Thursday, October 11, 2018

My Band Raises Oaxaquenias

I've already told you that I joined a band in late June. But what I didn't tell you was that I have stayed in the band, and am still going. Some exciting things have happened, so read on to find out more.

As you know, people can hire us and we go play at a party for a determined amount of time. So far, I've gone out to play my clarinet 4 times. 2 of them were for free, but the other two were paid. I am supposed to get paid twice a year, or something like that. Of course, I'm not going to get like $1000 or something, because there are about 17 kids in the band, and the money has to be divided between all of us. So I'll probably get $20 for every 3 hours. I guess this is really cool, since now I will be able to buy something here and there, or just save it all. But the best part is, playing the clarinet is not THAT hard, so I don't have to put much work into earning $20. (Not that I don't try to play good.)

So now you know what I will most likely be doing on the weekends.


  1. Hi Brianna, keep up the good work! You have inspired me to start playing clarinet and I am now just beginning to play songs on it! Oh yeah, have your embochure at its best!

  2. Wait, what??!! You play the clarinet? That's so cool!