Thursday, August 10, 2017

My New Favorite Sport

School is starting next week and we will all miss our summer break. Some of us are exited to return to learning and to see our friends again, while some us will be sad to return because we had so much fun we do not want to let go of the fun experiences. We all had fun while it lasted. Here is what I have been doing this summer...

This summer I have been taking Basketball as a sport, because of my brother. Last year he wanted to take Basketball classes but, my mom had arranged for us to go to soccer. At that time soccer was my favorite sport so I was really happy; my brother on the other hand was very upset. So this year mom said we would would take Basketball. My brother was really happy. But me? I was unsure about taking those classes until the first day...

The first day of basketball was nice I met my coach and teammates. On that day the coach made us do drills and practice shooting. I have to admit I was terrible, I could not even make a shot during the whole class! By the end I was disappointed in myself but, I had fun. My mom was proud that I liked playing basketball. I went to training until the first game we played...

We played our first game on July 22nd. Our team name is Clippers. On that day we played against the Warriors. We were all given uniform the day before. I guess the training I took payed off because I was catching and passing, the ball.  I could not really shoot cause then too many people would surround me. With the last few minutes remaining in the game we were all tied until the last 28 seconds. Within that time we scored 2 more shots and then won. We had more games and played here's how we ended:
             July 25th Won!
             July 29th Lost
             August 1st Won!
             August 5th Lost

We have only lost two games so far and that is good because there will be championships for the top 4 teams right now we are in second place so it is most likely that we will get into the championships. Unless we lose again we will be in danger of not getting in there.

While I have been in basket ball it has been my new favorite sport.

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  1. Who is better at playing basketball, you or your brother?