Sunday, July 2, 2017

My 1st Time To Hurricane Harbor

On June 27th, I, Mariana, went to Six Flags Magic Mountain Hurricane Harbor for the first time.

On Sunday morning, my dad and my brother were looking at all kinds of water parks and when they finished my brother was happy.  I asked him “Where are we going?” and he said “I can’t tell you, but all I can say is that we're going on Tuesday.” I waited until Tuesday and I asked my dad “Where are we going?” and he responded “To a Waterpark”. I didn’t know which water park we were going before we left.  On the way we went and picked up my god brothers.

When We got there I saw a sign that said Six Flags Magic Mountain Hurricane Harbor. I was so excited because I never been to Six Flags before. We parked the car and as we walked to the entrance of Six Flags Magic Mountain Hurricane Harbor I got more and more excited.
unnamed (3).jpg
The Entrance of Six Flags

When we got to the entrance, we had to drink water because it was hot and put sunscreen on. The first water ride I went on was the River Cruise and then the Black Hole.

unnamed (6).jpg
The Black Hole

I went on all kinds of water rides, but my favorite part was when I went to go play Volleyball in a plain pool.

When We left, we didn’t go straight home, we went to go eat at Chili's near Six Flags. I ate a Cheeseburger with organic fries. It was so good. They had little tablets in the tables so kids can play. My dad always gave it a tryt. I had a blast, at Six Flags. I hope I can go again soon.

So Classtopians I have a question for you.
Have you been to Six Flags Magic Mountain  Hurricane Harbor?

Hurricane harbor Sign

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  1. I have never been to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor.