Friday, March 17, 2017

Justice Department

Today in Classtopia we spent to create the Justice Department. The Classtopian who was chosen as head was Christopher. Even though Christopher was elected by spending, Elizabeth will be in charge. Natalia will work with Elizabeth to get things done in the department. The purpose of the justice department is to help Classtopians solve conflicts.

For example:
Most conflicts between students happen during recess or lunch. If they don’t know how to solve the situation, they can come to the Justice department. We can help them solve their dilemma. 

The most important thing about being in the justice department is that we have to be fair. Whoever is solving a problem between two Classtopians has to be fair. Our teacher said that we have to be impartial. That means we have to treat both sides equally. So, if one of our friends is having a problem with another classmate we should not just be on our friend’s side and help them out. We have to help both classmates so we can fix the problem fairly and that is what Justice Department does.



Picture by Natalia
This is a picture of the spending Classtopians did to pick the head of the Justice Department. Christopher spent 398p on himself which made him win even though he was the only one that spent on him. This was the first time that this has happened. Almost everyone in Classtopia was compensated. Christopher advocated for himself and it paid off.  

Members of the Justice department are Christopher, Elizabeth, Natalia Alyssa, Jessica, Nathaniel, Niven, Kylie, Camila, Diana, and Luis Angel.

Justice Department is here to help you solve your problems. So
Classtopians if you have a problem Justice Department is your solution.

So get ready Classtopians Justice is coming your way!

Today, March 17, 2017, there was a conflict between two students during class. The JD was able to help solve the conflict in just a few minutes.
Justice Department on the job.
This blog was co-written by Elizabeth and Natalia.


  1. ive learnd that if you have a problem dont keep it put it to juctice!!!

  2. What i learned is if theres a proplem tell someone to help you.

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  4. I learned is that someone will solve all your problems!

  5. To be in the Justice Department you have to be impartial, which is fair.

  6. If you have a conflict in Classtopia JD can solve it.

  7. To be in the Justice department is that you have to be impartial.

  8. I liked the part where a Classtopian has a problem the Justice Dept can help.

  9. I like that now when there is a conflict the people that started the conflict will have to go to Classtopian that is part of the Justice Department to resolve the conflict.

  10. Justice department is good thing to have in Classtoia.

  11. If you have a problem justice department will help you solve it.

  12. If there is a conflict JD will help you.