to go through the book so I might take my time to read it.

My Awesome Summer

My summer is going to be awesome because there are many things I am looking forward to doing. For example my mom will put me in swimming classes and I also might be going to a camp. I will still be going to boxing classes this summer. The good thing is, that there is no school so I can stay at the boxing gym longer.

Since I have a baby brother I get to take care of him and play with him. I will teach him how to read baby books.

I am looking forward to riding my bicycle in my neighborhood. I have not been riding my bike because I have been busy with homework, playing with my baby brother and other stuff. I usually ride my bike in the morning but with school I can’t. Since it will be summer I can ride my bike in the morning. But when I ride my bike I am not alone. On my street there are many kids to play with. So in the summer around ten in the morning they all come out of their house and start playing outside. Some kids bring bikes, but others bring scooters, skateboards, and others just bring soccer balls, and basket balls. It is so much fun.

I also live near two Classtopians. They are Daniela and Christopher. Usually I go over to their houses after school to work on homework or play. But in summer I will go earlier to their house and play. We plan on doing a lot this summer.

I hope you have a fun summer too!

Swimming Summer

It is the last week of school! Do you know what this means to us Classtopians and to all kids in the U.S? Well in case you don't know this means Summer Vacation! Summer is the best time of the whole year for kids! At least that's my opinion.

This is what summer will be for me. First I would read my $6 pack that has 6 John Newbery Award Books! Then I will ask my mom if we could go swimming at the beach. I imagine the conversation will sound like this. "Yes we can go to the beach but first let's pick up your brother from school, okay?" Then that would be great! You would probably be asking "Why would there still be someone still in school??"

Well my brother is going to have extra days in his Prekindergarten since he is only a toddler. So I would get my clothes and that would be some shorts and another extra pair, and a T-Shirt and another one. So I would ask my cousins if they would want to go. When I convince them to come with us, the first thing to do is to find the ideal spot.

The second thing I will do is get my bucket out and fill it with water and splash it on me to check if the water is cold. If the water is warm I will get into the ocean to explore the adventures of the sea.

I can handle mostly everything. I will swim before eating so that I don't have to wait a lot of TIME so I can swim again. Swimming is really fun. At least that's how I remember it.

When I go home I will read more of my books and tell my mom the interesting parts so that she can read it. Then, I will ask my mom if can use the computer to play a game called Sticky Ninja on a website called: .

That will be my summer.

Visit To Grandma In Jalisco, Mexico

My summer vacation will be exciting. We will go to Universal Studios, to the beach, visit Mexico, camping at Malibu Beach, read books, do exercise, go swimming, and most importantly go to parties. I know that vacations are fun, but my vacation will be even better. 

The reason why my summer vacation gets better and better every year is because I get to visit new places. My trip to Mexico is going to be way cooler. What I'm going to do in Mexico is that I'm going to an awesome beach that I have been visiting since I was a little girl. The beach has a resort. It also has a place for the kids to do activities. It is called Rioland. We are also going to my Grandmother's house in Jalisco, Mexico and return on August 14, 2017. We will miss the first day of school.  

Las Vegas Summer

Over the summer I am planning to go to Las Vegas, and the beach. My family and I usually go to Vegas when school ends, but this time we are going in July. When we get to Vegas, we are planning to go to Wet 'N Wild. In case you don't know what it is,  I'll explain it to you. It is a water park with cool water slides, lazy rivers and more.

I go to the beach only on Friday nights because my mom, my siblings and I go pick up my dad from work and go to the Pacific Park. You may be wondering ' Why At Night?'  I go at night because when I go to the Pacific Park at 3:00 p.m there is long lines for the rides and at night the lines are shorter. When I go to the Dragon ride I can see light of the city.

I will not just be having fun, I will also have to read 5th grade books because I usually don't read a lot at home, I just play around. Now I have to start reading books and stop entertaining myself with electronics. I will also have to work on 5th grade math because next year in 5th grade there will be a lot more math problem solving going on in Classtopia. I will sure miss 4th grade and Classtopia, but meanwhile I'm on vacation I will write blogs about exciting things that happened to me during summer vacation.

