Thursday, March 2, 2017


Updates from Help Department
We are the HD and we are back at it again with another blog in Classtopia.  Our job has gotten a little easier because many of our citizens have learned so much about technology. When we first started, we had to help with everything. Now things look better. So we are not helping as much with the little details of signing into our accounts and all the basic stuff. Because Classtopians are starting to be more independent with their work, they need different kinds of help. Now we are helping with uploading and downloading pictures.
Although we still have problems with our handy dandy technology, we still can depend on them to save the day. Some days we have no technology to use, other days it is late, or the internet is down. On days when we have no tech we have to share the three computers in the room.

We have a slight change in our nation. Now we have to finish our work in the class before we help the Citizens. We can help ourselves by completing what we have to do first. This way we are not behind in our work. After that we are able to work with someone else who may need a lot of help. Yes, we still have citizens who are not yet advance with their computer abilities. But, we hope that we will be able to help them learn some new tech skills.

If you are wondering how much help we give Classtopians with their class work, I can tell you that our job is to help them with technology within the classroom. Then, if they need help with their work we can try to help them understand what they have to do. 

This is the Classtopians using technology in our
computer lab at our school.


  1. I like the fact that if I don't know something, then help department will always be there to help.(With technology)

  2. I like pic that you put Laila

  3. It is great that HD can help us when we need help.

  4. The help (HD) can help us any time of the day.

  5. I like that the (HD) helps Classtopians.

  6. I like that classtopians use technology to do Classtopia!

  7. I like that people are willing to help out another classmate.

  8. It is good that in classtopia we can help each other.