Saturday, January 5, 2019

My Best Last Week Of Winter Break

On December 30th, 2018, It was my Birthday!! My parents didn't know what to do for my birthday, but since it isn't only MY birthday, it is also my Brother's. Then they have to do something we both like. It took them about 3 days to come up with something. Then my mom told me and my brother where we re going. My Brother and I thought we were going to Big Bear, since my mom said we would go these days, But no. My mom and dad told us we are going to...  Las Vegas, Nevada. My brother and I were so happy. I told my dad if he is still going to work on Monday. Since he works all the days, except Sunday and Tuesday, but he said he still has to work. I felt bad for him because we are leaving Sunday Morning at 3:00 a.m. and he had to work Saturday and he comes back from work at Midnight. That means he only has 2 hours of sleep. He has 2 hours, not 3 hours of sleep because we have to get ready and pack some other things. It took us 4 hours to get to Las Vegas. I almost forgot to mention, sadly we didn't take Chloe on this trip. Chloe goes every where with us. She also goes to Las Vega with us. We left her with these little boys my mom takes care of on Monday and Wednesday, but we trust those kids.

Anyways, when we got there, we went to the Las Vegas Sign. There is a sign in Las Vegas where you can take a picture for memory. Then we went to drink cow milk. There is a barn we go to every time we go there. It is where you get Choco milk power and put it in your cup. Next, these men bring in a cow and they milk the cow. It is so warm and tasty. Some people can put alcohol and choc milk powder in their milk. After we left, we went to my cousin's uncle house. We went there for a short amount of time and then we went to this buffet called Feast Buffet. this buffet is inside a Hotel called Sunset Station Hotel & Casino.  When we got inside the buffet, there was different types of foods. For Example,  Asian,  Mexican, and Texas food. The food was so good. My brother has been asking for the IPhone XS and my parents said they will try and get it. Then they bought it 2 or 1 day before his birthday. Then we gave him a box full of goodies and on the bottom, there was his phone. When he saw it, he didn't say a word. I was so happy. 

After we left the buffet, we went to.... Circus Circus!!!! I was  so happy. I went to the rides with my cousin and some rides with my bro. The first ride I got on was Sling Shot. It is like the ride in Santa Monica called Pacific Plunge. The next ride I got on was Inverter. The ride is so fun because you get in the seat and then you go backwards and then you stay upside down for 5 seconds. It felt weird for me because since I finished eating. The ride that I hold on SO tight was El Loco. El loco is a ride with twists, turns and drops and we ascended 90 feet before the drop. 

It was fun at Circus Circus, but then we went to this place in Las Vegas called Winter Wonderland. It was o colorful. It had inflatable balloons of all the states. Then, there was this Ball pit, full of white balls and it is just like a pool with water, but a ball pit full of balls. My sister, Belen, wanted my brother, Adan, to get in, but he didn't want to. So then, She hung from his neck, and then..... 😒😔 My sister threw his Air pod In the ball pit. He got so mad. We started looking for it and he gave up and walked away. Then, a random guy had and idea and we did it and we found it. When my brother found out, he was happy. 

After we left, we stayed at the Circus Circus hotel. It was a fun night and I hope I can enjoy it another time.  

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