Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Soccer Talk

Soccer is my favorite sport. I play the position of goalkeeper and forward on my team. I play soccer with AYSO. I have been playing since I was three years old. Now that I am ten I have played many positions. I have been a goalie for two years now. Today I will talk about a few rules in soccer and the some equipments you need to for the different positions on the field.

Soccer Rules

Soccer has many rules. Rule number one is to never use your hands unless you are throwing the ball back infield after it's been kicked out or when the goalkeeper is blocking the ball. The second most important rule is to be aggressive in getting the ball from the other team. Remember to not be too aggressive because if you are you can foul a player and get a red card and be sent out of the game. The third rule is to remember that you are a part of the team and each player is important. Together you win or lose the game.

The goalkeeper is special. He stops the people from scoring by using his hands to block the ball out of the goal. He needs a certain type of equipment to be in this position. He has to have a goalie-shirt and pants with padding to keep him safe. The shoes that he wears are extra nice because of the high top cleats used to grip the ground. Goalkeeper get kicked a lot so shin guards are helpful. Catching the that is coming coming really fast means that the goalie needs to have some super gloves. The gloves have extra grip to prevent the ball from slipping out of their hand.

Field Players
All of the players on the field besides the goalkeeper wear the same the gear. They wear their soccer jerseys to represent their team. The jerseys have the team logo. The logo is also on the pants, and on the long socks. They need to wear their shin guards under their long socks. They also need to wear soccer cleats not baseball cleats because each player is asked to show the referee the cleats before beginning a match.

This is one of my goalie soccer cleats.


  1. These are not all of the soccer rules.

  2. These soccer rules will help me because I also want to learn soccer.

  3. This will help people who play or want to play soccer

  4. It's cool that you have played soccer since you were three years old.