Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Plants For The Shady Areas

 All plants have their own needs. Just like people, they need different conditions to thrive. Some plants like it warm and hot, and some like it cool and cold. No matter what the conditions are, there is a place in the garden for all kinds of plants. If you have a shady garden and don’t know what plants are fine in shade here are some of the plants that are good for shady gardens...

Before I begin let me tell you what shady means shady just means that your plants need less than 3 hours of sun each day. And the best 3 hours are in the morning. In California this means  that it will be on the north side of your house.

Primula (Primrose):  Primrose are found in Britain, Ireland, and also most of Southern Europe. Primrose are easy to grow if you provide the two things which are shade and moist soil. Primrose come in different colors and they will make your garden beautiful.

Clivia: Clivia miniata come from South Africa. Two common names for a Clivia are Natal Lily or Bush Lily. These plants grow better in low light which is shade. Clivia come in many colors from orange to yellow. Most people have the orange ones.

Marantas: Marantas come from Brazil. The common name of this plant is prayer plant because at night they fold their leaves up and it looks like it is praying.

Hoya: Hoya flowers come from India, China, and Thailand. Some Hoya's are epiphytic which means they grow on trees. The flowers look like decorations for a cake.

Japanese Aucuba: This plant comes from China, Korea, and Japan. The Japanese Aucuba is a shrub. This means that it does not grow into a big tree. Two of it’s common names are spotted laurel and gold dust plant. The flowers from this plant are very small.

Begonia: Begonias come from tropical climates. They are found in cool climates. Begonia can come from South and central America, from Southeast Asia, and also in Africa. Some begonia are epiphytic, and grow on trees. They mostly have pink flowers. Some have white or red. A few from Africa have yellow flowers. Begonia have lots of different needs because of where they come from. Most of them are easy to grow from leaves.

Impatiens: Impatiens are the most common garden plant for the shade. They come from many different places around the world. They are fun to grow because they have seeds that pop and spread all over the garden. Impatiens flower from early summer until early winter.

Tradescantia: Tradescantia come from Southern Canada to Northern Argentina. This Tradescantia is called Zebrina. These plants are usually found in the woods because they need some shade. Even though they need shade when they get more light they get a prettier color. There are many different kinds of tradescantia, but they all have the same kind of flowers.

Ferns: The scientific name of this plant is Asplenium bulbiferum. This plant comes from Costa Rica and North America. Some ferns can be found in dry and cold places. Ferns make excellent shade plants and are beautiful in a tropical garden. This is a great fern because it makes little babies on the tips of the fronds.

Scadoxus:  Scadoxus are found in Central Africa in Uganda and in the Belgian Congo. They come mostly from Southern African and one special one comes from Ethiopia. And that one is an epiphyte. Scadoxus are best when you put them in moist soil so if you have a Scadoxus, water it a lot when it is growing.

Hippeastrum papilio: This plant is a plant from Brazil and it is epiphytic so it grows on trees. It is the most beautiful plant in a shade garden.

Philodendron: Philodendron comes from tropical places. They have beautiful leaves that are both large and small. One of them has edible fruits.

So now you know some plants that are good for a shady garden and I hope you can take care of your garden and put the right plants in it.


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