Thursday, May 25, 2017


Have you ever been bullied or made fun of ?

If you have you might want to read this entry. Now those of you who have been bullied are probably thinking of the person who bullied you right now.

Bullying is when someone is being hurt either by words or actions on purpose, usually more than once, feels bad because of it, and has a hard time stopping what is happening to them.

I have been bullied before so I know how it feels like. Most of the time people bully others because they are having a difficult time dealing with something that makes them sad or mad. So they just are mad and they put that anger in making others feel bad

Sometimes people are bullied because of how they look. I was a person who got bullied because of how I looked. When I was in the second grade there was a girl that bullied me all the time. It made me feel like I wanted to change myself to make her stop. At first I would get so angry and would cry and felt so bad. Then one day I decided to something.  I said to myself I DON’T CARE ABOUT WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK ABOUT ME I ONLY CARE ABOUT WHAT I THINK ABOUT MYSELF. And what I thought to myself was that I was perfect just the way I was. I was not going to change  because she was telling me to change. I told her that I didn't care what she said and started to ignore her by walking away. Finally she stopped

So other people who are being bullied I suggest you do what I did and let them know that you don’t like their words or their action. You can also tell an adult. If you are being bullied get help.  



  1. It is great how you ignored the bully and no longer cared.

  2. Other people who are being bullied I suggest that you stand up for yourself or tell an adult.