Monday, June 5, 2017

The Lego Campaign

Jessica and I are cousins. We are member of Classtopia which is a lot of fun because we get to share both our school days and our family experiences. On the 29th of May it was our Uncle’s Birthday. During the Birthday I played with Jessica’s brother Damin. While I was playing I fell down on the floor near a table.

Under the table, I saw a box of Lego’s and I told my cousin and Jessica about it. Then we asked our uncle if we could use them. He said “Yes” and he pulled out the Lego’s and we started building. But we had no idea what to make so we looked at the TV and saw Donald trump on the News. So we just randomly made up a theme of Trump and Hillary. These are some of the events we made.

Hilary and Trump on the podium

This is the American side of the great wall (red) and Trump Tower (yellow) that we made.

This is the Mexican house that Jessica made. I made the person in the bed.

This is Trump Towers and the great wall.

This is the sword that Jessica made with Trump Towers and her Legos.

These are people voting.

This is the Hillary I made

This is the Trump that I made.

Pictures by: Jessica


  1. This is so cool! I can barely build a tiny bed!

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