Friday, February 24, 2017

Tips and Guides to Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO is about catching little  monsters called Pokemon. These Pokemon are anywhere in the world. So if you live in Los Angeles, you can find them around the city. But you can not catch every Pokemon in one place, some rare Pokemon only live in one place. To play this game you need a mobile device like an IPhone.

It is a game that makes you active, this means you have to walk around or run around to find the Pokemon. To catch Pokemon, you have to swipe up to throw Pokeballs. Pokeballs are balls that you throw at the Pokemon to catch them.  Sometimes you can miss and they are not captured. Then you have to try again.  But a Pokemon has a chance to run away if you do not catch it. If you see a circle on the Pokemon’s face getting smaller, that is it’s catch rate. When that happens it gets smaller and you throw it at the Pokemon, you get more XP (experience) and you have more of a chance to catch it.

When you are walking around and you see a blue stick with a picture of a Pokeball. That is a Pokestop. What they do is when you tap on them it will show you where it is in a circle, then what you can do is spin it  and it will give you Pokeballs, potions, revives, lure modules, incense, razz berries, and eggs. When the Pokestop turns purple that means you already used it, then you have to wait till it turns back to blue.

There is different types of Pokeballs and they are they Pokeball, Great ball, and Ultra ball. There is different types of Pokemon and they are Water, Fire, Ghost, Bug, Grass, Fairy, Dark, Fighting, Psychic, Rock, Ground, Poison, Normal, Ice, Dragon, and Lightning. Pokemon can evolve into stronger Pokemon and this is called evolutions. But to evolve your Pokemon you will need to get that Pokemon's candy and there is three ways to get that Pokemon’s candy and those three ways are eggs, catching, and buddies but when you catch that Pokemon you get three candy’s, also to access the eggs you need to go to your Pokemon, then swipe left and you are at the eggs, the candies depend on how much your egg needs you to walk like with a ten kilometer you are going to have to walk a lot in order to get a lot of candy but there is also two more kinds of eggs and they are two kilometer and five kilometer. When the egg is finished it will show you the egg. You need to tap on the egg and it will show you the Pokemon, how much XP you got, and how much candy you got.

To access the buddy you have to press on your character at the bottom left, then press the three lines, then press buddy, and then you can choose your Pokemon as your buddy but to get candies for your buddy you have to walk.

The whole reason to get strong Pokemon is for gyms, gyms are places where you can fight other Pokemon, earn Poke coins, and claim the gym. The teams of gyms are team Valor, Mystic, and team Instinct. You get to pick your team when you are level five.

When you catch a new Pokemon it gets transferred to your Pokedex. A Pokedex shows you which Pokemon you've caught and which Pokemon you have seen.

The object of the game is to get as many Pokemon as you can and get to know new place in your city or town. The best way to get the rare ones is while you are on vacation in a foreign place.

THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE IN POKEMON GO IS TO BE SAFE while playing Pokemon Go. Many people get in trouble because they go onto people’s property, and they don't pay attention to the road and end up getting hurt. People should not drive while playing. There is a warning if you are going too fast. The game will help you to slow down.

Generation 2
On February 17 new Pokémon arrived. The second generation of Pokémon is now available. We were told on YouTube that more Pokémon were coming. There are now 80 more Pokèmon added to the Pokedex. The new starter Pokémon that were added was Totodile, Cyndaquil, and Chikorita.

This is a Pokemon called Growlithe
on the bottom left is a Pokeball.

This is me and my buddy Squirtle

These are the eggs

This is the pokedex

This is the map

Screenshot from Adrian's game
Help from Luisangel


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  2. i love it i really like the blog

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