Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Tillandsia Seed At Yazmine's House

This is Yazmine, and this is my first entry. At home my Tillandsia flowered and then made some seeds! I felt excited because I am the first one of the Classtopians to get seeds from our batch of Tillandsias.

So here is how it all started. One morning I went to go water my Tillandsia and my orchid, and I noticed that there was cotton and seeds on my Tillandsia. Behind it was another Tillandsia about to flower. I am so excited that I hope that I can get them to germinates. If they germinate I will give some of the seeds to my friend who loves to garden and give some to my aunt's boss because he was the one who gave me the Tillandsia.

(Tuesday May 16, 2017 5-56 PM, PDT)
Tillandsia seeds


  1. Remember the number one plant rule and put do not put all of your seeds in the same place.

  2. I hope my tilansia Will have seeds.

  3. My neighbor threw away my Tillandsia's.

  4. I want my tillandsia to flower

  5. I have a tillandsia, But it hasn't flowered.