Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Science Project

In October 8th, 2018, in my science class, we started a Cell Project. We have to build whatever we want, but we have to put cells inside it. Some people are doing a fair, library (I am doing that), Tilted Tower from Fortnite, and more. I am doing a library with my friend Jacqueline, and Tristan. Before we started to build, we had to draw an analogy. When we were done.... I almost forgot. You may be wondering, what analogy did you draw? I drew a sketch of what our Library project would look like. We voted on which one was better and we chose mine. We are being graded for this project. We are hoping we can get an A. We also have to do a digital presentation for it. We planned on rapping it, but we don't know how to rap. It will be turned in Friday October 26th. It was supposed to be turned in on October 19th, but since we got behind schedule, we moved the due date to Friday. We hope we get a good grade.

In my math class, we are also doing a project. The project is about Hidden Figures. We had to find a women scientist that changed the world. I chose Marie-Curie. I have always wanted to study bout her. She was a french Physicist that found 2 idioms. My drawing is perfect to me, but I don't know ho it would look like to others. I am making a movie poster. It looks like.. A title of what she did, a drawing of her, and our name in the bottom. I hope I get an A on that.

So Classtopians, Are you doing a project in school/home. Or a project related to school, if so, what is it about?
My Hidden Figures Project

My groups's Project

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