Thursday, May 25, 2017

Plants Of The San Juan Capistrano Mission

    On Wednesday, Classtopians went to a field trip to a mission. The mission is called The San Juan Capistrano.You can go to their website at And it was good timing to go to that mission as a field trip because classtopians have been learning about Native Americans. Native Americans were the people who live and worked at the Mission. The Missions are a part of the history of California and it was fun to visit one of the 21 California Missions. Maybe one day I will get to see all of them. 

My trip I focused on the plants of the Mission. I did not expect to see so many plants. It must have been garden day because there were people touring the plants and lots of people taking care of them. They were taking out a dead Agave and we tried to get on of the pups but they are not allowed to give plants away.

We did our own garden tour with our teacher.


Calla lilly
Succulents collection

Aeonium sunburst

Water lilly


  1. I have the Calla Lily at my house.

  2. I have one too, but it is hasn't bloomed yet.

  3. My favorite plant that we saw was the agave because it was very big.