Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Waiting For Nutella

There are a few more days until Summer begins. Over the vacation I will work on my writing, because I want to improve my skills. I want to make less mistakes and makes a lot of sense. I will also read more to comprehend better. 

I might get a new dog over the Summer, because dogs are my favorite animal in the world. I already have a name for the dog I might get over the Summer, The name I have for the is called Nutella, because my parents told me that it is the same as Bella. I wanted the name Nutella for the dog because it reminds me of my favorite food called Nutella which is like peanut butter, but hazelnut/chocolate, and the fur of the dog will be the same.


  1. Nutella is a great name because I bet nobody has a dog named Nutella. So your dog will be unique.