Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Some Tips To learn How To Dance

Some Things To learn How To Dance
Dancing is my favorite hobby. I will now tell you what you need, what to do almost every day, and what kind of apps or game you need to help you.

When I was at the age of three I always heard music and try to find a good beat to the music and dance to the beat. 

Have you heard about zumba? I love zumba. It is a kind of dance that I do with my mom. We dance zumba in the living room. It is fun to do something with just my mom. This is a great start to learn how to dance. You can also get a DVD called 3 miles. 3 miles is an exercise that feels like you're walking 3 miles. To do any exercise you need a sleeveless shirt, gym pants, and some comfortable shoes. 

A good place to go to do outdoor exercise is Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook. This place is free and you get to see plants and animals in nature. I have seen bunnies, lizards, and some hawks. 

A game you can use is Just Dance. The app is called Just Dance Now. The dance changes a lot and you can practice different kinds of dances.

Try one and enjoy yourself.

File:CulverCityStairs 2013-05-28.jpg - Wikipedia
Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook stairs


  1. I also do Zumba with my mom on Tuesdays.

  2. I sometimes dance with my family as well we learn silly dances and Just Dance all together.

  3. I think I hace gone to the stairs.

  4. I have gone up the stairs with my mom FIVE times.

  5. I think I have gone up the stairs with my family

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  7. I go to the stairs with my sister.