Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The First Ones

Yesterday, after 4 hours of charging, our beautiful Chromebooks were fully charged. Daniela and I stayed with our teacher until 4:30 to make sure they were completely charged and stored in a safe place. While we waited for them to charge we did some of our usual after school gardening. We planted Watsonia seeds from The's garden. Then, we use the number 1 plant rule, which is to not keep all of our eggs in one basket, to remove plantlets from one of our succulent plants. We were able to make 8 other plants from one plant. We moved them to different garden spaces and some we will take home. The number 1 rule makes it possible to increase the amount of plants we have, and sharing them allows us know that we have backup plants somewhere else.

So today, Adrian and I checked the Chromebooks to see which ones were connected to the internet. We found a total of 4 that were ready. We are the first to publish an entry which is very exciting. I was so thrilled!

I want to just scream my head off as I am writing this! Using this brand new, Chromebook is making my day!

I think that our Chromebooks are better than the school's Chromebooks. Our computer has a nice pattern on it, and to me, that is very interesting.But the most interesting part of it is that it does not say PROPERTY OF LAUSD.  I think that our Chromebooks are cooler because we worked so hard to get them. We really needed them because we do so much with technology. I know that we use them more than any other class in our school. The other students use them mostly for testing. One class did use the IPads to make a short video an that was neat. Whenever I use something that is new, I am filled with joy, so it was no surprise that today I feel very special.

I like the fact that we no longer have to wait to use the computers, but can just get them from our desks. So, now we have the necessary technology. We can write way more blog entries, and faster. Like I said before, today I feel very delighted that I have the opportunity to use the new Chromebooks!

I know that we have so much to learn about using the computers that we have. We will use them to discover lots of things about the world around us. They will help us to become smarter and more connected to each other.

I look around the room and four girls, Natalia, Elizabeth, Jessica, and Diana are collaborating with each other using the new computers. They want to send a letter to the students at the school to read about Classtopia. Maybe they can start their own classroom blogs. I also see two members of the IRS working on their entry. Our teacher always talks about having purpose for the things we do. I think the purpose of being in Classtopia is to know what the real world is going to be like.

 I really appreciate the SoCal Honda Random Acts Of Helpfulness people who gave them to us.
Me using a new Chromebook.


  1. You had put feelings that Classtopians have their own Chromebooks!

  2. I can't wait to put my fingers on the chrome books!!

  3. The lesson I learned was to work hard and get a reward.

  4. If you do good stuff good stuff will happen to you.

  5. I learned that good things happen to those who wait and do things beyond the expected.

  6. I can't wait to go on those computers and check them out it is going to be the best day

  7. This is so great that classtopians get there own chrome books!!

  8. When I used it, I typed a little slower than usual, to try to save the moment.