Monday, February 27, 2017

Beastie, My Best Bearded Buddy

My name is Kylie and this is my best friend, that is reptile friend, Beastie. She is a  Bearded Dragon. I got her last July as a family pet. Before that I had a lizard that I found at the park close to my house. That lizard lived for two years at my house. I took care of it until one day we found the cage open and it wasn’t there. I cried so much that my mom decided to get another one.

This one is so much fancier that the one from the park.

Let me tell you a little about these incredible creatures. 

They are not scary at all.  Bearded Dragons are friendly creatures, but they can become aggressive if you don’t take them out to play. They need exercise just like we do. As babies they are the size of a kindergartener’s middle finger. I know this because I used my little cousin's finger to measure Beastie when we first got her. She will one day grow up to be about 2 feet long. When she gets to be that long I will also be a lot older than I am now and will be able to handle her. Bearded Dragons can live up to 15 or 20 years. So when she  is 20 I will be 29 and she will live with me.

Wow! Cool right?

This is how I take care of her. Every morning before I go to school I feed her fruits and veggies. When I get home from school, the first thing I do is check on her to make sure she is okay. I do my homework and then it’s time to spend some time with Beastie. Because she eats fruits and veggies the morning, she needs to get something else in the evenings. So she gets a nice meal of crickets around 5 or 6 pm.  When she  grows bigger I will be able to feed her mice and worms.

Bath time for Beastie is once a week. I use the swimming pool from my doll house. I put some warm water up to her knuckles and put her in. Then I get a toothbrush and scrub her body.
I do not use soap. Soap and dragon don’t mix. They will get sick.

Bearded Dragons need to be in the sun for 12 hours a day. Before, we used to put her outside to get sun. Then my mom bought a special lamp that is like the sun. This gives her all the warmth she needs. 

When Beastie is about to shed her skin her eyes swell up. This also could mean that she is sick. I have to check her everyday to make sure that she is fine.  Another way to tell that they’re about to shed is their skin will be a grayish color. Other sign that I have to check for is when she is too hot, she opens her mouth for a long time until she cools down.

For now, she lives alone with us and she is very happy. I take good care of her and hope that she will live to be 20 years or more. Maybe one day she will find a friend and will have little Beasties. Then, I will share them with others and keep some. This will be like Charlotte in the story Charlotte’s Web, one of my favorite books.  

Below are picture of Beastie.                        


Plants and Pet Saftey

Cats and dogs are the most common pets that people have at home. Plants are also all around us. I would like to have a dog of my own. I have already asked my parents for a dog, but they said no, because our neighbors don’t approve of a dog barking constantly. But if I did have a pet, I know that I would always want it to be safe. So this is the reason I am writing about pet safety. Maybe my parents will see how responsible I am. 

This is Adrian's cat, Luna. 

This is a picture of Isael's dog Bella.
So if you have a pet that you really love, and want to make sure that it doesn’t touch or eat a plant that is poisonous to it, well then you should read this small list of some toxic plants....

Dogs and Cats

Even though Aloe vera can help heal burns, it will cause your dog to vomit, to have diarrhea, and it’s urine will change color.

                                                                                                        This an Aloe vera plant in a pot at our school. It is about to flower, and it will attract humming birds.

Baby’s Breath may seem cute, but if you don’t want your pet to have diarrhea and vomit, then it’s best to keep Baby’s Breath away from your pet.babys breath

Begonias are usually in gardens, and will cause harm to pets. It will cause oral irritation, intense burning and irritation of mouth, tongue and lips, a lot of drooling, vomiting, and difficulty in swallowing.


 This Begonia grows at our school in our garden.

Daffodil plants have toxic bulbs that can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and low blood pressure.


Gladiolas cause vomiting, drooling, and diarrhea.

Lilies are only toxic to cats, not dogs. It will cause kidney failure.

Although Milkweed are good for monarch butterflies, it is not good for cats and dogs. It will cause them vomiting, weakness, diarrhea, difficulty in breathing, weak pulse, kidney and liver failure, coma, and DEATH. So make sure that your dog or cat does not go near it!!!

This Milkweed grows in the front of our school to attract Monarch Butterflies.

So now you know some plants that your cat or dog should not go near. Take care of your pet!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Tips and Guides to Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO is about catching little  monsters called Pokemon. These Pokemon are anywhere in the world. So if you live in Los Angeles, you can find them around the city. But you can not catch every Pokemon in one place, some rare Pokemon only live in one place. To play this game you need a mobile device like an IPhone.

It is a game that makes you active, this means you have to walk around or run around to find the Pokemon. To catch Pokemon, you have to swipe up to throw Pokeballs. Pokeballs are balls that you throw at the Pokemon to catch them.  Sometimes you can miss and they are not captured. Then you have to try again.  But a Pokemon has a chance to run away if you do not catch it. If you see a circle on the Pokemon’s face getting smaller, that is it’s catch rate. When that happens it gets smaller and you throw it at the Pokemon, you get more XP (experience) and you have more of a chance to catch it.

