Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Brightness Of Beautiful Summer

It is the last week of school and I will miss being in Classtopia. This is not just a regular Summer break. It is going to be a fun Summer for me. I will be taking swimming lessons  to become a junior lifeguard. I know I will go on lots of fun adventures and I will have blast while I do junior lifeguard.

 I will miss school but I will still be learning and I will be reading books and I will always remember that everyone is  gifted in many different ways and that weakness is just reason for you to just try harder.

I will miss being in the 4th grade but love going to the 5th grade. Going to the next grade means that I will have to try harder and work stronger. And get more rest and let my brain have enough time to open it's thinking process. This will help me to listen more and interact with other people in class.

Throughout the 4th grade I've learned a lot of things and  had fun so, in the 5th grade I will also have fun and learn a lot too.

                                     Bye School and Say hello to Summer vacation!


  1. I'll miss 4th grade and Classtopia too.
    And Niven you'll be a great Junior lifeguard.
    Wish you luck!

  2. I hope you accomplish your goal.

  3. I hope you will be a Junior Life Guard.