Tuesday, May 16, 2017

My Dog Flynn

                                                             How I got my dog.

This is Luisangel and I am new to making entries in Classtopia. This is the story on how I got my dog, Flynn.

 It all started last year in the month of November. One Saturday my dad saw on Facebook that his friend's dog gave birth to puppies. The friend wanted to give away all the puppies. But sadly, dad had to go to work that day. He promised to go and get the dog some other time.

Then it was time. Who would have thought that an ordinary Tuesday would bring something amazing. We got in the car and drove off!

I was exited but the ride was long as heck and traffic was terrible. I was so bored but I knew it would be worth it. When we arrived we saw my dad's friend holding two little puppies. We picked out one. It took us so long to come up with a name until my brother, Alex said the name Flynn. We all agreed and went to Petco for puppy food. Later we went to buy pizza. While we were eating pizza, my dad fed Flynn. I had so much fun with my new puppy I will never forget that day.