When you are walking around and you see a blue stick with a picture of a Pokeball. That is a Pokestop. What they do is when you tap on them it will show you where it is in a circle, then what you can do is spin it  and it will give you Pokeballs, potions, revives, lure modules, incense, razz berries, and eggs. When the Pokestop turns purple that means you already used it, then you have to wait till it turns back to blue.

There is different types of Pokeballs and they are they Pokeball, Great ball, and Ultra ball. There is different types of Pokemon and they are Water, Fire, Ghost, Bug, Grass, Fairy, Dark, Fighting, Psychic, Rock, Ground, Poison, Normal, Ice, Dragon, and Lightning. Pokemon can evolve into stronger Pokemon and this is called evolutions. But to evolve your Pokemon you will need to get that Pokemon's candy and there is three ways to get that Pokemon’s candy and those three ways are eggs, catching, and buddies but when you catch that Pokemon you get three candy’s, also to access the eggs you need to go to your Pokemon, then swipe left and you are at the eggs, the candies depend on how much your egg needs you to walk like with a ten kilometer you are going to have to walk a lot in order to get a lot of candy but there is also two more kinds of eggs and they are two kilometer and five kilometer. When the egg is finished it will show you the egg. You need to tap on the egg and it will show you the Pokemon, how much XP you got, and how much candy you got.

To access the buddy you have to press on your character at the bottom left, then press the three lines, then press buddy, and then you can choose your Pokemon as your buddy but to get candies for your buddy you have to walk.

The whole reason to get strong Pokemon is for gyms, gyms are places where you can fight other Pokemon, earn Poke coins, and claim the gym. The teams of gyms are team Valor, Mystic, and team Instinct. You get to pick your team when you are level five.

When you catch a new Pokemon it gets transferred to your Pokedex. A Pokedex shows you which Pokemon you've caught and which Pokemon you have seen.

The object of the game is to get as many Pokemon as you can and get to know new place in your city or town. The best way to get the rare ones is while you are on vacation in a foreign place.

THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE IN POKEMON GO IS TO BE SAFE while playing Pokemon Go. Many people get in trouble because they go onto people’s property, and they don't pay attention to the road and end up getting hurt. People should not drive while playing. There is a warning if you are going too fast. The game will help you to slow down.

Generation 2
On February 17 new Pokémon arrived. The second generation of Pokémon is now available. We were told on YouTube that more Pokémon were coming. There are now 80 more Pokèmon added to the Pokedex. The new starter Pokémon that were added was Totodile, Cyndaquil, and Chikorita.

This is a Pokemon called Growlithe
on the bottom left is a Pokeball.

This is me and my buddy Squirtle

These are the eggs

This is the pokedex

This is the map

Screenshot from Adrian's game
Help from Luisangel

Food waste

A Message From The Food Department.

This is Ashley, Head of the Food Department. Today I’m going to talk about the food waste that happens at my school. MY school has a lot of children who eat breakfast and lunch every day. There is a lot of food and most of the kids don't eat all of the food. What happens to all the food that they don't eat? It gets thrown in the trash.

The other day we were working in the new garden area and I looked in the trash can behind the cafeteria. What I saw was a bunch of milk and granola on the ground and some in the trash. I made everyone look at the waste. All that un-eaten food was sad.

I am the only person who eats breakfast daily in my classroom. Four other people might eat if they did not eat at home. So every morning I pick up the cart and take it to the eat area. Sometimes others in my class might eat the food. But our teacher told the cafeteria that we were getting too much and she change the total we received. Now the cafeteria only gives us about five meals each day. So if my friend don't want to eat, we only have a few meals that might end up in the trash. Most morning all of our food gets eaten by someone in the room. Before it was 30 meals given to us and most of it was thrown out. We are doing something about food waste in Classtopia. We hope that other classes can do the same.

The students are not the only ones throwing the food away. The lunch ladies also throw away all the extra food. I have seen then with my own eyes

Lunchtime waste is another big gigantic problem. That is the biggest waste of all. When the lunch is yucky everyone throws it away. Some people take a bite and then they are done with it.  

I highly recommend the school district find a solution to the problem. They need to find a way to stop children from throwing food away. Maybe they can make better lunches.

I also recommend all students to eat the school breakfast and lunch even if they don't like it that much. It is a meal and is good for their brains and bodies. We don’t want our school to waste food anymore. I want my school to be the cleanest place in the neighborhood.

One thing our school should do is that we can donate the food to poor people. We can also give the milk to the parent center so that the milk doesn’t become wasted milk.The parents can take it home and use it to make something delicious that their kids might want to eat.

                      This is a picture of the food waste when students don’t eat the breakfast.       
Picture by Aiden

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Critic's Corner

This is Allison. Jessica and I  will be co-writing Critic’s Corner. Last Week we set out on a mission to get the next four books by Sam Campbell. My Mom, tried to get them, but when she saw the price of Loony Coon, she was surprised. She said no way! So instead she bought Eeny, Meeny, Miney Mo And Still Mo. Jessica’s mom said that she has to work to earn the money to buy the books.

The other books that we were going to get were Loony Coon, Calamity Jane, The Seven Secrets of Somewhere Lake.

