Thursday, February 9, 2017

Book Department

We, in Classtopia, needed a book department because we enjoy reading and also had a lot of books. The book department was created on November 17, 2016. Members of the group are me, Daniela, head, Diana, Natalia (assistants), Leslie, Kylie, Daisy, Lindsay, Jesse (tech guy) and Christopher.

Our department is in charge of managing all the books in the classroom and those books that are at home. We have two big projects that we are working on right now. The first one is to get all the books in our classroom and at home on an inventory list. We google sheets to inventory our books.  The list has all the books our friend, The, donated to our class. It also has all the books in the classroom that our teacher buys or bought. This inventory list is taking a long time because all the people in the class are not sending in their books to be on the inventory list. We also have so many books in the room that are new. When this project is completed, we will have a list that will be over one thousand books long. The project is called a decentralized library. This means that the books are in different places. If a person wants to borrow a book from the list they will have to see where the book is located, send an e-mail to the person to borrow the book. The list will have to be updated all the time because people buy new books all the time.

Our second project is our Book Evaluations.  We have a list of books that our teacher and our friend,The, started. They put their favorite children’s books on the list and donated the amount of pennies to the books to say how valuable the book was to them. When we got the list, Ender’s Game was at the top with two hundred fifty pennies. Now, the list has changed and at the top of the list we have Bud, Not Buddy with 1038 pennies. That book is very important because it was our first decision in Classtopia.  When a person reads a book that they really like they use their pennies to show how much the liked the book. This communicates to all other citizens their preference and also makes them want to read the book. This is good peer pressure. When the book is recommended, we add that book to the Book Evaluations list. Our goal is to read all the books on the list by the time we leave school. To show how much someone likes a book, they use their taxes, or the pennies used to trade for books and quotes/ideas, to move the book up the list.

Some of our citizens are becoming super readers or they are already great readers.

Jessica is one of the best new readers this month. She is reading books by Sam Campbell. Her favorite one is On Wings of Cheer. This author writes about animal friends.

Brianna, another great reader, reads all kinds of amazing books. She just finished reading a book called A Long Walk To Water. This book is about water shortage and children who are refugees. She is asking all of us to read this book.

Sergio is another avid reader. He is always reading books when he comes to class.  He is reading Holes. He wants to move that book up on the list so that everyone will notice it.

Join the book department by reading great books. Find a book that you enjoy reading and let us know all about it.

This is the Book Evaluation list.

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