Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Visit To Grandma In Jalisco, Mexico

My summer vacation will be exciting. We will go to Universal Studios, to the beach, visit Mexico, camping at Malibu Beach, read books, do exercise, go swimming, and most importantly go to parties. I know that vacations are fun, but my vacation will be even better. 

The reason why my summer vacation gets better and better every year is because I get to visit new places. My trip to Mexico is going to be way cooler. What I'm going to do in Mexico is that I'm going to an awesome beach that I have been visiting since I was a little girl. The beach has a resort. It also has a place for the kids to do activities. It is called Rioland. We are also going to my Grandmother's house in Jalisco, Mexico and return on August 14, 2017. We will miss the first day of school.