Friday, May 19, 2017

How to take care of a Golden Retriever

My Dream dog is the Golden Retrievers. I really want to get one. My mom says that we need a house in order to have one. I know that one day I will have one. In the meantime I am getting all the information I will need to be able to take care of him.

Here are some tips to help.

First thing is first: They need lots of love and care
Grooming your Golden Retriever  
Step 1: Clean your Golden Retriever's ears.
Step 2: Cut your Golden Retriever's nails.
Step 3: Clean and brush your Golden Retriever's teeth.

Entertaining Your Golden Retriever
Step 1: Exercise your Golden Retriever.  
Step 2: Play fetch with your Golden Retriever.     
Step 3: Take your Golden Retriever swimming.         

Training  your Golden Retriever
Step 1: Train your Golden Retriever to go potty.
Step 2: Teach your Golden Retriever to behave in public.

Protecting your Golden Retriever
Step 1: Keep your Golden Retriever inside the house
Step 2: Put a collar on your Golden Retriever.
Step 3: Take your Golden Retriever to go get check-ups.

I know that I will be more than ready when I get the one that I want.





  1. Camilla, I hope your mom will let you get a Golden Retriever.

  2. I hope you will get your dream dog very soon and I am sure you will be a great owner.

  3. This is very helpful for me because my mom is thinking about getting me a golden retriever and I don't now how to take care of it.

  4. keep on wishing to get a golden retriever and you will get one soon.

    1. You will achieve your dreams if you want to.

  5. This is great to anyone who wants a golden retriever and I hope you get your dream dog soon.

  6. I do all of these steps with my dog and he is mixed with a poodle and a chihuahua.

  7. These are great tips and I hope you get a Golden retriever

  8. Thanks for the great tips Camila, and I hope you get your Golden Retriever soon.

  9. I hope sooner or later you get a golden retriever.

  10. Nice tips. And I hope you get the Golden Retriever soon.