So, Classtopians what are you planning to do this summer?? 

Waiting For Nutella

There are a few more days until Summer begins. Over the vacation I will work on my writing, because I want to improve my skills. I want to make less mistakes and makes a lot of sense. I will also read more to comprehend better. 

I might get a new dog over the Summer, because dogs are my favorite animal in the world. I already have a name for the dog I might get over the Summer, The name I have for the is called Nutella, because my parents told me that it is the same as Bella. I wanted the name Nutella for the dog because it reminds me of my favorite food called Nutella which is like peanut butter, but hazelnut/chocolate, and the fur of the dog will be the same.

Long Ride To Zacatecas, Mexico

On June 10th my family members will be going to Zacatecas, Mexico. But sadly my parents are not going to Mexico with us because they have lots of work.  They will join us later on. On the trip will be my 2 aunts, 3 uncles, 5 cousins, my 3 sisters, and me.

I am happy that my cousins are coming because I will play with them in the big yard and we can play with the dogs. In Mexico some of us will be staying in my grandma's or my uncles house. Later on I will go to my house with my 3 sisters and my parents.

We are going to Mexico on the bus. It is going to takes us 11/2 days to get there.  I'm not sure if i'm going on the morning or night. I'm really excited to see the cows, and the horses even though I have seen them so many times. My 3 cousins and my 2 uncles left for Mexico today so they will arrive first. When I am in Mexico I will practice writing a lot and I will be reading too. I will take lots of pictures and continue to blog. That way my friends see me while I am there.

Today I am going to start packing my bags so I can be ready to go. My mom has already bought a bunch of clothes for my sisters and I to go to the trip. My cousins are staying there for 2 weeks but my sisters, my parents, and I are staying there longer. I'm really excited for this trip. I have gotten all the things I need to take to this trip.

I'm so ready for this great trip

Disney Weekends

What I'm going to do for the summer is that my mom and I will go to Disneyland every weekend. The rides we will probably get on will be Splash Mountain, Rocky Mountain, Tarzan Tree House, and It's a Small World. When we get home I will do some homework and read for 30 minutes . After that I will take my puppy ( April ) out to play, run around, and use the restroom. Then when I finish feeding my puppy, I will take out my Bearded Dragon ( Beastie ) and feed her her fruits and vegetables. Then I will take my her outside to bathe in natural sun.

During the week when I wake up I’ll eat breakfast, brush my teeth, feed my puppy and Bearded Dragon. Next I plan to put the puppy back to sleep and put my lizard back in her cage. By then my mom and I will start getting dressed to go to the beach. After we get home from the beach we’ll jump in the shower since there are two baths in our house. After that my mom will cook something to eat ( of course ). While she cooks I will do some vacation work.

Towards the end of July my mom, cousin, aunt and I will all go back to school shopping ( YAY!!!!! ). Back to school shopping is my favorite thing about going back to school. PS: I Love SCHOOL SUPPLIES. All I really need are folders, two composition notebooks, a one subject notebook, colored pencils, pencils, a pencil box for my colored pencils, and a backpack. We will go get the school supplies at Target, and then a few weeks later it is time to go back to school. So that's it what I'm going to do for the summer.

10,000 Pages?

I really love to read, so a big part of my summer will be spent on reading. Over Spring Break I read 1,000 pages, and that is for one week. Summer vacation is ten weeks, so I hope to read 1,000 pages each week, and read a total of 10,000 pages. All of these pages will be already read by the first day of school.

The fun thing I hope to do is go to the movies. I know my family will go to watch the movie Cars 3, because they guaranteed it. I also want to watch the Emoji Movie. I will eat popcorn and order an ICEE. The ICEE will be Blue Raspberry.

My family will all go hiking at the Park. We hike first, and then my younger sister will beg to go to the playground. So, we will finish up our trip at the park at the playground.

My dad will sign up my older sister and I for basketball. This is not new, because when I don't go to  music class in the day, I will either go to basketball or to swimming classes. This year, it is time for basketball. Basketball will take place at a local rec. center. I am only a little nervous about playing basketball because I am not that good.  Hopefully with some practice I will get better.

