Wednesday, May 31, 2017

My Favorite Video Game

What is Minecraft?
In my opinion Minecraft is the best game for kids. It is my favorite game. Minecraft is a popular game that boys and girls like to play. Maybe some parents like the game, but not all parents do. They think the game is bad because some children are stuck at home playing the game and not going outside to exercise.

Minecraft is about learning survival skills and developing your imagination. In the game there are many different kinds of mini-games. The game teaches you how to use your imagination to create all kinds of things. To survive in the game you have to trade and use all resources to make plans and get out of trouble. You also learn about minerals which is a part of 4th grade science.
What do you need to play?
In order to play Minecraft you need a PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox, or computer or any phone model. I never tried it on Xbox, computer, nor phone, but I play it on my PlayStation 4. Each system has its own controls. You need to have a Xbox, Nintendo, or a PlayStation to play “Mini Games”. My favorite mini game is called ''Tumble''.

This is a ps4 controller
What does it teach you?
What Minecraft teaches you is how to survive different environments and how to make the tools for it. Another thing is that it teaches you how to make homes and using different supplies. It also teaches you to depend on your imagination.

This is why I love Minecraft because it helps me figure out that I need to use a lot of resources to survive in the real world. This is one of the best games I play. I suggest you play it too,but don't play it to much. It is important to go out and get exercise.

This is my friend Isael playing Minecraft on his Xbox
                     help from Jesse, Adrian                                              


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

My trip to Sky zone

On Sunday I went to sky zone with another Classtopian. That classtopian was Daniela. It all started when Daniela’s dad asked my mom if I could go with them to sky zone. And my mom said’’ YES”. At first I did not know what sky zone was, So I went to sky zone website. I figured out that sky zone was a trampoline park. I started to look at pictures of the place and I got even more exited because when I saw the pictures I saw that the walls were trampolines. So that meant you can jump on the walls an the ground. After I saw the pictures of sky zone I could not wait till Sunday.

And Finally Sunday came. I woke at 6:00am because I was so exited. The first thing I did was change. But I had to wear something comfortable because you have to jump a lot in sky zone. And I mean a lot. After I changed my sister took me to Daniela’s house. When I got to Daniela’s house, Daniela’s dad started his car. Then we all got in the car. And by we, I mean Daniela, Daniela’s dad and me, Elizabeth. Daniela and  I were watching movies in the car because it was a long drive .

The first thing I saw was a sign that said” Sky Zone a trampoline park. When We got in sky zone they gave us some special socks. The special socks were to help us not fall while we were jumping or doing something on the trampoline.

Special socks

The first thing Daniela and I did was to go on the trampolines.


Then we went to play basket ball. But the cool thing is that the ground for basket ball is a trampoline.

Me playing basket ball

At the end of the day we had to go back home. But before we did we ate pizza. I was so happy because because it was the first time I went to sky zone.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Celebrating International Day

Today our school celebrated International Day.  Every grade performed a dance from a different culture around the world. We celebrate International Day every year. It has been going on for more that twenty years. It is important for students to learn about different cultures and have different experiences. Dancing is a great way for students to learn.

The dances were all different. There were dances from Spain- El Baile Del Gorila, Egypt, Ireland-Waves of Tory, Mexico- Los Viejitos, Korea, Zimbabwe, Romania- Alunelul,  and many more. It was fun to see all the costumes and all the students dancing. It takes a lot of practice to get the dances perfect but we all did our best. Parents were happy to see their children having fun.

After the performances, food was sold. They sold hotdogs, cookies, Jaritos sodas, water, and chips. Today was all about having a good time.

Some students left after the performances with their parents. Only five Classtopians stayed to the end of the day.

View of students.

Extracurricular Activities

This is Niven and I am a new contributor. My favorite extracurricular activity is to dance ballet. I like ballet because I can learn new moves. But  I can also have fun. Ballet is my talent and I know I can’t ever give up on it. Ballet is my destiny. My dream is to be a dancer and a singer in life. Dancing is my own goal.

I started ballet when I was four and a half years old. My mom signed me up for classes. I have been doing ballet since then.

This is me at my first performance.

I do a lot of activities and every day I get better and better. I learned how to do the front splits on both sides, split jump ,double pirouette, chine turns.
This is me doing the front splits.

I hope later in life I can inspire people to want to dance. Ballet is a talent that anyone can have by just practicing. I practice everyday by doing many other activities. I want to bring joy both to the world and my mom.
This is me at my performance in Mall at Pershing Square.
Dancing is just one of my many dreams. Taking care of my mom and myself are also very important. I plan to follow my dreams.


Thursday, May 25, 2017

A New Adventure To San Juan Capistrano Mission

Yesterday all Classtopians went to San Juan Capistrano Mission, which is about 50 miles from our school. We have been studying and preparing for about 2 weeks before we went on the trip.

I was very happy to hear that we were going to a mission because I have never been to one. Every year the fourth grade classes go the Mission and it was now our turn.

