Wednesday, June 7, 2017

10,000 Pages?

I really love to read, so a big part of my summer will be spent on reading. Over Spring Break I read 1,000 pages, and that is for one week. Summer vacation is ten weeks, so I hope to read 1,000 pages each week, and read a total of 10,000 pages. All of these pages will be already read by the first day of school.

The fun thing I hope to do is go to the movies. I know my family will go to watch the movie Cars 3, because they guaranteed it. I also want to watch the Emoji Movie. I will eat popcorn and order an ICEE. The ICEE will be Blue Raspberry.

My family will all go hiking at the Park. We hike first, and then my younger sister will beg to go to the playground. So, we will finish up our trip at the park at the playground.

My dad will sign up my older sister and I for basketball. This is not new, because when I don't go to  music class in the day, I will either go to basketball or to swimming classes. This year, it is time for basketball. Basketball will take place at a local rec. center. I am only a little nervous about playing basketball because I am not that good.  Hopefully with some practice I will get better.

If I do this, then I will be satisfied with how my summer went.


  1. I hope I am not too bad at basketball.

  2. My dad said he would teach me how to play basketball.