Friday, June 9, 2017

Cheez-Its In The Lost And Found

For the end of  year party my job was to bring two boxes of Cheez-It. When I got out of my mom's car my friend, Sary, that we bring to school took the Cheez-It out and put them next to me. I was talking to my friend and did not realize that they were next to me.

When I walked in the school I saw Sary, and asked if she took them out of the car. She said she left them in front of the school where I was standing. I went to check but they were not there. So, to solve the problem I texted my mom to tell her that I lost the cheez-It. She told me that she will drop some fruits off later.

When she arrived at school. My teacher asked if she brought the Cheez-It and my mom told her that I had lost them. The whole class started to laugh.

Then my teacher told me to check the office to see if someone had turned it in. I had to go to the office and say "Do you have my Cheez It?". I felt so embarrassed because  I had lost my Cheez-It. Ms. H. was holding a Target bag  and asked, "How many boxes". I said two. She handed me the boxes.

I walked back to class with the two boxes. When I opened the door everyone turned to see if I had them. I hid the bags and shook my head. Then I held up the bags and every laughed, including my mom and Sam, my teacher's old student who came to visit her for the day. It was a funny end of the year joke.


Lost and Found Cheez-It.


  1. I laughed so hard when I heard you lost the cheez-it.