Thursday, August 31, 2017

Garden Updates

During the summer, we were not able to take care of our garden. But, thankfully, our teacher came to school during summer break, and she watered, and took care of the plants for us.

When we came back from summer break, we were very surprised on how much some plants have grown and changed.  We now know that we will have to do a lot of work. Recently, a carrot wood tree that is in the shade garden, has been dropping a lot of seeds, which have to be manually removed. These have turned into seedlings. If we do not remove them, we will have a bunch of trees growing.

This succulent is one of the plants that has grown a lot over the summer.

The succulent garden

A close up of the Epiphyte tree.

The middle garden

Sunday, August 27, 2017

You Lose Some You Win Some

Over the summer I played basket ball and we lost some games. Here are results of the games:
                                  July 22nd,Won
                                  July 25th,Lost
                                  July 29th,Won
                                 August 1st,Lost  
                                 August 5th,Won
                                 August 8th,Won
                                 August 12th,Lost
                                 August 15th,Won
                                 August 19th,Won
                                August 22nd,Lost
We in total lost 4 games. We made it to the playoffs though. On my schedule it said that if we got in to the playoffs 1st place would play against 4th place and 2nd  place would play against 3rd place. We were in 3rd place which meant we would play against the 2nd place team. When I saw the team we were against I was nervous because we played against that team two times and they did not end good we lost against them every time we played with them.

Once the game started I thought that maybe we still had a chance at winning because we were winning for a little while.  Then they started winning. By the last few minutes they had more than us. So we ended up losing by only two points. If we had won them we would have played one last game.

The game we played that day was our last game, but it was not the last time we would see our coach. After each season there is a banquet so we will still see each other one more time before talking a break.

          I am not really sad about losing because sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

Eyes Open

On August 17th, my Dog's pup's eyes opened!!!!! When they first opened, his eyes were blue and now they are black. He's so cute! But the one problem is that he wants to start walking, but he can't because he is fat, but now he can get up with two paws to drink his milk. Oh, I can't wait to see him start walking, running and playing!!!

His Eye's Open

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Adventitious Growing

This morning our teacher brought in a big leaf. The class was curious to know what plant the leaf was from. She told us that it was a Begonia lotusland. She asked us if we were interested in starting new plants from pieces of the leaf. We all responded "yes". She helped Daniela and Leslie to cut the leaf in smaller pieces.

Daniela and Leslie combined sphagnum moss, perlite, potting mix. First, they got the begonia leaf  pieces and  planted the leaf pieces in plastic bowls.  Before they put the pieces in they sprayed the mix with water and made spaces in the medium to put the leaves in. Finally, they put the lid on the bowl. The leaves will be placed in a shady place in the garden and hopefully grow.

 Now we will wait to see how long it will take for the new plants to start growing.

We did a survey to see how long it will take and most people said it will take between 1 to 2 months.
When they start to grow the garden department will auction some off and keep some for the school garden.

Written by Natalia and Laila
Pictures by Natalia

The center piece of the leaf.

Begonia lotusland
This is Leslie making spaces and putting the pieces in the medium.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Toy Cars

My younger brother loves cars a lot. My uncle brings him one almost every day. They're around five dollars, because they are from the movie Cars, Cars 2, and Cars 3. My brother's name is Miguel, and there is a car named Miguel Camino. My Uncle has looked everywhere for it, but he has not found it.  Then, on Monday we ordered it online, and it arrived today, Friday. My brother kept asking every day if it had arrived yet, so, today he was SUPER excited. It was in a Yellow envelope with bubblewrap, and when he took it out, he loved the car right away. It is yellow and red. It really looks cool. I know he will have way more in the future.

This is Miguel Camino.

What I Did For Summer Vacation

My ribbon from swimming competition.
On Summer vacation I went to a pool and signed up for
a class for the whole vacation. The class was called Junior Lifeguards and I did  a lot of training. I had a fun experience for the first time. It was hard but mostly I made new friends. I loved my Summer vacation!

And now I am officially a 5th grader!
Also I hope other people had a great
summer vacation.

