Tuesday, June 6, 2017

My Summer Writing

Summer is coming and the 4th grade is coming to an end. I like to think of myself with a big imagination. So I have some plans for the summer, but I have a goal to complete. That goal is to write 3 or more stories. I have a lot of ideas and hope to have many more.

Right now I am writing a story that is called The Night The Wolf Became The Moon. I decided to write this because I am very passionate about wolves. So, so far I have this :

It was a stormy night and there was a baby girl in a small wooden basket. They were pounding on the ground so all the animals got very scared and they all ran away. Only the animals knew what was coming. Little did the baby know she was going to be found by a pack of 12 wolves and some pups. Some animals were thinking about taking the baby with them but the pounding got louder and louder. Believing that it was too late, the animals did not take the baby.

Then right before the baby's eyes was a beautiful white female wolf. The wolf immediately saw something was different about her. The wolf realized why. She had a necklace charm in the shape of a wolf and in the wolf's eye was a ruby, a little speck of the finest ruby. And she had a bracelet as well. The wolf had seen one of those before so she bowed down. The baby was so happy to see someone. The wolf spoke to the baby. Unlike many children the baby understood. That was the ability that the charms gave. It was like a super power.

The baby heard that the wolf said "Come with us, you shall be our guest. It will be an honor to have you in our den." Since the baby only knew yes and no, she happily said yes. She understood clearly, so she thought if she could hear what they were asking, then she could speak as well. So the baby said, “Can you help me I can not yet walk.” So the wolf got the basket and ran of with it towards the den. The wolf wanted to call her Isabella. The baby did not mind for she knew she will be raised by wonderful parents or majestic creatures. She was going to be and act like one of them. She would be on her very her best behavior..

I like to call my a work in progress. I also have been working on my other story. It will also be about wolves. I am starting to love to write stories and hope that my imagination will grow some more.