The mission was great but as usual Classtopians were all about the plants.  We saw a lot of  plants and I know we wanted to bring some back. We were not very lucky. The gift shop did not sell plants. Maybe they should have a nursery to sell plants. I know that I would have spent all my money to get a plant to take home.  I was so happy to see some plants that I know. 
Kalencho tomentosa

This is a Strelitzia reginae. My favorite. 
This is a Salvia leucantha

Respect and Kindness

Being nice benefits other people. If everyone is nice to each other, no one will get their feelings hurt. Being nice is also a way to make a lot of friends. 

The other day, two girls were mean to me. That really hurt my feelings because they didn't show me respect and kindness. I think that writing this entry will help to change the two girls. I hope they learn something in this entry. 

Plants Of The San Juan Capistrano Mission

    On Wednesday, Classtopians went to a field trip to a mission. The mission is called The San Juan Capistrano.You can go to their website at And it was good timing to go to that mission as a field trip because classtopians have been learning about Native Americans. Native Americans were the people who live and worked at the Mission. The Missions are a part of the history of California and it was fun to visit one of the 21 California Missions. Maybe one day I will get to see all of them. 

My trip I focused on the plants of the Mission. I did not expect to see so many plants. It must have been garden day because there were people touring the plants and lots of people taking care of them. They were taking out a dead Agave and we tried to get on of the pups but they are not allowed to give plants away.

We did our own garden tour with our teacher.


Calla lilly
Succulents collection

Aeonium sunburst

Water lilly

The Trip I Enjoyed

Classtopians went on a field trip to Mission San Juan Capistrano. It was a long ride down to the mission. This mission had many interesting artifacts to see and beautiful plants. This mission in San Juan Capistrano was built in 1776. The interesting thing about this that it was founded twice.

The artifacts are very old, just like the mission. Which is about 235 years old!

These are my favorite photos of my trip to San Juan Capistrano.

This is my favorite plant, Alcea rosea.

     The place was beautiful and so amazing. I am thinking of taking my family there. I think they will enjoy it as much as I did.  

Outside the Great Stone Church
Mission bells
A fountain
Part of the 209 books in the padres' library.
Close up of a bell

A statue of Padre

A cooking pot

Natives American basket

The founder of the mission.
Father Junipero  Serra


Have you ever been bullied or made fun of ?

If you have you might want to read this entry. Now those of you who have been bullied are probably thinking of the person who bullied you right now.

Bullying is when someone is being hurt either by words or actions on purpose, usually more than once, feels bad because of it, and has a hard time stopping what is happening to them.

I have been bullied before so I know how it feels like. Most of the time people bully others because they are having a difficult time dealing with something that makes them sad or mad. So they just are mad and they put that anger in making others feel bad

Sometimes people are bullied because of how they look. I was a person who got bullied because of how I looked. When I was in the second grade there was a girl that bullied me all the time. It made me feel like I wanted to change myself to make her stop. At first I would get so angry and would cry and felt so bad. Then one day I decided to something.  I said to myself I DON’T CARE ABOUT WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK ABOUT ME I ONLY CARE ABOUT WHAT I THINK ABOUT MYSELF. And what I thought to myself was that I was perfect just the way I was. I was not going to change  because she was telling me to change. I told her that I didn't care what she said and started to ignore her by walking away. Finally she stopped

So other people who are being bullied I suggest you do what I did and let them know that you don’t like their words or their action. You can also tell an adult. If you are being bullied get help.  


Friday, May 19, 2017

Books I Enjoy

The books I enjoy reading are : Stone Fox, Making Bombs For Hitler, Becoming Naomi Leon, Because of Winn-Dixie. I enjoy reading because reading can make me smarter and also become a good writer.
 These are the books I am still reading: How Lamar's Bad Prank Won a Bubba-Sized Trophy, and Island of the Blue Dolphins. When I am done reading I will share them with my friends.

How to take care of a Golden Retriever

My Dream dog is the Golden Retrievers. I really want to get one. My mom says that we need a house in order to have one. I know that one day I will have one. In the meantime I am getting all the information I will need to be able to take care of him.

Here are some tips to help.

First thing is first: They need lots of love and care
Grooming your Golden Retriever  
Step 1: Clean your Golden Retriever's ears.
Step 2: Cut your Golden Retriever's nails.
Step 3: Clean and brush your Golden Retriever's teeth.

Entertaining Your Golden Retriever
Step 1: Exercise your Golden Retriever.  
Step 2: Play fetch with your Golden Retriever.     
Step 3: Take your Golden Retriever swimming.         

Training  your Golden Retriever
Step 1: Train your Golden Retriever to go potty.
Step 2: Teach your Golden Retriever to behave in public.

Protecting your Golden Retriever
Step 1: Keep your Golden Retriever inside the house
Step 2: Put a collar on your Golden Retriever.
Step 3: Take your Golden Retriever to go get check-ups.

I know that I will be more than ready when I get the one that I want.




Trash Pollution

On Thursday all Classtopians went to the Audubon Center at Debs Park. We all had lots of fun. But it saddens me to say people litter everywhere, even if it is a national park, or just an amazing place to relax. The first thing we saw was the pile of trash. We were told about the trash before we saw it. It was a terrible site.

