Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Mexico, Here I come

During vacation I am going to Mexico for 3 weeks. I am leaving on a plane the night of June 21st. We will arrive in Mexico on June 22nd in the morning. I am going with my aunt, uncle, 4 cousins, and my brother.
This will be the first time my brother and I are going to Mexico. My cousins, aunt, and uncle have been to Mexico many times but my cousins have never gone on a plane before and neither have we. I am excited and scared all at the same time. So many firsts. It will be great to see my grandparents in their own home. They have been hoping for us to come and visit and now the time is finally here.

My mom has already bought clothes, shoes, and other things we will need for the trip.

My mom and dad have told me a lot about Mexico and their childhood there.  Their stories have really gotten me even more excited than before.
                            I am really excited and hope that it is a great trip.