Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Dinner Time Plus Has Arrived!

My name is Lindsay and this app will help most parents.
Have you heard of an app called “Dinner Time Plus?” Well, I bet this is your lucky day, parents! Having trouble getting your child off  their phone, tablet, and them not finishing their homework on time? And you have no idea what to do about it?  Well, this app will block any phone or tablet! Nice, right?! In the press of a button, it blocks the electronic!

Steps on blocking the electronic:

#1: The first step is to download the app on both the phone and tablet or other electronic.

#2:Then copy the code on the phone to yours.

#3:Click on breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
#4: Then switch the button to block.
But no worriers, this can block 4 phones or more electronics at a time!!
Image result for dinner time plus code
Once you download the app, it will show you a page where the code is shown, like this.
20170516_103906_Burst01 (1).jpg
Here it shows That the app is free And you don't have to pay!

Image result for Dinner Time PLUs study time
This is what it looks like once you have blocked the tablet or phone! When the electronics are blocked, it won't let them on any app they have! It would say "it's bed time, study time, or others!''
Image result for dinner time plus code

This is where it will show how much time you want the phone blocked, and when I can unblock.
Please use this app to get your families to enjoy more time with each other.


  1. I will tell my mom about this app because my brother is addicted to his phone.

  2. I'm going to tell my family so we can all spend some more time together.

  3. My mom is very happy that she got this app because now my sister isn't addicted to her phone.

  4. This will DEFINITELY work for my baby brother since he likes to use my phone a lot.

  5. This is great because then everyone in the family can spend time together.