But since our moms have “ruined” our plans we have to have a new plan. So here is a new idea. My friend Jessica plans to get the books by doing chores around the house. She can help to clean up her house, feed the dogs, and help her parents.  Her parents said she has to earn the money to buy her two books.

My plan is to wait and see if the prices change and then buy. My other plan is to get the Book Department to buy the book and then we will have all the books in our Decentralized Library.

It is turning out harder to get these books than we thought. I'm sure that when we get the other  books we will be happy.

I think that if we read those last four books Jessica and I should make a summary about Sam Campbell and his books, and then we can make an iMovie.

We hope you can also become Interested in reading these books.

Word of warning... Watch out for the PRICE!  

Num Noms

Num Noms are the newest fun toys for kids. They are collectables. Inside each one is lip gloss of different colors. They are scented too.  Once you get one you start collecting them all. I have two of them and they are so adorable.

There are different types of Num Noms. Each series has special features.

In series 1, they have Glitter, Snow Cone, Freezie Pop, and Light Up Num Noms.
In series 2 they have Ice Cream, Sushi, Hamburgers, Yogurts, and Cupcake Num Noms.
In series 3 they have Donuts, Candy, Fruits, Veggie and fiesta food Num Noms.

They sell Num Noms at Target, Walmart, and Toys r us.

The names of my Num Noms are Orange Glaze and Nana Puffs.

Num Noms are my favorite thing to play with and hope you guys like them too!!!



                         A day without  Immigrants         

          My name is Lindsay and on February 16, 2017, I decided to stay home with my family. It was a day of protest around  the city.  It  was called A Day Without Immigrants. This day was for immigrants in California . The reason they made this day because people in California think that us immigrants don't do a thing . So because of that we immigrants wanted to show that we do something in California. So in California, immigrants decided to protest.

If you don't know what protest means then I will tell. Protest means “to stand up for your beliefs and your kind.” So we immigrants stood together  by not going to go to work, or school. Even people working in restaurants closed their place to protest. They even didn't use their car they walked.
So that showed that a day without immigrants gives less money to the school and less money to businesses in California . I also protest with all the children in my family. We did not go to school that day.

I do have a question for you,”did you protest on February 16, 2017?” If you did what did you do on that day?

Here is the meaning of Protest.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


My name is Elizabeth and my favorite thing to do is to box. 

Most people think that boxing is not meant for girls. Well, if you are one of those people you are wrong. It is not meant only for boys, it’s meant for everyone who wants to try.

If you don’t know what boxing is then you are in luck. I will tell you. Boxing is a basic sport. All you need is the right gears. Boxing gloves, head protector, and comfortable clothes are the things you need to get started. Once you get in the ring you need to protect your face when someone is going to hit you and then fight back. You might think it is easy. But it isn’t as easy as it sounds. If you get hit hard it is not so easy to to get back up.

But you always get up.

People think that there are no rules in boxing. But there are. And they are easy. They are easy because there is only one. The rule is you are NOT ALLOWED to KICK. If you do you get disqualified to box in a match.

Boxing can also help you get your anger out. You can do that by just hitting the punching bag and think of the thing you are mad about. As you do this your anger goes away.

A boxing match is very long when you are in the match.  But it is actually not that long. Each round is six minutes. There are colored timers to tell you how much longer you have left to box. This helps you to not feel stressed out. The green timer tells you 3 mins left, yellow is 2 mins, and red is 1 minute.   

I think boxing is a very interesting sport. The first time I saw a match, it with my dad and I also thought boxing was meant for boys so I stopped . Then, one day, I saw a match with a woman in the boxing ring. At first, I thought that she got in the ring by accident. But after a while, I noticed that she was getting ready to fight with a GUY!!!!. I fell asleep before the end so I don't remember who won.

After I saw that match I felt more confident to box knowing that if a woman could do it a girl could too. When I started boxing I was 5 years old. What made me really want to box is that when I grow up I may become that women who inspired me to be who I am today.


Picture below are my boxing gloves.

Feb 17, 2017 6:05:44 PM.jpg

Driving Game

There are all different types of games. But the game that I like is a driving game. The driving game that i’m going to be talking about is called Driving School 3D.

In order to play this game you must have an ipad or phone on which you have already downloaded the game. Once you have downloaded the game, you must pick a car. After that, you need to pick a place. Then, you pick a level and after that you can hit the road!

Oops. I almost forgot, before you start playing the game you have to choose if you want real mode (clutch), or if you  just want regular mode (automatic).

Back to what I was talking about, to turn the corner you need to use a blinker. You must also stay at the speed limit or else you will lose something called XP points. Those points help you buy new cars.
                 These are like blinkers for left and right turns. Drawings by me, Laila.

When you are driving, you also need to watch out for pedestrians or, you will lose because, you might hurt someone and that is bad.

The reason why I got hooked to this game was because my sister was playing a game on her computer that I was interested in. I wanted to play my own driving game.  So I looked up driving games on the ipad and I downloaded Driving School 3D and was hooked.

The driving game teaches me how to drive but in a FUN WAY. The game is important to me because I want to become an expert driver and get a car in the future.