If I do this, then I will be satisfied with how my summer went.

Honduras In The Summer

    This week will be the most exciting week of school because it's almost summer vacation. When vacation comes I only have a few plans. 

I will be going to Honduras with my Dad and my sister. We are going to my aunt Julia's wedding. I'm also going to visit my family who lives there. I have only gone to Honduras one time with my dad. Now it will be my second time there.

I will be going to a graduation party for my friend, Aiden, from school. We will be having a pool party on July 2nd. Lots of my friend's from my church are also invited.

    I will also be reading some books that I bought from the book fair at school that I absolutely love. 

    So, these are all my plans for summer vacation. I hope my summer vacation will be fun as all the other Classtopians.           


My Summer Hope

Summer is going to be really fun because I won't have to wake up so early and have to go to school. I have a great plan that I want to do this summer. I want to go to Mexico, but I think this is only a dream. I want to go swimming at the pool with my family.  Also I want to read a tremendous amount of books. I want to read.

The most important thing I want to do over the summer is to practice gymnastics. I love doing it. I have been doing it on my own for years. Since I was 3 years old. I want to go to classes, but they are too expensive. Maybe this summer I can make my own gymnastics program at home. I will use YouTube.  It will let me strengthen my body and get more exercise. I will practice every day. It will let me get ready for fifth grade PE.

I am so ready for the summer and I hope that I can go to a real gymnastics class.

My Exciting Plan For Summer Vacation

This Summer I want to go to Disneyland with my mom. Disneyland is the Best!  My favorite ride at Disneyland is Small World. When I get there, first I am going to ride the Small World ride. I also like the Mickey Mouse Popsicles. They are so tasty. I want to go to Disneyland now because I've went when I was 3.  I  don't remember much, only some rides and some treats. Now I will be able to remember everything.

People say that Disneyland is the most happiest place on earth. I plan to be very happy when I get there. Fun rides, yummy treats, Disney Characters, and Disney souvenirs are all waiting for me. My mom says she has to save a lot of money before we can get there.

My Summer Vacation is going to be a BLAST!   

Mexico, Here I come

During vacation I am going to Mexico for 3 weeks. I am leaving on a plane the night of June 21st. We will arrive in Mexico on June 22nd in the morning. I am going with my aunt, uncle, 4 cousins, and my brother.
This will be the first time my brother and I are going to Mexico. My cousins, aunt, and uncle have been to Mexico many times but my cousins have never gone on a plane before and neither have we. I am excited and scared all at the same time. So many firsts. It will be great to see my grandparents in their own home. They have been hoping for us to come and visit and now the time is finally here.

My mom has already bought clothes, shoes, and other things we will need for the trip.

My mom and dad have told me a lot about Mexico and their childhood there.  Their stories have really gotten me even more excited than before.
                            I am really excited and hope that it is a great trip.       

The Best Summer Plan

     My summer is going to be fun. I will go with my grandma and my aunt for a week to Palmdale. Now that baseball season is over, I will start basket ball at the same park where I played baseball. Basketball starts on June 13th.  Basketball is my favorite sport.


Summer is all about the parties.  My brother will have a birthday on July 18th. He will be 8 years old. Then it will be my birthday on August 7th. I will be turning 10. My mom promised to get me some new Nike shoes.  The biggest part of the summer will be when our family goes to Lego Land. We have never been there and I really want to go.

I need to read and write a whole lot this summer in order to be ready for the 5th grade.

My Plans for Summer Vacation

Summer time is almost here for us Classtopians. Summer is the most fun season because we have school off. We all hope to have a fun summer.

 My plans for summer are super fun. I will be glad to share them with you.  First, I will be going to Knott's Berry Farm and Soak City. My mom and dad bought the year tickets and we could go there every day if we wanted to.  Soak City is where you get wet and have fun with water. The park has slides and a lot of big pools. Knott's Berry Farm is also very fun. There are a lot of cool roller coasters that I like to ride. There is also rides for little kids. My favorite ride there is an Egypt Egyptian one. I have been to Knott's Berry Farm before, and it was amazing. I can't wait to go there again.