My own uniform shirt.

The back of  my uniform shirt.
My swim trunks uniform.

First Look

Today most Classtopians went out just after nine thirty to get our first look at the eclipse. The Classtopians that have participated used both the cardboard method and used the special solar eclipse glasses. It was AMAZING!         
This is a picture of some Classtopians with the glasses and the cardboard boxes.


Friday, August 18, 2017

The Total Solar Eclipse Is Coming

This year there will be a Total Solar Eclipse. The eclipse will happen on August 21, 2017. The Total Solar Eclipse happens when the moon and the sun are in a straight line and the moon blocks the sun. This will be my first time viewing the eclipse. The last Total Solar Eclipse in North America was on August 26, 1979. The next Total Solar Eclipse will be on April 8, 2024. By then I will be 17 years old.

 I have already made a solar eclipse viewer out of a cereal box, tape, white paper and aluminum foil.

 First I cut two holes on the top of the box.

Then I traced the bottom of the cereal box on a blank piece of paper and cut out the traced part. Then I put the cut part in the bottom of box.

Then I taped a piece of aluminum foil to cover one hole. Then I put a hole in the aluminum foil so that the sunlight can go through the hole and I can see the light of the eclipse.

That is a reflection of the light behind me.

P.S when I came to school today my friend also brought their viewers to school. So that they can also see the eclipse.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

My New Pet

When I was preaching on a Sunday evening I found a possum on the street, lonely and small. It seems  like if he was caught by a bird because I saw scratches all over him, but if it was a cat he would have been dead all ready, but lucky I saved him. What I did was give him a bath, cleaned him, and dried him.  This little guy eats anything!  He eats banana, watermelon, dirt, other fruits, carrots, and broccoli. He has now grown to be about 2 feet. You may be wondering where does it sleep. Well it may be surprising, it sleeps under the toilet. This actually is a good pet because it doesn't scratch the couch, doesn't yell, except when it takes a bath and is playful. His name is Melon.  I called him that because he likes melons. That is my pet.

Here are some pictures...

this is when i fed him


He is in his cage

This is when he was awake

This is when he is going to sleep

this is when he got a bath and small

My New Phone

This summer I got a new phone. The phone that I got is called an iPhone 7. The iPhone 7 is one of the newer iPhones. The phone also takes very good pictures so that means Classtopia is going to have better pictures. This phone is not only for me but this phone is also for taking pictures for Classtopia.

This is the case that my phone had come in.
This is the back of my phone.
This is my phone's screen.

Whale Watching

For my summer vacation my family and I went whale watching. We saw seals, dolphins, and whales. It was a very exciting trip.


Going Hiking

This summer I went hiking. The last time I went was when I went with one of my uncles. That day we went hiking, we decided to go a different way. We went in a way we have never seen before. My uncle had been that way, but he knew we had not. So we went on and on until we got really tired.

My uncle suggested that we go off the path a little so he could show us how it is to hike that much. So we went off the path. When we started hiking the way my uncle had said to go I was already tired and I was just starting!The way we went had space wide enough for us to walk but it was really dusty and there were many big rocks and plans. Most of them were just bushes. My uncle lead the way, I was after him my brother was at the end with my mom and dad because he was scared he would fall down and slide down.That's exactly what happened to me. Though I only slide down I little I was hurt so bad because of a rock. When I got up my shorts was so dirty. Yuk! My brother was hurt too, but it was just a tiny scratch.

When we got to the top it was a nice view. You could see a lot from there. Getting down was so much easier because we found a better route. When we got to the car we got in and talked about the fun we all had.We stopped by and ate before we got home. we dropped off my uncle then we went home.

                                                           I had so much fun that day!                                          

This is a view from the top of the hill 

Orange county Fair.

One day my family woke up and went to go out to get breakfast. When we were done eating my dad said that he was going to take us to one of his friends house, but that was just a lie because they wanted me to be surprised. When I noticed a roller coaster I immediately knew where we were going. My dad finally told me that we were going to Orange County Fair. I got so exited.

