Friday, March 10, 2017

Young Botanists At Work

Today in Classtopia, the big lesson, for those of us we completed our homework, was to continue working as future botanist. We used our pre prepared bottles to sow our fern spores. We got our spores from our friend, The. He got them from Barbara Joe Hoshizaki. The also gave us the book Fern Grower’s Manual. The book has all kinds of information about fern and how to grow them correctly.
We had so many to choose from. Each person decided which spores they wanted to grow. Some of them we all decided to sow, because we wanted to see whose plants would be the first to start growing.
The spores were in tiny little bags that we received. First thing we did was to label the bottles with the name of the spore. We used q-tips to put the spores in the bottles. After we were finished we put them in ziploc plastic bags. They are now ready to begin the process of growing. We need to be patient because it might take a while for them to grow.
After we finished with the fern spores, we worked together to build one of the four terrariums we got. We also started to build a Raised Garden Bed that we are going to put in the new garden area to grow some vegetables or just some plants. We were going to start the greenhouse but it turned out that the greenhouse was pretty big and it had too many parts for building in the back of the classroom, so we will do that one later, and outside.
Overall it was a fun day at school for those of us who participated. We learned a lot about a different kind of plant- ferns. We also learned that coming to school prepared means that we get to do more interesting activities.
Below you can see the different types of fern spores that we used and how they look when we are done.

These are the spores we used.

These are the bottles we put the fern spores in.
With the tweezers, we carefully take out the leaf trash.  
These are the spores in their new temporary home.
This is the terrarium we were building

This is the finished terrarium.

If you live in the area and would like to learn more about ferns then please consider attending a meeting of the The Los Angeles International Fern Society.


  1. It was fun to take out the little trash with the tweezers.

  2. I like your choices of plant 🌱

  3. It was fun building the terrariums and sowing fern spores.

  4. I liked the part when we build the terrarium.

  5. Hard work really pays off.

  6. It was really fun to put the seeds in the bottles.

  7. This project is awesome, doing a terrarium to grow plants!

  8. My teacher always says that there is always a job for people interested in plants.

  9. It was so much fun to do this. It was like an experiment.