Thursday, May 11, 2017

The importance of reading

Reading is an important subject in school. Why? It is because it helps you in fluency, build up vocabulary, and become a better writer. How does it help you? It helps in fluency because the more you read the more fluent you are. It helps you in vocabulary because you will always be exposed to new words you don't know. Books are helpful in just about every subject. Why? They are helpful because books are written about every subject under the stars. So, if you only like math there is always a book just for you. If you just love Science Fiction there are many choices for you too.

Here is a little bit of info to guide you into choosing the right book for you. Books come in two big categories that are fiction and nonfiction.  Fiction means that it is not real, it is imaginary, like a book about unicorns. Sometimes they are realistic and sound like a real story. Sometimes they are historical and some parts are based on true events. A book that is nonfiction means that the events are real. Autobiographies, science books, social studies are all apart of the nonfiction books.  

These are some examples of the books that I love to read. I enjoy reading both fiction and nonfiction. The reason books are important is that there is always something learn.
This is nonfiction that I like to read.

This fiction is my favorite.
I just started this book and know that I am going to love it.


  1. Wow! Books are very important when you talk about them this way.

  2. Books are important to read it tell stories of people's lives and this blog shows that. GOOD JOB! I love reading

  3. I will start to read the book "Island of The Blue Dolphins".

  4. Books is the power of smartness!

  5. Good job I love it I am also reading Island of the Blue Dolphin.

  6. Guess Books are brain food, because its feeding you information.

  7. These books are good to read in this age!

  8. Reading is the key to everything. At least that's the way I see it.

  9. Everyone should love reading.