The next thing we will do is we will go on a trip to the four corners. The four corners are Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico. Last summer I also went on this trip and it was really fun. We didn't camp in a trailer we stayed in a hotel. The hotels were really big and had very huge pools too. The canyons were very beautiful. We hiked and took lots of pictures.

The last thing I am planning to do is to read a bunch of books. At home I have so many books that I will need to check my inventory in the Decentralized Library to find the best ones. Maybe I can trade with some of my friends for some more titles. But one book I kept in mind is The Chocolate Touch. My summer reading goal is to read about twenty books. I hope other Classtopians read the books they have never read from their home. Can't wait to have book discussions in Google Classroom.

I hope this summer will be just like I planning for it to be.

My Plans For This Upcomig Summer Vacation

Sleep away camp is a place that I will be attending for a small part of my summer vacation. This particular camp is called Camp Whittle. The camp is located near Big Bear Lake. I will be leaving on the 25th of June. To get to Camp Whittle I need to get on a bus for four hours. At the camp there are no electronics so we can not call our moms. The camp is seven days long, meaning that I will come back on the 1st of July. There will be fun activities. My brother tells me all about the the camp every year. I hear that there is swimming, and human fuse ball. I am in the aquatics section of the camp, meaning that I have to do a lot of swimming. These activities are suppose to be both educational and fun. So mean while I am having fun I am learning also. I can not wait to go to Camp Whittle. It will be so much fun.

I know my mom has other things planned, like water parks and museum visits. I hope we can go to the beach. If we go to the beach I will read my book in the sand. After I am done with my book I will run and play in the ocean. I will jump over waves and body board in the water. I will also eat at my favorite restaurant at the end of the Pier.

I can not wait for summer vacation to arrive. I love every summer because there is always something fun during summer. In my opinion summer is the best part of the year. I can't wait one more second.

My Plans For Vacation

For Summer vacation I am going to be taking lessons at a school of gymnastics. I love to dance, and to be a great dancer you also have to be flexible, so I decided that taking gymnastic lessons would help me become more flexible. If I don’t become a dancer when I grow up, my second choice is to be a gymnastics star like Simone Biles, because she’s great at gymnastics.

Bubbles Goes Home For Summer

Today, the Pet Department nominated Jesse to take care of Bubbles, while we are on summer vacation. Jesse will be responsible for taking her home and taking care of her. When we return she will join us in the 5th grade. We hope that Bubbles has a great stay at Jesse's home.
This is Bubbles getting prepared for vacation.
Bubbles leaving with Jesse.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

My Summer Writing

Summer is coming and the 4th grade is coming to an end. I like to think of myself with a big imagination. So I have some plans for the summer, but I have a goal to complete. That goal is to write 3 or more stories. I have a lot of ideas and hope to have many more.

Right now I am writing a story that is called The Night The Wolf Became The Moon. I decided to write this because I am very passionate about wolves. So, so far I have this :

It was a stormy night and there was a baby girl in a small wooden basket. They were pounding on the ground so all the animals got very scared and they all ran away. Only the animals knew what was coming. Little did the baby know she was going to be found by a pack of 12 wolves and some pups. Some animals were thinking about taking the baby with them but the pounding got louder and louder. Believing that it was too late, the animals did not take the baby.

Then right before the baby's eyes was a beautiful white female wolf. The wolf immediately saw something was different about her. The wolf realized why. She had a necklace charm in the shape of a wolf and in the wolf's eye was a ruby, a little speck of the finest ruby. And she had a bracelet as well. The wolf had seen one of those before so she bowed down. The baby was so happy to see someone. The wolf spoke to the baby. Unlike many children the baby understood. That was the ability that the charms gave. It was like a super power.

The baby heard that the wolf said "Come with us, you shall be our guest. It will be an honor to have you in our den." Since the baby only knew yes and no, she happily said yes. She understood clearly, so she thought if she could hear what they were asking, then she could speak as well. So the baby said, “Can you help me I can not yet walk.” So the wolf got the basket and ran of with it towards the den. The wolf wanted to call her Isabella. The baby did not mind for she knew she will be raised by wonderful parents or majestic creatures. She was going to be and act like one of them. She would be on her very her best behavior..

