Friday, May 19, 2017

The Discoveries Along the Hike

On Thursday, Classtopians went to the Debs Audubon Center.  It is a conservation center that has a lot of California native plants. It is located close to Downtown, Los Angeles.
We were greeted by the park ranger who gave us some information about the location and about the early people who lived in the area. Soon after that, we went to see the native plants since we love plants so much. We saw saw wild rose bushes, and they had a lot of thorns.

We then started on a long hike to the top of the hill.
About ten minutes into the hike there was some excitement. I spotted a snake! I screamed snake! Only the people near the back got to see it. But I couldn't take a picture because it moved too quickly back into the grass. Also, our teacher found a hole that might have belonged to a snake.

The hike was so difficult but we kept on going until we got to the very top. We did not expect to see water. There were so many trees that died because of the drought. But there was a pond and that was surprising. To be honest I hoping that there would been benches, ice cream, and some cold ice water. No, there was just a pond. After we recover a little and kept moving we saw two mallard ducks enjoying themselves. I wish we could have gone swimming with them. They kept moving us along until Christopher spotted a Bullfrog. He kept screaming and soon every saw it and started taking pictures. No one had ever seen one before.  There was also a turtle family.

The hike back down the hill a piece of cake. Everyone was hungry, thirsty, and dusty. Lunch was great.

Before we left there was big surprise from the Rangers. They brought out a gopher snake and a king snake. I touched one of them but did not enjoy it.  It felt too squishy. The ranger showed us its full length, and it was taller than some Classtopians!

Pretty soon it was time to go back. I hope to come back in the summer with my family!

The snake.
This hole might belong to a snake.
This is a picture of the two mallard ducks. 



  1. It was funny when the Ranger used the snake as a scarf.

  2. I love that the snake was not timid at all. It was perfectly fine.

  3. The snake was not harmful and I liked that because I am scared of them.

  4. I thought the only snake that wasn't harmful was the Emerald Tree Boa.

  5. The snakes felt cold and squishy.

  6. I got to feel the king and gopher snakes.

  7. It WAS funny Brianna
    I want a snake, but my mom is scared of them

  8. I felt both of the snakes and it was cool.

  9. You were right the way down was easy.

  10. I touched the snake and it felt soft.