Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Photography Department

Smile, is the most common word we hear when taking pictures. We are the Photography Department (PD) and I, Jesse, am the head. We are a team of 4. The other members are Aiden, Niven, and Christopher.

We enjoy making people smile. But most of all, we enjoy taking pictures of all the beautiful events in our Nation.
Classtopia had a need for this department, because we were and are doing lots of wonderful things. And some of them need pictures to remind us of the good times and to keep as memories.

This Dept was created February 10, 2017. We had the idea a long time ago from our friend, The. We were too busy to "spend" on the idea. We waited until it was very necessary. When we finally got around to creating it, it was the biggest spending decision made by Classtopians. I was one of three candidates and I was elected with 428p. This was the most we have ever "spent" in making a choice.

Many of the photos we take will be about our daily lives. We will share some of the pictures on this blog.

Our main job is to take pictures for other Departments as well as our own memory album. Our teacher said the Photo Dept will "chronicle our events through pictures".

So Classtopians, get your smiles on!


Tools of the Department. Donated by our friend, The. Picture by Jesse


  1. I have learned that photography dept. will chronicle our events through pictures.

  2. I think that chronicle means to show.

  3. I had learned that the photography dept takes pictures of special events to remind us.

    1. I learned that (PD) is a special dept. in Classtopia.

  4. I have learned that you should Chronicle events through pictures.

  5. I learned that this department about the most important besides garden. I love to chronicle moments.

  6. I learned that in important events you need to chronicle with pictures.

  7. And..... $5.00 to the photography department!!!!!!

  8. Photographs can let memories stay with you!

  9. I learned that the PD department is important to classtopia.

  10. The photography department is very special because every thing that is knew gets a picture and if the object is interesting enough it gets its very own spot on the blog.