I like to call my a work in progress. I also have been working on my other story. It will also be about wolves. I am starting to love to write stories and hope that my imagination will grow some more.

My Beautiful Summer

In a couple of days us Classtopians will go on a vacation. This vacation was going to be epic. But the plans that I had made are already ruined.  So I have to make a different plan!

The first plan I have for summer is to do a lot of Gymnastics and prepare for classes in the summer. The next plan is to go to Six Flags for my sister"s birthday. After that our plan is to maybe go to Las Vegas and go to Circus Circus and I am happy because there is a 50, 50 chance that I might go.

The next thing that I am  going to do is watch a whole bunch of scary movies with my Mom and eat warm delicious popcorn. The next thing I'm going to do for sure is that me and my sisters are going to go back to school shopping at staples, at the West field Mall.

Then the last thing I have to do is to go grocery shopping and then I am going to get ready for the next grade.

My Summer This Year

Summer is close and I have many plans for it. This year is going to be very busy for me. I am not sure I will have time for all the activities I have planned.

During the summer I am planning to read a few books I have chosen. Here is a small part of my list of books: Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry, My Side Of The Mountain, A Wrinkle In Time, and more. I will also go to the library and find some of the books that are most recommended for upper grade kids. Then I will not have to struggle with finding good books. My goal this summer is read 2 or more books each week. Let's see if I can do it.

My parents will not want me to spend all my days reading so I will have to spend some time outside. My parents are taking me to swimming class and to basket ball. To me, basket ball is a new sport because I never tried it. My brother says it is fun, but I don't know... It might not be that much fun for me, but my teacher always says we have to try new things at least once. Swimming is not new to me because I have been taking swimming classes for two years. This is going to be my third year. Swimming is fun so I don't have to worry about any thing.

My dad told me that this summer we are going to go hiking as often as we can so we don't spend that much time at home and get some fresh air into our lungs. My family usually goes hiking not too far from were we live.

My family likes having fun with each other. So during the summer we are planning on spending time with each other and going to different places such as the beach, museums, the movie theater, parks, amusement parks, and out for dinner.

I have a lot of friends and family whose birthdays are during my vacation. So I will attend many parties, as well as mine, on June 19th.

This year summer is going to be busy with all kinds of things I have planed. I hope I have time for     everything mentioned.

I hope you all have a great summer like I will.

My New Surprise

On June 4, 2017, I got something that I really wanted. Guess what was it? It was some shoes! But not regular shoes you see at the shoe store. I got light-up shoes. Yes light-up shoes! For those of you who don't know what light-up shoes are, well let me explain it to you. Light-up shoes are shoes that have a little red button on the side of both shoes, so that you can turn the shoes on and off.  When you press the button they will show different colors.

The thing I like about these shoes is when they don't turn on anymore you just charge them. You don't have to put a battery inside of it to make them work again. Isn't that cool? And the best part is that it actually comes with it's own charger, as you will see in my picture below. I will suggest you to buy these amazing shoes because they are totally worth it and you can turn it on and off whenever you liked to. Plus they are only $25 at the Roadium Swapmeet.

Displaying 20170605_195005.jpg
These are my light-up shoes

Displaying 20170605_195158.jpg
This is when my shoes light-up

Displaying 20170605_195345.jpg
This is my charger 

Displaying 20170605_213019.jpg
This is the red button that you press on to turn the lights on


The Brightness Of Beautiful Summer

It is the last week of school and I will miss being in Classtopia. This is not just a regular Summer break. It is going to be a fun Summer for me. I will be taking swimming lessons  to become a junior lifeguard. I know I will go on lots of fun adventures and I will have blast while I do junior lifeguard.

 I will miss school but I will still be learning and I will be reading books and I will always remember that everyone is  gifted in many different ways and that weakness is just reason for you to just try harder.

I will miss being in the 4th grade but love going to the 5th grade. Going to the next grade means that I will have to try harder and work stronger. And get more rest and let my brain have enough time to open it's thinking process. This will help me to listen more and interact with other people in class.

Throughout the 4th grade I've learned a lot of things and  had fun so, in the 5th grade I will also have fun and learn a lot too.

                                     Bye School and Say hello to Summer vacation!

Summer Reading At The Library

My summer vacation is going to be hard because my mom signed me up for the summer reading challenge at the library. Starting June 12th I will start the challenge and it will end on August 5th. The challenge is that if you complete 10 hours of reading + 4 activities = 1 prize. Now, you can read just for 10 hours once, but the consequences are that you will only get one prize. So, for those 10 weeks that I am off of school I am going to try and read 10 hours every week. Therefore I can receive 10 prizes that I can share with my classmates when I come to the 5th grade.


Pictures Of Summer


 Over the summer I plan to take some swimming lessons. I also want to go to the park more often and spend more time outdoors rather than staying indoors playing video games. I also want to grill hot dogs, hamburgers, chorizo tacos, and chicken. Summer is great for water balloon fights, water gun battles, and days at the beach. These are my favorite things to do during the summer. Summer is always great because my dad does not work as much. This means he can spend more time with us and, we can go places more often since he is the only one who knows how to drive. He also won't be very stressed out from work.
 I think I should also read my Newbery Award 6-pack instead of just focusing on fun stuff. I will also go on math websites to improve in math. It is said that during the summer kids forget a lot of what they learned in school because they are more interested in playing. Playing is fun but it is important to work on things you have learned. I want to review what I learned in school and not forget anything. I want to come prepared for the Fifth grade. That is how I picture my summer vacation.

Monday, June 5, 2017

The Lego Campaign

Jessica and I are cousins. We are member of Classtopia which is a lot of fun because we get to share both our school days and our family experiences. On the 29th of May it was our Uncle’s Birthday. During the Birthday I played with Jessica’s brother Damin. While I was playing I fell down on the floor near a table.

Under the table, I saw a box of Lego’s and I told my cousin and Jessica about it. Then we asked our uncle if we could use them. He said “Yes” and he pulled out the Lego’s and we started building. But we had no idea what to make so we looked at the TV and saw Donald trump on the News. So we just randomly made up a theme of Trump and Hillary. These are some of the events we made.

Hilary and Trump on the podium

This is the American side of the great wall (red) and Trump Tower (yellow) that we made.

This is the Mexican house that Jessica made. I made the person in the bed.

This is Trump Towers and the great wall.

This is the sword that Jessica made with Trump Towers and her Legos.

These are people voting.

This is the Hillary I made

This is the Trump that I made.

Pictures by: Jessica

June 5 Surprise

Today, while we were in class, we had another big surprise. Our principal came in with five boxes. I thought those boxes looked familiar, but I was not so sure where I had seen them before. It was in the Honda commercial when we got our Chromebooks.

 The principal suddenly exclaimed, "You now have FIVE more new Chromebooks!"

We were all so confused at first. Then, our teacher explained that she knew about them because she saw Brock in the grocery store, and he told her that he and Dan had gone out to purchase five more Chromebooks because we have 29 Classtopians. We had been sharing the 24 original ones and using the computers in the back of the room. Now we each have one for each person. Everyone has their own numbered computer and it will be even greater.

Our Principal said that the three gentlemen came and delivered them for us on Friday. Unfortunately, we were on a field trip to the park. I wish we had been there to thank them in person and see them again. Our memory of May 5th is still fresh in our minds. And now that we are famous on Facebook we get to live the experience over and over again.

Now that we have a computer for each person it is clear that we will all be very successful in getting all our work done.

We are so thankful that there are great people who will help others in need. The Chromebooks were needed to help us build our skills in technology, writing, reading, and just about everything that we need to learn about. Now we will get there. Thanks to the generous people who work for Honda. As we grow up we will think of what we will do to help other in need.

While we were on our field trip we saw the Downtown Honda dealership and everyone in Classtopia screamed and got really excited. Just the thought of the Blue shirts from Honda makes us all smile.

This has been the best year of our lives and we thank you for completing it. It has been like Christmas in June.

Thanks again for all the work you do helping others make their dreams come true. So from all of us in Classtopia we say a great big thanks for the most wonderful life experience.

The Five new Chromebooks.