 My sister and I were the only ones who went on the rides because my parents were taking  care of my baby brother. Rides were not the only things we saw we also saw a piggy race. Now it might sound weird but its really fun to watch. We also saw some cool animals.

An Unexpected Suprise

On August 3rd there was an unexpected surprise for us because my dog Chloe gave birth!!!! It really looks like a pug to me because  it's ears, mouth, and nose. On June 9th my dog ran away with a chihuahua that always came looking for Chloe and Chloe was gone for 2 1/2 hours. I was really worried that me and my dad went to look for her all over the block and my dad found Chloe near Ranch market. When we found her she was so dirty and covered with mud because before we found her it started to rain. When we got home we showered her with Good scented dog shampoo so she wouldn't smell awful.

Before the pup was born, Chloe was in pain since 6:00 p.m and the dog was born at 9:31 p.m. I was so happy, but my mom was mad because it was a boy, but now she is starting to love the pup and getting along with it.

So Classtopian's has your dog/cat ever given birth?
When The pup was Born

Pup sleeping On it's bed
(One week Old)
Pup Drinking Milk

Me and My Big Sisters Birthdays

Last week on August 9th was my birthday and today is my sister's birthday. I turned 10 and she turned 15. On my birthday, I ate Ribs, Macaroni, Baked Beans, and Greens. I would like to thank my mom for the delicious food. Later on in the night, we sang happy birthday. We had a happy birthday song playing in the background and we sang it. I had a blast for my Birthday because we went to the mall and shopped and I got a phone and a new phone case.

So now August 16th is my sisters birthday. Like I said she turned 15. So for her birthday, we went to school like any other day and then we ate carne asada tacos. I don't like shells so I decided that I wanted to have a taco bowl. After we waited and we sang happy birthday and I ate cake and ice cream.

The reason why we got candy was that our mom asked that if we wanted a bag of candy and what kind would you want. So we wrote all of the stuff that we wanted and she bought almost everything.


My phone box
The candy that I got

This is my sisters iPhone 7 plus box
it's rose gold.
This is the candy that she got.

A Day at Long Beach

During the summer we went to Rosie`s Dog Beach. My brother and I started the ride playing Pokemon GO and talking about the new Pokemon that came out for the game. When we got there my older bro and I saw a whole bunch of events for the special Pokemon. We started to catch it and did! I was very surprised, I did not think I would catch that rare of a Pokemon before. But that was not the only great thing that happened that day. We went in the the car and drove to the beach. We got out of the car very exited. But first we put on our swim suits and went strait into the ocean. This beach was a special beach that is open to dogs. My family had a great time watching my dog Flynn swimming!
This is Flynn swimming.
I was also swimming around in the ocean.

After the amazing day at the beach we got in the car and looked for a place to eat.
My mom was craving carnitas so we went to get some tacos. We later went home and relaxed. It was an amazing day.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Having the best summer ever

Over the summer I was able to have a birthday party. Two Classtopians were able to make it to my birthday party. They were Elizabeth and Leslie. We had so much fun at my party. We talked about school and how our summer was going.

Then we wanted to go play the games that my mother had organized for the kids. We played musical chairs, and put the nose on the clown and many more then it was time to eat the cake.

This is my birthday cake.

This is the game were you put the nose on the clown

Going to Santa Monica

Over the summer I also went to Universal Studios and Santa Monica Pier. I had a great time. We went to all sort of ride at Universal. We went to The revenge of the Mummy  and the Simpsons especially the Harry Potter ride. There, we so much fun. And I had even more fun at Santa Monica.

We went on the ferris wheel and we had the perfect view it was amazing. Also at Santa Monica we went on the dragon ride that goes up and down and also on the roller coaster. It was a loads of fun I loved it we were there for like 3 or 4 hours I have the best time of my life.

This is on the ground if you get to see the ferris wheel but of course I do not think you will miss it.

This is the view you get if you are in the ferris wheel.

So I wish to go again. To have the best time of my life once again. This was certainly the best summer I have ever had.