I just looked at it and gasped. There were bags, pizza boxes and old clothes. I was more worried about the animals. I was scared that they could have gotten into the bags and died inside because they couldn't breathe. They could have eaten the trash because they smelled food so they would have gone inside looking for the snacks. Trash could have gotten stuck in their stomach and the animals could have died, because they could have not been able to digest their food. 

I was so sad. I kept on saying to myself who would do such a thing. So that is why we do not litter. It is a big crime. 

To visit Debs Audubon Center you can go to website

This the trash pile.

Protect nature

On Thursday Classtopians went to the Debs Audubon center. When we got there we were told some rules. Those rules were that if you find something very interesting you always have to put it back where it belongs. There was also one more rule. That rule was that you are not aloud to touch dogs because they might have ran into a poisonous plant and if you touch the dog it will give you the poison.
While Classtopians were hiking we saw many interesting animals like Lizards, snakes, bull frogs and many birds. I have never seen any of those animals. I learned that animals are not scary and that you should protect them. A way that you can protect them is to make sure you do not throw trash on the ground. If you do the animals that live there might try to eat it and when they do, it will get stuck in there throats or stomachs and cause them to die. So you should always take care of nature.

This is a lizard that we need to protect.

This is a bull frog.

Snakes also need protection

The trip to the Audubon Center

Audubon center sign
Water lily flower

             On May 18, we went to Debs Audubon Center. We got to go hiking and we got to see animals and plants. We loved looking at the plants. I went there and I saw the sign with plants around it i just new this field trip was going to be amazing. Then we went inside and there was a mini waterfall with lily pads around it, and it was beautiful. It was a white and pink flower which are my favorite colors.

The pond 
The hut

             They showed us the Native American house which is called a hut. It looked so small for a big family. There is evidence of how they lived.  But I still ask myself, how do they live and sleep in the hut since it it is so tiny and dark. Soon I will find it out. I will do some more research.

The little walnut tree
They told us we were going hiking. I was so excited. So we started to walk, I was thinking that we were just going to walk a little bit but that is not what I expected. It was so far down, I was going to scream. It was so exhausting. My mom was on my field trip, so I knew I was going to be ok. We saw wild rose growing outside the nursery. They showed us the nut tree.

The walnuts

The nursery

We passed by the big pond. It had lots of algae. We came across two little male ducks. They thought we had food and they were following us. Then, Christopher had spotted a bullfrog. It was unexpected. This was the first time I had ever seen one. Then we saw a bale of turtles spread out at the end of the pond. There were a whole bunch of snails. They were sleeping on plants. Their shells had patterns. They were zebra snails. We wanted to take some back to school but of course we could not take them out of the park.

The 2 male ducks

The bullfrog

A bale of turtles
By the end of the hike we had done more that 3 miles already. It was so hard. I felt like my legs were going to fall off. But we got to see a beautiful view of the city.

Then we arrived back at the center we had lunch.  Some people discovered 2 little friends that the rangers brought out. Everyone screamed " SNAKES!". So I ran as fast as I could.  The first snake was the king snake. The second one was the gopher snake.  We got to touch them. They felt squishy, soft and rubbery. Their skin was beautiful.
The big view while hiking
The face of gophers snake 

The Gopher snake
The king snake

This was awesome trip!

A Trip Like No Other

Classtopians went on a field trip to The Debs Audubon center. We all thought it would be a regular trip. Like, just get there take a stroll around the place and do different activities, but no. We went to a park with a mountain/hill so we had to hike all the way to the tip top. We walked 3.02 miles! That was exhausting because we were not prepared for such a long walk. 

Going up a mountain/hill is hard work. It felt like forever trying to make it to the top. As we were hiking up we stopped a lot. Not for rests, it was to look at different plants and learn some history. When we did take a break we had to stop to at least 4 times because of how tired we were. The park ranger that was leading our class always said, “ Come on guys it just a bit farther, you can do it”. After a while we stopped believing her. But she was right because every step we took got us closer to the top.

Before we made it to the top and found a pond I started imagining that they would have lot of treats for us to eat and drink and a helicopter or ziplining to take us down. I really wanted to take a break for about an hour when realized that all that I imagined was not there. 

So I had to just suck-it-up and enjoy what was there. What luck! As we walked around we found a family of turtles, 2 male mallard ducks, and 1 bull frog. Once we finished our lap around the pond we hiked back down. I thought it would be longer but I felt like we had walked 5 minutes just to get down. My friends and I walked with my teacher and when we got to the bottom we all said "Wow that was really short".

Back at the center we found a shady place to eat our lunch. Once we were done 2 park rangers came out with snakes around their necks. At the sight of the snakes every one started running to see them. We all got a chance to touch them. There were 2 snakes. 1 king snake and a gopher snake. I was obviously scared so I just touched the tails.

It was then time to go and so we  got on the bus. I really liked that place except for the whole hiking thing. I really want to go there some time with my family, so they can see the place. The more I hike the better I will become. 

It is a really nice place. 

 This is a view from half way down.

This is a King snake.