Thursday, May 11, 2017

A Letter To Our Schoolmates

This is a letter that we have decided to send to students at our school to encourage them to read our Blog. The reason that we want to do this is to try and get others to start their own Blogs. It is a lot of work, but it's worth it.
Next we are going to give it to the principal and ask if they can make copies for the whole school.

Dear Students,  

We are fourth graders at this school. This year has been the best year of elementary. We have been doing so much to stay busy while learning math, science, and language arts. 

We have done two big projects this year. The first was starting garden projects around the school to help beautify our campus. We now know a hundred times more about plants than we did before. Some of us will grow up to become botanist and other kinds of scientists because we have been doing plant experiments. 

The second project is this Blog. We write entries about all the things that go on in our country, Classtopia.

Oh yeah, that was another project we started. We created a country last year in September and called it Classtopia. If you read this blog it will give you an idea about what our country is all about. We are proud of the Departments that we are all apart of. Each department is responsible for different chores or tasks.
The Departments are:
Garden- takes care of the plants
Pet- feeds and cares for Bubbles our class pet
I.R.S- makes sure that we pay our taxes
Book- keeps track of our decentralized library and our favorite books
Food- organizes food for parties and publishes favorite recipes
Help- computer techs who help with technology and other problems
Communication- works on entries and evaluate them
Photography- takes pictures of events
Justice- solves conflicts between Classtopians

Every student in our class is part of Classtopia.  It takes hard work to make our country productive, to write all the entries, and to beautify the campus.

We love our country and love to write about it. 

if you don't know about this blog go to

Visit Classtopia now!               


               Natalia, Diana, Elizabeth  and Jessica.


  1. This is a great entire it tells about everything even how Classtopia functions.

  2. Now students will know and see our blogs I hope they checkout our entries

  3. I hope other students will read and like our blog.

  4. I hope the students at the school enjoy it and get inspired by your work

  5. I think when they see this they might honor us for the idea and this entry is a very good one.

  6. I think that the students can finally can see our entries and show our hard work doing this whole thing about Classtopia.

  7. If other classes start a blog they can start spending like us.

  8. I hope people read our blog and it encourages them to start their own.