Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A Trip To The Arboretum

On March 29, Classtopians  went on a field trip to the County Arboretum. This is a place with many plants, lizards and peacocks. Classtopians were divided into three groups so that we can have three different experiences. We saw many plants and artifacts from the past.

The Arboretum has millions of plants to see and some to buy. We saw many plants that we have learned about in school like Clivias and Scadoxus. We also have these plants in our school gardens. The Arboretum is very excited to have their Scadoxus flower this year. We were told that it has not flowered before so they had a fence around it. The most unusual was the yellow Clivia. We do not have a yellow one but, our teacher has promised to gives us some seeds so that we can grow our own. Maybe she will give us enough so we can take some home to grow.

Scadoxus plant

It was a hot day and we walked around and through the bamboo trees and palm tree to the Train Depot. At the  Depot, we got a tour of the spot. First we sat in the waiting room, then we went in the kitchen and saw some very old kitchen tools. Then we went to an office and there was a telegraph. That was how they sent text messages in the old days. They also had an old phone. We were surprised when the docent showed us how to use it.  He used his cell phone to dial and when it rang Christopher was lucky to get the chance to answer the phone.

Before leaving we went to the gift shop to see what plants we could get to take home. Outside the gift shop were plants that we could buy. Almost all Classtopians brought money so they can buy a plant. Some people even borrowed money from our teacher to pay for plants.
A great time was had by all Classtopians. It was good to get away from school and enjoy what we love to do. And that is TO GARDEN.
Blog by Elizabeth, Natalia, Diana and Jalaysia
Photos are by Jalaysia

Wild plants by Daniela

One of the peacocks trying to attract us.

Outside the train depot
Old Phone
Kitchen at the train depot
Kitchen tools


  1. I learned that artifacts can be really interesting like the telegragh.

  2. I saw that at the past, different artifacts are really good to use and good to look at.

  3. I still have the succulent I bought at the Arboretum.

  4. The peacocks feathers looks so beautiful.

  5. I like the peacocks feathers.

  6. I liked when we learned about old technology because I use a lot of modern technology.

  7. I like the fact that we bought plants at the field trip.

  8. I loved the Arboretum I wish we can go there again.

  9. Enjoyed being at the Arboretum it was so much fun I love looking at the peacocks and the scadoxus was a pleasant thing to see there. I wish to go there again.

  10. The peacocks were so beautiful.

  11. The succulent that I got made a whole bunch of ants in my room so then I had to throw it away😭.