Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Honduras In The Summer

    This week will be the most exciting week of school because it's almost summer vacation. When vacation comes I only have a few plans. 

I will be going to Honduras with my Dad and my sister. We are going to my aunt Julia's wedding. I'm also going to visit my family who lives there. I have only gone to Honduras one time with my dad. Now it will be my second time there.

I will be going to a graduation party for my friend, Aiden, from school. We will be having a pool party on July 2nd. Lots of my friend's from my church are also invited.

    I will also be reading some books that I bought from the book fair at school that I absolutely love. 

    So, these are all my plans for summer vacation. I hope my summer vacation will be fun as all the other Classtopians.           


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