Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Tips And Tricks For Boxing

10 Tips and Tricks for Boxing  Elizabeth again with another blog!! I have some awesome tips and some amazing tricks to use while boxing. After you are done reading the 10 tips and tricks I guarantee you, that you will be satisfied with them. They will help a lot if you want to be an outstanding boxer. So let's get started!

* Make sure you put on your boxing gloves tightly
* Never stop moving in the ring when you are boxing
* Pretend you are  going to punch in the face so that they protect their
  face and you can attack the stomach
*Get as close to your  opponent so you can punch them.   
* Surround your opponent in a corner then punch them.
* When you punch, turn your whole body to where you are punching
* Stay calm, focus, and breath
* Make sure your hands cover your chin
* Exhale when you punch
*Always relax your shoulders

*Always wear protective gear
*Always bring water
*Never keep your eyes off your opponent  
*In the beginning punch light, then harder at the end       
*Always throw a combination of jabs and punches
* Always be quick
* Throw short punches but long jabs            
*Put your hands high, elbows low, and your face up.
* Always do your best
*Have fun


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  2. The writing is great and really enjoyed the way the story was displayed.


  3. I really you like the trick when you pretend to punch them in the face, then actually punch their stomach.

  4. I like that you share your tricks with us because it might be useful

  5. You have good tricks for boxing.

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  7. I think the tips and tricks are good for boxing.

  8. These tips for boxing is good information for us to learn to box!

  9. I will try these tips on a punching bag.

  10. I like these tips and tricks I will try them out sometime. Maybe teach my family.