Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Using New Chromebooks

The new Chromebooks are just about ready to be used. They are now fully charged and ready to have connection to the internet. It is taking a while because the person who is in charge of doing that job is busy with testing. These Chromebooks will allow us to create more entries whenever we like. No more waiting to borrow from the school. They belong to us and we will have them everyday. Everybody in Classtopia can use them for research instead of using the three computers in the back of the room and then have to crowd around to see the image. When we have a question, we can just pull out the Chromebooks and do some research. During science and language arts we ask lots of questions like "What is matter?" But now we can answer the questions with the new Chromebooks.

As I am writing this entry, I am using one of twenty-four Chromebooks. Being one of the first two Classtopians to use the new Chromebooks feels special. There are only four of them connected to the internet and two of us chose to write an entry while others are reading the book Stone Fox.  Using the Chromebook feels like I am in a whole new world. It feels like a dream because I am still remembering what happened last Friday when we got them. 

Because these computers are for our use only we can do things with them that we could not have done with the school's computers. We can bookmarks sites we use most of the time, especially Classtopia. We can upload pictures for all of our uses. Now that we have our own more students at our school will have more Chromebooks and I Pads than before. This gift to us also helps our school.

24 Chromebooks for us, more for others.

Thanks again SoCal Helpful Honda for all of the great Chromebooks.


  1. Nice blog having the things that Classtopians do in Language arts/Science.

    1. Chrome books are going to be use for many things in our class

  2. Whoa, the chrome books look very nice.

  3. I learned that when you do extraordinary things like create a blog someone will notice and give you something like the So Cal Helpful Honda Random Act of Helpfulness did.

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  5. Friends will always do something good.

  6. Even though you get 24 Chromebooks it is still enough for 29.

  7. This blog tells us what we can do on the new Chrome books.

  8. This makes me what to use a chrome book as well.