Friday, May 12, 2017

A Smelly Surprise

Today we had a smelly surprise. Our Sauromatum venosum "Indian Giant" opened. We could smell it as soon as we walked into the garden. Aiden, Adrian, and I were the first to get to school. We could smell something awful and then we saw the surprise. We have been waiting all week long for the flower to open.

There are three stinky plants in the garden and we were hoping that they would open at the same time so that we can cross pollinate them to get a new hybrid. So far only the Indian Giant opened.
The other two plants are going to open over the weekend. We hope that flies will do our work and pollinate them for us. One plant is the regular Sauromatum and the other is an Amorphophallus henryi.

We did a show and tell for some classes in the morning. Most of them thought that it smelled bad. We stopped three girls to look at the pretty flower and to tell us how it smelled. The first on said it smelled good. The second one said the same thing. We were hoping that the third girl would say something different. But that was not true. She agreed with the others. Brianna says that, "People are influenced by others." I am still wondering if the girls really thought that it smelled good.

Our Sauromatum really smells bad. It smells like a public restroom or porta potty.

Sauromatum venosum "indian giant" 

Sauromatum venosum 
Amorphophallus henryi


  1. a smelly suprise... good read

  2. Whenever you are around the plant, you can smell it. It really stinks.

  3. You can smell it, all the way from the stairs!

  4. you could smell it even if you where next to the stairs and atrracted flies

  5. I was waiting after school the week before to see if flower will open.

  6. I can smell the Stinky Plant from far away.