Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Pictures Of Summer


 Over the summer I plan to take some swimming lessons. I also want to go to the park more often and spend more time outdoors rather than staying indoors playing video games. I also want to grill hot dogs, hamburgers, chorizo tacos, and chicken. Summer is great for water balloon fights, water gun battles, and days at the beach. These are my favorite things to do during the summer. Summer is always great because my dad does not work as much. This means he can spend more time with us and, we can go places more often since he is the only one who knows how to drive. He also won't be very stressed out from work.
 I think I should also read my Newbery Award 6-pack instead of just focusing on fun stuff. I will also go on math websites to improve in math. It is said that during the summer kids forget a lot of what they learned in school because they are more interested in playing. Playing is fun but it is important to work on things you have learned. I want to review what I learned in school and not forget anything. I want to come prepared for the Fifth grade. That is how I picture my summer vacation.


  1. I hope these plans will come true.

  2. It's great that you want to spend more time outdoors.