Friday, February 17, 2017

Critic's Corner

I am Jessica and this is Critic’s Corner. I am going to be reviewing books  that I enjoy.

So today, I am going to be talking about Sam Campbell’s books.

Sam Campbell studied animals.  Lots of Animals.  He interacted with the animals and wrote many books about his adventures.

Sam Campbell wrote a total of 12 books. In our class we have only 8 of his books that our friend, The, donated to us. He read these books when he was a kid and now we get to read them. I just love these books. My friend, Allison, also enjoys reading his books. She owns 4 and so do I. Our moms will buy us the rest of the books so that we can share them.

These are the books that I have read so far.  The first book I read was Sweet Sue’s Adventure. This book is about a skunk named Sue who Sam followed and became friends with. It is a fascinating book to read. I learned all about skunks especially that they use their mouths to carry their babies from one place to another.
My favorite book of the ones I have read is On Wings of Cheer. This book is about Sam being in the forest and searching for animals who live there. He then shares with us what each animal does.

The third book is Beloved Rascals.This is about animals that have different lives and he compares them to each other. The fourth book was Moose Country. This book is about  Sam Campbell and Hi-Bub having an adventure with all the animals. The final book that I have read is How’s Inky, about Sam Campbell and his friend Rover, the dog.

I would recommend these books because they are interesting to read. I have learned a lot of new things about animals and about nature. I am looking forward to reading the other books.

Reading Sam Campbell books has encouraged me to go out and explore nature and find out about animals. It has changed my interest in reading. Now I am starting to read more and challenging myself to read more books.

Hope you give them a try!

Below is our collection of Sam Campbell's books.20170217_103614(0).jpg20170217_103655.jpg  Pictures by Jesse


  1. I am happy that Jessica found the Sam Campbell books, and that she likes them.

  2. I enjoy seeing Jessica read Sam Cambell books about lovely animals

  3. I agree with Jessica I read one and it was a cool book and it felt like I was live in the adventure

  4. I am happy that Jessica found a book she likes and now likes to read a lot. I have learned that if you find a book you like you will always love to do.

  5. I learned that if you find books that you love it will take you to become an extraordinary reader.

  6. I learned that if you find books that you love you can become an extraordinary reader.

  7. Reading can make you smart!

  8. It looks like you like those books.I think I should read one too.

  9. I learned that when you read a book that you like you should keep on reading books like them.

  10. I really want to read one of those books.