Thursday, August 10, 2017

Camping At Mammoth

I camped at Mammoth Mountains for four days. It was so awesome!

We left our house on Wednesday at 7:00 pm., and went to my uncle's house. I saw Amy and Richie, my cousins. My Uncle had a truck, so we put our bikes and some coolers in his truck. We went to the restroom in their apartment, and then we went to get some gasoline. When we finally got on the freeway, it was already 8:30. After about two hours, we got some more gas. There was a Subway next to the gas station, so my dad asked if we were hungry. We were not hungry.

We drove for three more hours, and came to this little city named Bishop. We drove for another hour, and finally arrived to Mammoth. It was 2:00 a.m. As soon as I got out of my car, I felt SUPER cold!

My aunt said we had to take all of our food that was in the car and put them in a big brown box. The reason for this was because there were bears! I was so scared! But, my aunt said that they were nice, and would just look for food. So, we could not have any food in our car or our tent.

I helped my dad build the tent, and then we inflated the air mattresses. We put all our blankets and clothes inside the tent, and went to the restroom and went to sleep. It was around 2:30 when we finally went to sleep.

I woke up at about 10:00. There was Amy, Richie, their parents, Hector, Itzel, their parents, Ms. Graciela, and her husband. We just hung out at our campsite in the morning, and at noon we went to Lake Mary.  There was a bike path that was not too close to the road, so we rode our bikes for a while. There was Lake George, Twin Lakes, June Lake, and Lake Mary. Lake Mary was the closest. I put my water shoes on, and took a tiny step in. It was FREEZING cold! The water was as cold as a lake in Nevada! All of us just went in and got wet up to our waists. We ate some Oreos while we dried up, and then we went back to our campsite. We went to get some firewood, then went to sleep.

My dad dived in!

On Friday, I woke up at 6:00 am. I ate some cereal. After we ate breakfast, everyone went to the waterfalls. We walked for a total of 3 hours. 1 hour and 30 minutes up, and another hour and 30 minutes down. But it was worth it! The waterfall was so pretty! We also saw a chipmunk. After we finished our walk, we went to a place with horses! We we reserved them for Saturday at 4:00. When we arrived at our campsite, some more people had arrived. It was Mr. Morris, his wife, and his little son, Mason Mateo. Mason played a lot with my younger brother! Then we went on a Trolly and took a free tour. We saw an old gas station. And the bike path went under a tunnel, which cost 5 million dollars to build!

On Saturday morning, we went to the Gondalas. It was the Ski lift. Kids went free, so we were lucky. Only Hector's and Itzel's parents went with the kids. We got a card, and got inside. Each tube thing could only hold 8 people, so the smaller kids went with the mom, and the older kids went with the dad. The tube did not stop moving, so we had to jump. Amy brought chocolate in case we got dizzy or something. We had such a nice view! We could see snow, and some people were skiing. When the ride was finally over, we went to the Mammoth store. Everything was so expensive! At our campsite, we saw a bear, just a little below! It was so cool! It looked small, but was actually really big! We celebrated Hector's birthday. We ate hamburgers and there were 2 pinatas. I ate a cupcake, and had some milk. Unfortunately, it started to rain so we could not ride the horses. I was so dissapointed! To make up for it, my dad took us to the Mammoth store. I got a cap, and My older sister got a sweater. My younger sister got a shirt. Now I was happy. We had smores, and soon we were asleep.

It was Sunday, the day we had to leave. I was so sad to go! We cleaned up, And then left. But the fun wasn't over yet! The smaller kids got to ride a horse for half an hour! Even my baby brother. He looked adorable! Then, we went to June lake with Mr. Morris and his family! It was like the beach! My older sister and I went swimming, since the water was not that cold. Mason and my brother took turns riding an inflatable toy. We had a blast. It started to rain hard, so sadly, we had to leave. We left Mammoth, but I hoped I would be here next summer.

Horse Shoes

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