Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Chocolate Milk Back on the Lunch Menu

May 15, 2017 chocolate milk returned to every school in the District. This is true because Aiden, Lindsay, Allison, Elizabeth, Jessica, Ashley and Laila all asked their siblings if the had chocolate for lunch and the answer was YES.

We were walking to the lunch line and heard lots of screaming and cheering as if someone had won something. Suddenly, Aiden started screaming too, “We have chocolate milk!’’ Classtopians had big grins on their faces. They have NEVER ever seen chocolate milk on the menu before.

The first thing that came to my mind was that we were talking in class about the Padres who brought cattle form Europe. The Native Americans, on the Missions, had to take care of the cattle. We learned about rBTS. It is a natural hormones that dairy cows produce.

When I finally got my milk I noticed that it said that the milk was not treated with rBTS. It's funny that we were learning about milk and hormones. When my teacher came outside during lunch she said, "Knowledge is power". She said that because now we know what rBST is that we see on milk cartons.

The noise during lunch was tremendous. Everyone in the cafeteria except three people from our class, Daniela, Niven, and Christopher had the chocolate milk.

Today was awesome, I hope we have it until we graduate 5th grade!

front of the carton
nutritional info


  1. This blog is great but on the part when you said RBTS is it supposed to be rBTS?

  2. I am glad that now we can get chocolate milk.

  3. I'm so surprised that we get a new drink for lunch.

  4. I am so happythatthe the lunch ladies have another drink, to drink while eating your meal.

  5. This is so amazing.I am so glad and greatful we get chocolate milk.

  6. I have not had chocolate milk since preschool.

  7. I like the part that we have a new drink and it's chocalate milk.

  8. I am so happy that chocolate milk is back on the menu!

  9. Now there is something new on the menu