Wednesday, May 31, 2017

My Favorite Video Game

What is Minecraft?
In my opinion Minecraft is the best game for kids. It is my favorite game. Minecraft is a popular game that boys and girls like to play. Maybe some parents like the game, but not all parents do. They think the game is bad because some children are stuck at home playing the game and not going outside to exercise.

Minecraft is about learning survival skills and developing your imagination. In the game there are many different kinds of mini-games. The game teaches you how to use your imagination to create all kinds of things. To survive in the game you have to trade and use all resources to make plans and get out of trouble. You also learn about minerals which is a part of 4th grade science.
What do you need to play?
In order to play Minecraft you need a PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox, or computer or any phone model. I never tried it on Xbox, computer, nor phone, but I play it on my PlayStation 4. Each system has its own controls. You need to have a Xbox, Nintendo, or a PlayStation to play “Mini Games”. My favorite mini game is called ''Tumble''.

This is a ps4 controller
What does it teach you?
What Minecraft teaches you is how to survive different environments and how to make the tools for it. Another thing is that it teaches you how to make homes and using different supplies. It also teaches you to depend on your imagination.

This is why I love Minecraft because it helps me figure out that I need to use a lot of resources to survive in the real world. This is one of the best games I play. I suggest you play it too,but don't play it to much. It is important to go out and get exercise.

This is my friend Isael playing Minecraft on his Xbox
                     help from Jesse, Adrian                                              



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  2. I think I will start playing Minecraft because I read this blog.

    1. I agree with you
      I used to have Minecraft but then I deleted it

  3. Minecraft is a cool game but it costs 6.99 on device.

  4. I think Minecraft is good, since you use your imagination.

  5. I love to play Minecraft with my brother.

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  7. It's such an amazing game and I love to play Minecraft. This game is also very good for kids. Thanks. Destiny LFG