Wednesday, June 7, 2017

My Plans For This Upcomig Summer Vacation

Sleep away camp is a place that I will be attending for a small part of my summer vacation. This particular camp is called Camp Whittle. The camp is located near Big Bear Lake. I will be leaving on the 25th of June. To get to Camp Whittle I need to get on a bus for four hours. At the camp there are no electronics so we can not call our moms. The camp is seven days long, meaning that I will come back on the 1st of July. There will be fun activities. My brother tells me all about the the camp every year. I hear that there is swimming, and human fuse ball. I am in the aquatics section of the camp, meaning that I have to do a lot of swimming. These activities are suppose to be both educational and fun. So mean while I am having fun I am learning also. I can not wait to go to Camp Whittle. It will be so much fun.

I know my mom has other things planned, like water parks and museum visits. I hope we can go to the beach. If we go to the beach I will read my book in the sand. After I am done with my book I will run and play in the ocean. I will jump over waves and body board in the water. I will also eat at my favorite restaurant at the end of the Pier.

I can not wait for summer vacation to arrive. I love every summer because there is always something fun during summer. In my opinion summer is the best part of the year. I can't wait one more second.


  1. I went to a summer camp, and every Friday we went on a Field Trip to fun places.